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  1. The new wrapper didn't fix it. Perhaps I need to change something in the calling method. I'll check it later tonight.
  2. Update Release Debug - For log reports Source - Just in case Changelog: - Fixed stock toolbar icon. - Updated blizzy toolbar wrapper. - Fixed NullRef in Debug build. I also updated the AVC version.
  3. Can the steam overlay do bad things? Or perhaps there are some differences in a steam build?
  4. This is the updated version of the mod: Click The problem mentioned by @svendii still exists on his computer, but not on mine. I don't have any experience with unity of KSP, to pinpoint it, so if anyone can help, this is the thread I have created about the issue. If you have any issues that you think this mod is to blame, this is the debug build of the mod. Use it to provide the crash logs.
  5. I am trying to update the FMRS mod for 1.2. It's my first time with KSP and Unity, so be gentle. I have updated the deprecated methods, and it works fine for me. But there's one guy, who has game crashes when reverting the flight with the plugin. The mod itself essentially creates game saves, one for each controllable stage and gives the ability to load them, while injecting the vehicle states into the main save. It seems that the crash happens after loading the scene. I am not familiar with unity scene system, to be sure though. The linked thread contains some relevant info and this is the relevant part of the output log: I tried wrap all the methods in the the flight scene class with try blocks and to log the exceptions, but it didn't do.
  6. That the files are not empty and contain stuff that you expect there to be, like this GAME { version = 1.2.0 Title = default (SANDBOX) Description = No description available. linkURL = linkCaption = Mode = SANDBOX Status = 1 Seed = 1441454460 scene = 5 editor = None flag = Squad/Flags/default launchID = 4 modded = True ... I will make a new dll in a few mins, to get more info.
  7. Yes. It might an issue with steam install. The mod creates new save files in [KSPInstall]/saves/[saveName]. I don't know if steam installation changes the saved games directory, but if it isn't my guess would be, that there is some right issues. This is how my savegame structure looks like: saves/ default/ Backup/ [...] FMRS/ before_launch.sfs FMRS_quicksave.sfs FMRS_save_0.sfs FMRS_save_1.sfs Ships/ [...] FMRS_main_save.sfs Persistent.sfs Check if you have similar thing, and check that the files contain meaningful info, like in persistent.sfs.
  8. 1. In the log you provided, those lines are the vary last in the file? 2. Did you use non stock parts in the test craft, and which ones if you did? 3. Do crashes happen every time you try to reload with FMRS, or only after separation or after separation and crash? 4. Is the revert button in Esc menu available, and if it is, does it has revert to VAC option? Also, push both debug buttons in FMRS debug window, it will do additional log messages, and try crashing the game again.
  9. I can't recreate this bug. I've been messing with it a lot, crashing ships, loading different stages back and forth, but no avail. Is there any mod you have installed that can mess with save files, like refunding parts or auto missions? Anything that adds, removes or changes states of the ships?
  10. It was easier than I expected. Just changed some deprecated code. Dll - Replace the mod dll with this one. ( the editor cuts the link for some reason) This is a debug build. There are some debug messages and options are enabled, I don't really know what they do, but I left them on, in case if it will help to catch bugs, if there any. I have tried it with simple rocket, it loads the separation just fine, but I haven't check anything else, and I am leaving right now, so check it out, see if there are any bugs. I will recompile it tomorrow with final build options.
  11. Can anyone elaborate as to what precisely doesn't work in 1.2? The mod isn't big, so I'm thinking to try patch it. I just need to be sure where to look for problem.
  12. Is it possible to combine these? @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleB9PartSwitch]#moduleID[fuelSwitch],!@MODULE[ModuleEngines*]]:Final { //@description = "passed" @maxTemp *= 0.3 } @PART[*]:HAS[@RESOURCE[MonoPropellant],!@MODULE[ModuleEngines*]]:Final { //@description = "passed" @maxTemp *= 0.3 }
  13. I also noticed many new engines appeared in the tech tree with different thrusts. Comparing the weight to thrust ratios with real planes made sense. It's just the engines that were installed on the 15 ton plane converted into 14000+ kg/s engines, which made me wonder.
  14. Is it ok that the engines give around three more times thrust than before? My plane that was taking of after around 20 seconds from the start now takes less than 10 seconds and goes supersonic a few seconds later.
  15. I double that question. I also would like to know what effect will different configurations take on the craft.