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  1. Multiplanetary Species Series

    In this episode, I remember how to play after being away for upwards of a month! Also, we discover some crew-related issues on the ground...
  2. Multiplanetary Species Series

    What better way to start a new colonization effort than with a little crisis? After the landing issues in the previous episode, we get underway with the actual building efforts!
  3. Multiplanetary Species Series

    In this episode, our intrepid kerbals descend into the atmosphere of Duna, but not quite as planned!
  4. Multiplanetary Species Series

    We're back, woo! Been a nice long vacation, but I'm psyched to get back to it. This time, we launch our crew vehicle with the final task group assigned to building the base on Duna! And then...
  5. Multiplanetary Species Series

    It took us way longer than I expected, but all of our base kits and supplies are down on the surface of Duna. The way is finally set for crew to arrive and begin building our colony!
  6. Multiplanetary Species Series

    More Candle Crane nonsense! We're done with watching that after this episode though. Unless something interesting happens, of course! In this episode, we finally get our TCA-using ducks in a row!
  7. Multiplanetary Species Series

    Carrying on from the previous episode, I continue to bash my head against what turns out to be an insolvable problem. But once I figure out how to get things set up, we are well on our way once again!
  8. Multiplanetary Species Series

    We have just so much hardware in orbit around Duna. So, we need a reliable and easy to use skycrane to bring it down! We don't have one of those, but what we do have is the Candle Crane, which we put through its paces in this episode!
  9. Multiplanetary Species Series

    Let's start bringing down base kits! It goes about as well as you would imagine. Learning is fun!
  10. Multiplanetary Species Series

    In this episode, I tinker with machinery until we get things working again, and burn candles on Duna! Could we have discovered liquid water?! (Yes, obviously. I probably should have made a bigger deal about that.)
  11. Multiplanetary Species Series

    In this episode, we send the last of the hardware for the first wave of colonization to Duna. Also, we spend some time proving out technologies and getting practice for when the missions lands!
  12. Multiplanetary Species Series

    This is the slow part of mission design in KSP - building up the fleet that will be leaving during the next transfer window. I think we're finally there after this episode, though, as we start sending the next wave of colonization to Duna!
  13. Multiplanetary Species Series

    In this episode, title puns! Also, we finish "kitting" out the Duna Express tug, and ship up a ridiculously heavy load of fuel!
  14. Multiplanetary Species Series

    Thank you all for the feedback! I've documented my endeavor to fix up my save file, so hopefully that's useful to you. In this episode, we also start preparing our Duna expedition ship!
  15. Multiplanetary Species Series

    In this episode, I learn how the Med Bay works in MKS/USI-LS. Kind of slowly and painfully, I admit. I'm left with a conundrum - my kerbals are stuck as tourists, do I edit the save file or abandon them?! Is there a way to save them?