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  1. Maybe not. but i have seen 1.1 Experimental the last 3 Days on stream. Compared to 1.0.5 its gold.
  2. Yeah Squad said before X-Mas 2015 and after that they said it will take a little longer. Its 4 Month now, we where patient enough. Especialy since no experimental can be as buggy as 1.05.
  3. Well if it is that way there is nothing what we can do about it. Not happy with it but if he thinks its better to delay again its his choice. And i did not want to imply any possession. English is not my first Language so maybe i said something about that in the wrong way. If thats the case i am sorry.
  4. According to his Post he is missing one important thing at the Moment. Nazari. Thats the reason why i said a release without or with the old SST would spare us all another Weekend of waiting. I mean i don't care so much about the SST having a Flag now or not. I can use the old one until the new one is repaired. What i have not is a Rover and a Kerbostar. Just my 2 cent.
  5. I have the old Modelfile aswell. Was so much changed on the Tug? And if so release without it and deliver it when it is repaired. In the meantime i throw in the old SST. That way we would not have to wait another Weekend.
  6. What??? Over the Weekend??? Oh come on. Everytime when i think "this weekend it will be there" there is something else.
  7. I have a spare SST Texture on my Hard Drive. I could Donate that if that helps. Just kidding to pass time. Not that i have the Texture, i have one, but i know this does not help.
  8. If there is a release version now, release it. I can test it myself. XD
  9. At the Moment the Station parts are part of the whole Package. I think the single Links will work after the release of Phase 4.
  10. I can see all things coming together aswell. Piece by Piece the Puzzle becomes a hole picture. And the Picture is awesome.
  11. Okay luizopiloto, you are right. And i always liked Matchbox alot. But i also always tell my Kids not to throw the Matchbox Toys into the Lego Chest. Don't get me wrong, i really like this mod. i never play KSP without it. But that is one of the reasons why i wish it would be a little bit more compatible with parts from KSP or other mods.
  12. Well, if that is KSP, should the KSOS not be more like this, instead of this?
  13. Congrats Porkjet. Well deserved in my opinion. I really enjoy SP+ and the Habitat Pack. I hope those new parts you showed in the dev Thread are still coming to SP+. Keep up the good work.
  14. Yeah, how about a preview download link? I know that this is not going to happen but i mean i dont want to only see Phase IV i want to play with it. Great Mod. ;P Really? isn't it enough reward for testers that they can use it and the rest of us has to wait? All textures should be included in the release. Just my 2 cent.
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