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  1. Hey Sorry I was sharing I rebuilt for 1.8. I don't know what issue you are having I'll check tonight to see if I get the same error; but I generally don't use 'in flight'.
  2. Add this to your Trajectories Mod Directory for KSP 1.8. i.e. C:\Steam Games\SteamApps\common\Kerbal Space Program\GameData\Trajectories\Plugin Whole patch here if you want to nuke your GameData/Trajectories.
  3. Thanks @sarbian, I'm sure that helped but the error didn't go away. I triple checked everything and deleted my .meta files My Log still has this. I'm worried about those warnings. WARNING: Shader Unsupported: 'KVV/Color Adjust' - Pass '' has no vertex shader WARNING: Shader Unsupported: 'KVV/Color Adjust' - Setting to default shader. KVV: ShadersLoaded (Filename: C:/buildslave/unity/build/artifacts/generated/common/runtime/UnityEngineDebugBindings.gen.cpp Line: 64) WARNING: Shader Unsupported: 'KVV/Bumped' - Pass 'FORWARD' has no vertex shader WARNING: Shader Unsupported:
  4. @sarbian & @MOARdV thanks again for you help. Now when I'm loading my shaders in the 'isSupported' flag is set to false for one of the shaders I'm testing with. I uploaded all my shaders to the Assets/ on github. As far as I can tell the KSP Assets bundle fine but when I run KSP I get KVV: Shader KVV/Color Adjust - unsupported in this configuration which is coming from here. I couldn't find any google results. Any ideas? [EDIT] NVM!
  5. @sarbian Well I'd be a monkey's uncle I no longer error out at loading the bundle (KSP Assets Bundle)
  6. I think its an editor bug (Build tools). I posted in the unity forums to see if i can get help there. So you were able to KSP-bundle with my shaders and load them in? I see where the code is failing; i can't the bundle to load/found even copying yours.
  7. Hey Thanks again I tried variations like that. It always says it can't find my assets. I've tried every variation I can think of. Right now I'm trying to go with a core unity bundle; having issues there too Keep getting This AssetBundle was not created with UncompressedAssetBundle flag, expected id 'UnityRaw', got 'UnityFS' when built using BuildPipeline.BuildAssetBundles(outputPath, BuildAssetBundleOptions.UncompressedAssetBundle); Ugh.. can't win
  8. Oh I only meant it as in "This stuff is in my home directory". I'm on windows 8.1. I'm wondering if there is some square bracket stuff I'm missing. I'm new to C# and I'm not entirely sure what they mean. Is that something I'm missing?
  9. Thanks for the quick reply @MOARdV! The KSP file isn't empty; I checked the bundle XML and the shaders are listed there. The 2 shaders I'm currently migrating are there and they are only about 6 lines. So it makes sense its small. The contents actually match what I had archived (before posting here) and what was rendered after I verified against the bundle XML. In unity I noticed that when I tried to create the asset bundle under 'KronalUtils/kvv' unity complains that I don't have an '~/Unity Projects/KVV/Assets/kronalutils' folder (even after I created it). I'm t
  10. @MOARdV, I got Unity to generate a .ksp file with some test shaders. For some reason I keep getting Tried both KSPAssets.AssetDefinition[] KVrShaders = KSPAssets.Loaders.AssetLoader.GetAssetDefinitionsWithType("kvv", typeof(Shader)); and KSPAssets.AssetDefinition[] KVrShaders = KSPAssets.Loaders.AssetLoader.GetAssetDefinitionsWithType("KronalUtils/kvv", typeof(Shader)); I've uploaded what I have here to github. I'm sure I've done something simple wrong. I must be doing something simple wrong
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