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  1. Hey Sorry I was sharing I rebuilt for 1.8. I don't know what issue you are having I'll check tonight to see if I get the same error; but I generally don't use 'in flight'.
  2. Add this to your Trajectories Mod Directory for KSP 1.8. i.e. C:\Steam Games\SteamApps\common\Kerbal Space Program\GameData\Trajectories\Plugin Whole patch here if you want to nuke your GameData/Trajectories.
  3. Thanks @sarbian, I'm sure that helped but the error didn't go away. I triple checked everything and deleted my .meta files My Log still has this. I'm worried about those warnings. WARNING: Shader Unsupported: 'KVV/Color Adjust' - Pass '' has no vertex shader WARNING: Shader Unsupported: 'KVV/Color Adjust' - Setting to default shader. KVV: ShadersLoaded (Filename: C:/buildslave/unity/build/artifacts/generated/common/runtime/UnityEngineDebugBindings.gen.cpp Line: 64) WARNING: Shader Unsupported: 'KVV/Bumped' - Pass 'FORWARD' has no vertex shader WARNING: Shader Unsupported:
  4. @sarbian & @MOARdV thanks again for you help. Now when I'm loading my shaders in the 'isSupported' flag is set to false for one of the shaders I'm testing with. I uploaded all my shaders to the Assets/ on github. As far as I can tell the KSP Assets bundle fine but when I run KSP I get KVV: Shader KVV/Color Adjust - unsupported in this configuration which is coming from here. I couldn't find any google results. Any ideas? [EDIT] NVM!
  5. @sarbian Well I'd be a monkey's uncle I no longer error out at loading the bundle (KSP Assets Bundle)
  6. I think its an editor bug (Build tools). I posted in the unity forums to see if i can get help there. So you were able to KSP-bundle with my shaders and load them in? I see where the code is failing; i can't the bundle to load/found even copying yours.
  7. Hey Thanks again I tried variations like that. It always says it can't find my assets. I've tried every variation I can think of. Right now I'm trying to go with a core unity bundle; having issues there too Keep getting This AssetBundle was not created with UncompressedAssetBundle flag, expected id 'UnityRaw', got 'UnityFS' when built using BuildPipeline.BuildAssetBundles(outputPath, BuildAssetBundleOptions.UncompressedAssetBundle); Ugh.. can't win
  8. Oh I only meant it as in "This stuff is in my home directory". I'm on windows 8.1. I'm wondering if there is some square bracket stuff I'm missing. I'm new to C# and I'm not entirely sure what they mean. Is that something I'm missing?
  9. Thanks for the quick reply @MOARdV! The KSP file isn't empty; I checked the bundle XML and the shaders are listed there. The 2 shaders I'm currently migrating are there and they are only about 6 lines. So it makes sense its small. The contents actually match what I had archived (before posting here) and what was rendered after I verified against the bundle XML. In unity I noticed that when I tried to create the asset bundle under 'KronalUtils/kvv' unity complains that I don't have an '~/Unity Projects/KVV/Assets/kronalutils' folder (even after I created it). I'm t
  10. @MOARdV, I got Unity to generate a .ksp file with some test shaders. For some reason I keep getting Tried both KSPAssets.AssetDefinition[] KVrShaders = KSPAssets.Loaders.AssetLoader.GetAssetDefinitionsWithType("kvv", typeof(Shader)); and KSPAssets.AssetDefinition[] KVrShaders = KSPAssets.Loaders.AssetLoader.GetAssetDefinitionsWithType("KronalUtils/kvv", typeof(Shader)); I've uploaded what I have here to github. I'm sure I've done something simple wrong. I must be doing something simple wrong
  11. @MOARdV how do you get the XML into the C#? I see you have an xml file; but I don't see any reference in your code to that XML. I am new to C# (not formally trained) some of the wizardry gets lots on me.
  12. I think I get what you are saying. I was worried about the longevity of the fix (believe me I would be very happy just patching it but all my projects are biting me in the @$$ right now where I cut corners like this). So there is a way to iterate over these properties using some kind of 'iterator'? So Kronal just 'chopped out' the parts he didn't like rather than change the values inside an object. I'm not sure why Kronal wrote it the way he did; but we are modifying shaders we know nothing about (other part packs). Like I said in the OP; I don't know shaders so your last question is a
  13. Hey thanks. So do I have to unpack the shader using the asset bundler as well? As i understand the code there is a regular expression modifying the exisitng shader. Are shaders still able to convert to a string?
  14. Hi All, Since the Unity5 update KVV (Kronal Vessel Viewer) has only been rendering Pink Screenshots. I went through and managed to figure that this line is part of the issues I'm having. I'm mostly a Web Developer who is pretty accomplished as just hacking through existing code(s) and understand it enough to 'be dangerous' but when it comes to shaders I'm pretty lost. I have some 3D background but never got deep into shaders/materials. So in short I'm wondering how to get around this unity5 issue. In short KVV is reading the edge detection shaders and then using a r
  15. I I intend to. The KSP modding community has been pretty helpful in my efforts; they are always great in the IRC and I was going to try there first. Thanks!
  16. So it seems like the unity update has got me in a corner where I can no longer maintain the mod without some outside help. The issue is that on this line is now blocked by the unity update. You can't create a Material Shader from a string anymore and the one thing I am not is a 3D modeler so I really am lost when it comes to this part of the code. There are other places where this sort of 'string to material' is used so its not the only place that I had to comment out to stop getting 'pink renders'.
  17. I did a smoke test with 1.05 and had no issues. I'd guess that you have a texture manager of some sort installed? I don't test with any kind of texture manager. With 'stock' its been working fine. The nature of the changes to 1.1 was making the code more specific rather than any changes to the code API itself; so I assume it'll work with 1.05.
  18. For anyone looking for tool that will help you rework your difficult ION Maneuver nodes you should checkout this tool I built: The Kerbal Ion Node Calculator
  19. Hello! I'm the Big Orange Machine! You might know me from my other KSP Posts such as Checklist Generator and the Khermira (0.25). Today I got sick of always tweaking and re-calculating my precise manouver nodes after I determine my planetary encounters; so I built this tool. The Kerbal Ion Node Calculator. It'll allow you to recalculate your long maneuvers into smaller segments based off inputs such as how long it takes your battery to charge and how long you can burn for until you have to stop again. Its obviously could use some UI tweaks (I know minutes instead of second
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