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  1. Am I to understand I cannot redistribute compiled binaries of KIS, even without the models/textures? So even if I make all my own parts to replace the originals? This is probably the worst time to ask this, seeing as you guys are looking into building a new version now.
  2. I'm still going to work on it since I have nothing better to do. I do look forward to the day we have proper kOS integration, though.
  3. Updated to version 1.5.1. Added color terminal config Added optional patches to remove flag panel/terminal colors or both
  4. I got an idea of what you mean after looking at some of the mentioned interfaces. I can see a few ways I could hook things up, though I'm not sure I have access to everything I need to do that - still need to look around a bit more. It seems you've set many things as internal - it's almost as if you knew there were sneaky programmers like me out there! I just finished the old kOS/RPM mod and I'm going to start work on the MAS version very soon. Cheers.
  5. Updated for kOS / KSP 1.6.1. Let me know if you guys have any issues. I'll be working on moving this over to MAS now. This mod definitely does this, heh. That's the size of the terminal available to kOS in kPM. This mod connects directly to the kOS monitor, and uses it for scrolling/moving the cursor. If people want a bigger screen (get rid of the flag panel, for instance) I can make a simple patch that does that. Just a note that this does seem to work on 1.7, but it was built against 1.6.1 as that is the last version RPM will officially support.
  6. That's excellent. Switches and labels were actually the first thing I ever thought about integrating with kOS, besides the monitor. And I'll probably end up doing just that with the rack-mounted... I didn't even think about it. I'll definitely get started with the RPM interface then. Drawing graphics on the screen from kOS one day will be really, really cool. (One kOS processor is your gpu? Hue hue hue.) One question about the RPM interface - do the page classes still get remade every time you switch vessel? I remember that being fun to deal with - I had to set up another class to track states in-between vessel changes, as I had monitor assignments and didn't want them to change every time. This is what I'd like to aim for, I just don't know where to start exactly. I did dig through RPM code a bit a few years ago (I even made a striped-down version with only the MFD functionality once), but I haven't played with MAS much at all - I just barely skimmed the source when I first saw it years ago, and I went over your IVAs yesterday. I need to go through and figure out how you've done props and information gathering to get an idea of how information may be able to be used between both systems.
  7. Thank you for the replies, guys. Keep in mind that I haven't installed MAS yet, or even launched KSP in over a year, so anything that will be self evident when I do, feel free to ignore. I'm honestly not surprised kOS was never integrated. Drama aside, it was fairly complex to do in the first place. My goal is to resurrect my old kOS <-> RPM mod and port it for MAS. I'd also like to add a lot of functionality that I didn't the first time around. I have it built with the button/page processor from RPM, so if it's just as easy with MAS, that will be easy enough to port over. Some of the things I'd like to implement are: Switches, labels, and lights for programmable things in-game. I don't expect to be able to check the state of all switches (more expecting to make my own props with the models you guys made), though that would be kind of cool too. Displays. I'll make my own models if nothing is suitable, but I'd like to use what you have available if it is. I'd like to have one for the main kOS terminal integrated into an MFD, and 1 - 2 for extra data. Edit: Looks like you have this idea too with the way you were explaining your usage of the MFDs. A nice prop to "house" a pod's built-in kOS module. Maybe with a little screen and some power/control buttons, a la the old RPM props in Alexustas' pod (server rack looking thing). Looks like you're using this (and well), but I'll come up with something. It'd be very, very cool to get the graphical capabilities of the MFDs to work with kOS, rather than just text and switches. This was my big dream back when I was first making this. (I almost took over RPM after you started working on MAS for this) Overall, I'd say that's about it. I can't think of anything else people want with the kOS integration. If anyone has any ideas, feel free to stop by my thread and leave them. I'll be updating kOSPropMonitor one last time, then (hopefully) getting started on moving over to MAS. After it's ported and functional, I'll start to add cool functionality to it. Also, I'd like the displays to be able to have different text sizes on different screens, or even better, the ability to change the text density on-the-fly. Is this possible? I booted up MAS and, suffice to say, you have the text situation figured out. I'm very flexible when it comes to this - if you have any ideas you would suggest that you think would fit MAS better, I'm very open to hearing and implementing them.
  8. I have a couple of questions: Were MFDs ever finished? Did you integrate kOS into MAS, or have plans to do so? I see some references to kOS in the configs but no actual linking. Is integrating from another mod going to be a PITA? Not that I'm not used to such pains. If there's no official way I'll just hack my way in.
  9. Thank you both for posting! I had originally intended to abandon this as MAS was in development at the time and I expected RPM to be phased rather fast. That, however, does not seem to be the case! So, I may come back and fix this up a bit soon.
  10. I read that shortly before you posted it. I'll have to think about all of this for a while.
  11. Nice timing, I decided to drop by today. I'm thinking about picking this thing back up a little bit. Isn't RPM being phased out by something else though?
  12. Please, be my guest. If anyone would like to take this over, I'd be more than happy to give you my official seal of approval, though given the license you can do whatever you want with it. I have no interest in programming things of this nature any longer. Do with it as you please.
  13. @MOARdV Is there any intended path for external libraries to write page components in MAS? I modified MASPage to load components dynamically by class name so I can mess with things a little bit in the mean time. Here's the commit: https://github.com/dsonbill/AvionicsSystems/commit/bdfaa2c367609b865c7f8aa6443dd74e4ea4bcd2 Are you planning on building a public API for basically everything or something?
  14. I'm incredibly familiar with Moonsharp, as I'm using it extensively for a personal project. I've created a system that runs lots of scripts all in different threads - I have no simple interlink to unity values, but that's not too hard to bridge over, as I did it with this for a small project for another game that I ended up not releasing. More on the system mentioned: While I never intended for this stuff to make its way into KSP, I might think about building a new mod with that instead which integrates with MAS. It could bring good research for its eventual use in its intended home. I've also been forced to modify Moonsharp to allow for some dirty execution, so I may need to find a way to consolidate the fact that I need that version loaded, while you are probably using another version of Moonsharp. I may just rename everything to Moonderp.
  15. What's the timetable feel like for MAS? I know this is an awful question to ask. If you foresee it taking long enough, I might just play around with this a whole lot more.