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  1. Thank you for the insightful report. We are currently investigating this on both platforms. We can confirm that this does not occur in a sandbox game or a randomly selected asteroid, and that it does appear to be restricted to contracts only which is an important detail.
  2. Is there a patch update planned for the console edition of KSP? If not could you please tell me how to get a refund. I love the game, but when it crashes and corrupts all you're data, it makes it impossible to play. I will certainly consider repurchasing it after this is fixed. Thanks.

  3. Hello Z.R, Welcome to the forums. Your problem is mysterious. May I ask what your system language settings are please? [Edit] The problem appears to be the keyboard layout. Could you confirm your system input language, and the layout you have chosen in KSP? You may like to try this. Go to the main settings screen. Select layouts and change the keyboard layout to something different. You will be warned that this will change your settings. Then select your preferred layout again, and see if graphics settings are now working correctly.
  4. This change was an unfortunate necessity, and has caused some asteroids to change shape when they have been saved in a previous version, and now loaded in 1.3.1. I have updated the issue with a workaround of undocking the asteroid in 1.3.0, saving, and then updating to 1.3.1 where the asteroid can be captured again.
  5. Load Ship Desciption Box Text

    Hi @orbit.impossible Please could you provide more information? I have attempted to replicate your problem on a clean installation of 1.3.0 and the save loader is working properly. Please could you let us know the distribution that you use and upload your logs together with one of the persistent.sfs files from a problem save found in the installation folder /saves/? Information on where to find these files and tips on how to attach them can be found here:
  6. Hi @biasuz KSP for Windows and MacOS are functionally equivalent. However, due to platform differences there may be some variation in the experience, and as has already been pointed out 10.13 High Sierra with APFS seems to be causing some flicker at present. We are already looking into this. As a workaround, installing bootcamp and running the Windows version should be ok if that was your original enquiry?
  7. This problem has been fixed and is currently available on the Patch Pre Release for testing. https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/forum/77-ksp-pre-release/
  8. Hello @EljOt You have supplied only a fragment of the DXdiag report, but I'm afraid to say that your PC may be too far below the minimum specification to run KSP. Please refer to the reporting guide and self help threads for further information
  9. Thanks for the update, and I'm pleased you have it working properly again. FYI the command line for borderless window should be "D:\Games\Steam\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program\KSP_x64.exe" -popupwindow
  10. This is the unmodded section of the support forum. Does KSP load correctly without mods installed? As @Jas0n has pointed out, you also appear to be running the 32bit version, so using realism overhaul will exceed the memory that made available. I also note that you are running an older version of the game. It is recommended to update it.
  11. [KSP Version]: (WindowsPlayer) (x64) ============================== Hi @boolybooly The second log indicates that you may have an incorrect and old version of x64. It should read (WindowsPlayer x64) en-us I would recommend that you use Steam's verify game files feature to make sure that you have all of the correct and current files for KSP. Open the Steam Client Go to your library Right click on KSP Select properties from the menu Select "Local Files" tab Select "Verify Integrity of Game files" May I ask what method you use to launch KSP - Steam client, a shortcut, or directly from the game installation? To bypass anything else that could be influencing the start up, try launching KSP_x64 directly from the installation folder.
  12. Weird glitch

    The symptoms described would indicate that you have both the older parts, and the new versions installed side by side. Many of the parts have been updated significantly since 0.23 which was still very much in early development at that time. As @sumghai suggests, it would be prudent to make a fresh installation with the current release which is 1.3.0 and has many more features and improvements for you to enjoy. It would be difficult, and probably counterproductive to try and instruct a selective deletion of the deprecated files. The store does have a forgotten password function that should help you gain access again to download the latest release as already suggested.
  13. [LOG 23:12:43.331] ******* Log Initiated for Kerbal Space Program - ... [LOG 23:13:07.011] [HighLogic]: =========================== Scene Change : From LOADING to MAINMENU ===================== That is well within the expected load time for the game. [KSP Version]: (WindowsPlayer) (x64) ============================== This file is not correct both in the file date that you state, or the contents. The correct path for the output_log.txt file is: "....\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program\KSP_x64_Data\output_log.txt" Depending on where you have let Steam install its library and executing the 64bit version. Can you say where exactly the slow load times occur? From your KSP.log it looks like you enjoyed a period of half an hour gamepaly with all scene transitions executing in a typically expected time frame.
  14. @boolybooly Could you please upload your KSP.log and output_log.txt files somewhere and link them here? There could be a number of causes for the slow loading. It's not common, but we are aware that it happens for some players. Your log should help in building up a picture of the specifics in this case. Thanks. Details where to find the files and some suggested places to upload found here:
  15. Pre-release 1.3.1 is live!

    The default throttle setting is user definable in settings. This simply makes this zero by default. T-Z-Space will continue to work as ever. You are correct. Glitches be gone!