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  1. I'm currently researching a way to run kOS scripts from C#, which I think is what you're really after. So you can run a script on start of the prop, or on button push. Unfortunately this is going to be a bit more complex than I would have liked, but I think it's possible. As for getting the active page, I'll look into it. The main issue is it would require a hard-link to RPM, which would break future MAS compatibility.
  2. You need to add a MASFlightComputer to the command module: MODULE { name = MASFlightComputer requiresPower = true gLimit = 4.7 baseDisruptionChance = 0.20 rate = 0.025 RPM_COLOROVERRIDE { COLORDEFINITION { // 'white' label unlit color name = ASET_SWITCHER_NAME_ZEROCOLOR color = 213, 213, 213, 255 } COLORDEFINITION { name = ASET_NUMINPUT_DISPLAY_GHOSTCOLOR color = 0, 255, 0, 31 } COLORDEFINITION { name = ASET_NUMINPUT_DISPLA
  3. There are two fonts I've been looking at - Unifont (GPL), which you've seen above, and UbuntuMono Nerd Font Mono (Ubuntu Font License) which is shown below: These are the closest to looking like they're supposed to, so they're the ones I've brought to your attention. Unifont is probably more desirable - it not only has probably the most glyphs of any font (not sure but this seems accurate), but it has a style that isn't quite the same as InconsolataGO, so it can fill a gap. On the other hand, UbuntuFont is very clean, and the version I've linked to supports many glyphs. If I ha
  4. Thank you - it's greatly appreciated. Since my end goal is to have IVAs where people can program their own MFDs entirely, I figured the calligraphy glyphs are particularly important. I ended up replacing mas-font.assetbundle to test out some fonts - Unifont gets a lot closer, though it's against the aesthetic I think you want with the new MFDs, which is a very clean font. I'm going to be playing around some more with settings and such to see if I can get it even closer to how it's supposed to look. Edit: I'm guessing there's some line spacing going on in the
  5. Ha thank you, I am definitely stupid at times. The error is still confusing as a whole, but I guess I'll learn to live with the vague outputs of Moonsharp. I actually didn't see it when I was looking around - I'll probably finish porting it over, then take a look at your implementation to see how you've done it, which is likely much more efficient. Hopefully I can see more how you do things, as the Clock/Timer isn't exactly simple. Lastly, it looks like there's no way to add new fonts via asset bundles. Is this planned at all? I'd rather like to use unicode for certain thin
  6. I now have another problem. I'm trying to port the ASET Clock/Timer, but I'm running into a strange error: [ERR 18:04:06.382] [MASComponent] Error in ANIMATION_PLAYER Timer Button Push: [ERR 18:04:06.385] [MASComponent] System.ArgumentException: Error parsing variable "SUP_TimerButtonPushed()" ---> MoonSharp.Interpreter.SyntaxErrorException: ')' expected (to close '(' at line 1) near 'Space' My animation component looks like this: ANIMATION_PLAYER { name = Timer Button Push animation = TestTimerButton animationSpeed = 1.0 variable = SUP_TimerButtonPushed() } Link
  7. I mostly figured out how to do what I wanted - the seat just needs to be back in the default height before moving to the second position. Is there any way to make a script wait and come back? I have an idea of how to do this with a trigger component already. Skip to 1:00 to see the seat in action: For anyone wondering how I did this: https://gist.github.com/dsonbill/3d74d6d860ad75c56425bf55f0dab46
  8. @MOARdV @Manul Is there a way to set startTranslation and endTranslation in the translation node with a script? I want to move a prop with 2 different translations, but the second translation is overwriting the current position of the first. I wrote two small functions to take care of this, but startTranslation seems to be read directly as a Vector3. Is there any way to accomplish what I'm after here? Edit: I think I figured out how to do what I wanted to do. I'll update this post later.
  9. I've honestly never really supported CKAN. I'll look into what's going on later tonight. Sorry about that. Edit: You'll have to ask the CKAN guys. I have no idea why 1.5.1 is the latest version of the mod on there.
  10. For anyone that uses this, please let me know what you think. The whole thing with the labels was more of a proof of concept, and I saw a few people complain about it being useless, so I made this the stock setup instead: The label and flag panels are still there - they're just made for other things than a basic terminal (I.E. IVA makers who want to do something special). Since everyone thinks I programmed this in a way that the labels can't be removed, I'll just do it like this. If you're an IVA developer, check out the old terminal templates if you want to use s
  11. Major thanks to @JonnyOThan for updating this in my absence. I'm going to be updating this a little bit, hopefully working on some things for it. I'm currently trying to change the button processing to use kOS delegates rather than bools, which would make a lot more sense. Then you could just set the label state separately if that's the behaviour you want. I have a couple of things planned for RPM in general too, now that development has stopped. I should have an official release for the latest KSP ready soon as well. Thanks again to everyone who's helped out and everyone who's used th
  12. Am I to understand I cannot redistribute compiled binaries of KIS, even without the models/textures? So even if I make all my own parts to replace the originals? This is probably the worst time to ask this, seeing as you guys are looking into building a new version now.
  13. I'm still going to work on it since I have nothing better to do. I do look forward to the day we have proper kOS integration, though.
  14. Updated to version 1.5.1. Added color terminal config Added optional patches to remove flag panel/terminal colors or both
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