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  1. Hello, I encountered issue with FMRS - when I revert to FMRS "main" save (aka - launch) It doesn't remember any contracts done. Is there an easy solution for this ? Or I just have to save it manualy each time and then eddit in contracts later on?
  2. Issue fixed: RemoteTech conflicting with CommNet Constellation Please lock.
  3. Hello all, KSP: 1.3.1, Windows 10, 64bit Problem: After reverting flight to VAB game bugs out, shows all parts (even not researched ones) and I'm not able exit VAB unles I alt-F4. Figured that it is somehow remotetech related issue - without it game works perfectly fine (Even disabling SETI doesn't help) So what could cause this issue specificly? Since I kinda want to do stuff with remotetech. Ty for replies. Mods installed: KSP AVC dump: // Remotech not listed below due to test loading (using V 1.8.9) > Listed in Ckan Ckan dump: Reproduction steps: Just take Mk1 comand pod, hit launch button. Then Esc> revert>to vehicle asebly and watch stuff broke Image Log: KSP.log output_log.log
  4. Exactly. I personaly hope for 64bit support because unity 5 is more stable in that way. But will se. Hopefully also mods will support it too if its going to make way out.
  5. I would be happy to hear from devs if with that upgrade to unity 5 we are getting back at least semi 64bit support. Unity 5 is more stable and for ppl like me which likes to add tons of mods and keeps crashing in 32bit it would be cool
  6. Well i builded few planes .. some of them were just complete garbadge and even fellow Jebediah Kerman was unable to take them off the ground ... then few planes / rokets which i shared with my friend .. ended up modifiing them since he could't manage them to take off If only i was better at building stuff
  7. Best tutorial Ever! My game has been crashing like mad cause to mods. This work around fixes it. I can now play how long I want even alt-tab x numbers of times and still not crash! Thank you! I used this like long time ago also since I always take small breaks and play game to chill here and there .. I play this game since mid 2014 This tutorial helped me lot of times. So thank you Again.
  8. Aw.. that's sucks :/ ... will try to head for it ... hopefuly some day they will edit it so you can easily add custom contracts
  9. Hello there, I was messing with ksp bit and since new update comes up I wanted to add custom Contracts or edit existing by translating them (for y2b purposes). And i realy cant find them out so if any 1 have idea where it can be i would be glad if you will tell me that. Thak you.