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  1. Especially for an important key like control, you probably should at least consider using a macro software to "remap" another key combination to replace ctrl, most keyboards have such tools with their software pack, but otherwise you can use freewares like autohotkey to create a mapping for something else (for instance you could use shift+space to send ctrl) this would work for the mod and just about any other application needing ctrl.
  2. Theres a bit of weirdness / error in the internal mesh stuff. The highlighted green in that screenshot is a single weld i made for this ship, you can see the internal mesh for the crew cabin is at the bottom left of the weld instead of the top right where the crew cabin model is. Its not that big a deal but maybe its easy to fix.
  3. An easy way to know and revert simulations and other save load related issues, would simply be to log the ksp time at which the event occurred. And on load (or on scene change if load isnt available), remove all events that are in the future.
  4. I did some more tests using the dll i provided earlier (but since theres essentially no changes to the code except what its built aggainst it probably act the same with stock dll) any kas objects i place in the editor, do not react as kas node at all (cant grab cant attach or anything) but any new objects i attached once in flight work fine, no mysterious push or explosions yet. This mean pipes etc work fine but you need to place all the pipe ends mid flight and not in the editor
  5. Since authorization was given for a plugin upload. Heres a quick compilation against the 64bit files and with the version check updated. This do not fix the small bugs mentioned in that post (force applied on detach and the lack of ejection force), but other than that it does work. replace your dll inside gamedata/KAS/Plugins with the one in this zip and enjoy.