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  1. Cool, this is something i would download in a heartbeat: too bad i don't know how to model or texture. ;-;
  2. Wow! That looks awesome YANFRET
  3. So yesterday i finished the final book in its series, 3001 and it was very interesting with all the technology in it, such as the Sakharov drive, the Inertia drive And such, so i thought In real life would any of that be possible? -Fatal
  4. Whats armored warfare? Could you post pics?
  5. First thing ill do is launch myself, (With a sustainable food & Oxygen supply) from Cape Canaveral to the ISS (Via any rockets left on the pad at the time) and live there till it De-orbits.
  6. Why don't you make the first stage a booster that has a very long burn time maybe or,you can make them like the side boosters but center it? unless that can't work.
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