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  1. see, this is what i get for watching all those educational videos on youtube. i know what partial ineligibility means, and why it applies to sprakbarriarer's. Can anyone see the topic from here? compass? Map? anyone? this being KSP, the solution to "finding the topic" is probably just a suborbital hop.
  2. dangerous waters, there. Regardless, i wanted to thank you for all your hard work on both these utility mods and the game itself. I've been playing KSP since .21, and KAC and KARP were two of my early mods. they're still staples of my mod set, even thou i'm up to about 64 other mods. i would hope everyone at the community understands that your day job comes first, so that pestering-flood-gate doesn't come back to bite you. (the fact that your day job is squad is just icing.) Thanks again for all your hard work.
  3. Apropos of absolutely nothing, I felt it was time to pop in and marvel at how powerful, useful, and flexible module manager is. it's truly a unique work that supports and drives so much of this community. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to it's advancement, and thank you to Sarbian for his long suffering support and stewardship.
  4. dude, I've barely had time to PLAY since the last update, and you've released ANOTHER mod? this is beautiful, and definitely fills the gap between Packrat and Karibou. thank you for your hard work.
  5. quick confirmation that 3.1.6 works admirably under 1.1.2 on my supermod career (modulemanager number:5195). i'm having some issues with science mods, but everything from Ferram is flying true.
  6. Just a quick note to thank you for keeping this mod up. it's pretty much my entire end-game projects listing, and my careers would be much thinner without it.
  7. Her name is Lisa Kerman. if you'll excuse me, i need to go start a sandbox save and build a memorial, something appropriate and touching, on the Mun.
  8. This mod has gone through a couple of hands over the years. This community can be demanding, and it rarely thanks the people who volunteer their time to maintain abandoned mods. i know this isn't the mod you were passionate about, just the one that needed you; thank you for stepping up to carry it. i considered taking a crack at it back when raven picked it up, but he had both more time and more experience then i did. Maybe it's time to get the development environment again, now that x64 windows is stable on unity 5.
  9. For Reference, the USI catalog page is additionally, all of the releases are on GitHub, under Rover's Repository page.
  10. Mod developers don't maintain CKAN repositories (except m4v, apparently, who's hacking the system because he keeps getting complaints about it). talk to CKAN about missing data in the CKAN database.
  11. Mod developers don't maintain CKAN repositories. talk to CKAN about missing data in the CKAN database.
  12. i see this regardless of RT. when you switch to another vessel, the vessel you were controlling goes ballistic, i.e. all control (SAS, RT, Mechjeb) is disabled and the craft rotates or tumbles uncontrolled. This is most apparent if you are using the SAS to target a node, as the craft will often "wobble", constantly correcting in a small circle around the targetted angle. switching to another vessel (or simply switching off SAS) will result it the craft slowly rotating in the direction of whatever the last correction was.
  13. Mostly. KAS is typically restricted to smaller parts, i.e. something a Kerbal could actually handle. there's nothing preventing you from adding your own Kas modules (in fact, i created some scripting to do just that), but typically module makers will only add KAS grabber modules to small parts. You might look at Rover's Exploration Pack, which contains a rover specifically designed to be build in KAS, as well as light aircraft and a few other field-build-able things.
  14. I'm seeing similar behavior with the miniature experiments in Rover's Sounding Rockets, as well as the stock Sci Jr. and goo. Experiments are run correctly when entering a biome, but can't be reset, even if there is a scientist in a command seat, except by the scientist going on EVA and manually right clicking. on a totally unrelated note, i like to suggest one or two changes to the auto-collection method. First, the auto-collection occurs as soon as the experiment is run, rather then in response to the player clicking keep in the science report, leading to a situation where the science report appears, but the experiment has already been collected and stored, so clicking Reset has no effect. this may or may not be possible, but it would provide better behavior if the auto-collect process ignored experiments where the report window was still open. Second, as an alternative to the first option, it might be a good idea to separate out the auto-run and auto-collect processes into two toolbar buttons that can be toggled independently, allowing the player to manually trigger collection of all on board experiments once they have reviewed the reports and have kept the results they are happy with. Both of these are intended as a solution to a problem i ran into frequently in the early game, where automatic runs were the most valuable with lots of low-value, run-once experiments in the flying low and flying high biomes around the space center, but where the automatic collection process was breaking the experiments for low value and preventing a non-science kerbal from resetting the experiment from the report window, as in the stock game, and using that experiment for higher returns later in the trajectory.