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  1. Good job Pecan. A nice tutorial. Quite complete and a great guide into this wonderful and (often) wacky world of KSP. If you are still considering turning your master into a PDF you should in fact be able to export to PDF from within LibreOffice itself. It should be under File --> Export as PDF. Ref: https://help.libreoffice.org/Common/Export_as_PDF Have a look, it should be there. Let me know if you have trouble. Would be more than happy to help, you have helped so many others get up and running in KSP, I can at least help you make it more accessible. PM me to keep this thread clean if you
  2. Just want to clear this one up. KSP, etc was only using 2.8GB of memory previously likely due to the fact that while running in the 32bit address space, no application (or Operating system for that matter) can address more than ~3.7GB of memory. 2.8GB sounds around about right. KSP (and the Unity engine for that matter), as a responsible application will make memory management choices that allow the rest of your system to keep running smoothly. You are using a lot of mods, some of which would benefit greatly from the ability to address a much larger amount of memory. KSP again has made an info
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