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  1. Ok, I've figured out that it only does this with the cars/trucks/rover from KSOS mod. Stock wheels are fine.
  2. I've had a similar problem, but with wheels/landing gear/landing legs. I don't have PA, and it seems to be doing it regardless of what mods I have installed, even with none at all!
  3. I don't know if this happens to many others, but for me, it happens. Whenever I send a plane, or a rover, or anything with wheels/landing gear on it, the wheels seem to sink into the runway. It doesn't do this with the regular ground, or any other part of KSC. Heck, it doesn't even do it with the slanted sides of the runway, just the tarmac part. It does this regardless of any mods installed, I just have it on the modded support forum, since I currently have them installed. So, if anyone has this issue, or can solve it, please reply as soon as you can. Thanks.
  4. Whenever I try to load up my game with this mod, it seems to freeze while loading "kso/parts/kmwhelirotortail/kmwhelirotortailkso". Any idea why that is? EDIT: Nevermind, fixed it.
  5. Banned for Aerospacing AstroTek work!
  6. So, you're telling me that your soul is a freak-of-nature that it set out to destroy an ancient Greek god? THAT'S AWESOME!
  7. What would that be called? An "exploratory society"?
  8. What would the society of the Kerbals be like? Would be a democracy, a communist world, a union, it could be anything. What would it be to you?
  9. What in the name of all Kerbal's hopes and dreams did I just watch?
  10. Guys, I'm abandoning this story. As it pains me to say it, i am. Ijust don't have the time to do this anymore, with increasing homework on weekends, and no free time on weekdays, I can't do this anymore. I'm sorry. Space Kraze is officially discontinued.
  11. I will never look at Kerbin the same way again. Gameplay ruined (jk)
  12. I say that hype trains are a bit overused, but a hype tank would be useful.
  13. Does this work for .24? (sorry if I"m being annoying, I just want to know)