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  1. Got a bunch of science home from Duna & Ike, enough to complete the tech tree.
  2. Jeb is at my ISRU station orbiting Ike, waiting for the next Duna --> Kerbin window. Hanging out and sampling rocket fuel.
  3. Yes, and flags are not always being credited correctly. Usually the flags show up on the "credited on this mission" window, but don't show up as permanently credited. Hopefully, it's just a "recompile for 1.0.5 issue, but Nereid hasn't been real active on the forum lately, so he may be busy doing other things.
  4. ...or use KIS to bolt a couple more landing gear on. http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/113111-1-0-4-Kerbal-Inventory-System-%28KIS%29-1-2-2
  5. Two simple ways to dock: 1. Only works if docking port is coaxial with the main engine. Bring two ships close to each other (~10 m) and not moving relative to each other. Point their docking ports at each other. Burn about 1 m/s on one ship towards the other. If you are lined up properly, the ships will dock. 2. MechJeb docking autopilot. Inefficient, but mostly works.
  6. According to https://kerbaledit.codeplex.com/license, this mod uses the MIT License:
  7. Experimenting with Civilian Population mod http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/124162-1-0-4-Civilian-Population-1-7-4-%28update-9-4-15%29
  8. two words: air brakes. they not only slow you down without burning off, they also allow some degree of attitude control (if placed well).
  9. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pendulum_rocket_fallacy for problems with the "pull is more stable" hypothesis.
  10. http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/113111-1-0-4-Kerbal-Inventory-System-%28KIS%29-1-2-1 Allows you to attach components that you forgot, or just decided you didn't need until you got back to kerbin (e.g. parachutes).
  11. I've had this happen on several part recovery contracts. I find that if I get a Kerbal close enough, one of two things will happen: 1. The part will fall out of the sky and come to rest on the surface, where I can use a grabber to attach it to my lander (and, if I am _very_ careful with the throttle and the gravity is low enough, i can boost it to orbit), or 2. The part will fall out of the sky and explode, terminating the contract with a failure. Either option works for me.
  12. one of the hacks in http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/78863-FIX-Dock-Undocking-Bug-in-0-23-5 may fix the problem. Docking ports can get into strange states were they don't work as expected.
  13. Actually, 1.0 - 1.3 km separation after doing a Hohmann transfer and velocity matching isn't too bad. Once you get to this separation, point one ship at the other and burn about 2 m/s. wait until your separation hits a minimum, then match velocities again. Repeat until you get to within docking range.
  14. My current speculation (I haven't done the math to see if it deserves hypothesis status): the low thrust is what is causing the efficiency problems. Details: I am doing a burn within the Jool system, where the gravity well is fairly deep. If I was doing an impulse burn (full deltaV change in 0 time), the MechJeb prediction would be true. However, because I am spreading my burn over a long time, each instant of burn I have to subtract off the current SOI gravity field from my thrust. In a low gravity field, or with high TWR, this is negligible. However, in a high gravity field, with ve
  15. I installed DSEV for the centrifugal system. However, after getting a contract to test the SuperNova engine, I decide to give it a try. My first design had insufficient radiator panels (it was a testbed system, after all), so I cracked down the thrust limiter to keep the radiators from melting. However, on its first real mission (Jool and back), I noticed that the Delta-V listed for the propulsion module by both MechJeb and KER did not match what I was actually seeing - it was taking almost twice as much LiquidFuel to make a maneuver as MechJeb and KER was saying it should. I see severa
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