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  1. Sweet! Nice to see the new parts in game. Can't wait to play with them when you finish.
  2. Okay I didn't know you had to deactivate those axes. I'm struggling to make barely functional props or rotor setups with the new parts and new action group axes.
  3. Yeah I'm having problems myself with the props. What size do you need to make a small mark 1 plane? I went all the way up to the largest propeller and torque setting and still couldn't get any thrust out of it. I tried deploying and undeploying the propeller, changing the actuation, and keybinding to either the pitch control or the torque. Yes I did make sure the props were spinning/mounted the right way (CW or CCW). I was able to get a rotor setup to work, but not configured correctly with the new action group axes.
  4. Love the new update to NF spacecraft! Can't wait to pull 1.5 down and install this mod with all the new pods.
  5. Awesome WIP updates! Thanks for keeping us in the loop with your progress. I also like how you've redone the front page with more information. I will patiently be waiting for more content releases but take all the time you need. These will clearly be well worth it. Also, the short example video you made about how these models are created was interesting to watch. I was surprised at first you were using sketchup but then I remembered that's how the KSC buildings were redone back in the day.
  6. I know for me personally, KSP came during the hayday of my college (and post college education) days so I haven't been able to participate nearly as much as I've wanted to in the challenges, mod making, hype trains, etc. One more semester to go finally, otherwise I hope there will still be a somewhat vibrant community around to participate in. I've been keeping challenges and ideas for different playthroughs stashed around for a long time. I know I have seen a change too back from 2013-14 and even 2015 when there were more AAR's and good world building stories in general to go around. Sigh, the good old days.
  7. I am running ksp 1.4.3 and KK version This was a non-modded (except for MM) test sandbox game.
  8. @AdmiralTigerclaw I just had the same problem as Kardea with the floatplane base and spawning high in the air. I tried your solution of pulling out the sound cube for that base and the spawn now works correctly.
  9. Just wanted to say I'm very much looking forward to release (or testing)! This is a great service you are doing and will greatly enhance the KSP lore and playing experience.
  10. This sounds awesome!! I heard about it after reading the FAQ on AdmiralTigerclaw's airport mod page. I'm so looking forward to this release so I have a better reason to travel between all of the lovely KerbinSide Remastered locations. Will be following closely.
  11. I, personally, would like to have just a handful of airports open initially. Maybe one international and a smaller airport open in each continent or region so I can hop around early to mid game. I agree about the progression aspect, but we can do that with late game funds as long as there are exploration "staging posts" available for Kerbin from the get go. Keep the spaceports closed. By the way, thanks for putting these airports together! I can't wait to add them and they go a long ways to making Kerbin feel alive.
  12. After seeing the engine test stand posted a few days ago and with some thinking, I was wondering if having a dedicated test stand rig would be useful at all. I guess I'm not sure how engine reliability is increased outside of flying a bunch of rockets (with some failures). Is there any benefit to having a large tank of fuel and just running engine cycles through it to bump up the rating prior to flight?
  13. *slow clap* Brilliant. I've used all of the previous visual compilations you drew inspiration from at one time or another. Astronomer's, Better Atmospheres, Proot...never found this one before, but sooo glad I did now. You took exactly what I loved from each and combined them together, especially Eve and Laythe. Well done. I cannot wait to visit Laythe again!
  14. I have tried an example craft with this mod for 1.4.1 (no MH DLC) and did not see it working. If anyone else wants to trial it and make sure I didn't try something wrong--much appreciated. Otherwise I will patiently await an update.
  15. Can confirm from my limited testing (test craft and launch in sandbox) that procedural fairings working in 1.4.1 (without MH DLC).