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  1. Well everyone, it's been an awesome ride! We've made bases on Minmus, Mun, and Duna, multiple space stations, warp drives, torch drives, and upgrades from patch 1.2 to patch 1.3.1. However, that last bit has wreaked havoc on my save, and so it's time to call this one complete. Let me know what else you'd like to see from me - tutorial videos, another series like this one? I'm not going away, just making the break I'm already on official.
  2. I'm having some issues with the 1.3.1 update. Drills are basically non-functional, and I'm seeing some of what Lymark1 above posted. Here's a list of issues I noticed: I get an NRE from USITools.ModuleSwappableConverter.UpdateController any time I swap a drill bay. When I make swaps, I will get notifications like "Reconfiguration from Dirt to Dirt" which seem unrelated to what I clicked. Anytime I change screens, I get a single NRE from USITools.ModuleSwappableConverter.ChangeMenu. No additional effect I have noticed. When arriving on a new screen (Flight from VAB, VAB from Flight) some of my drill bays have changed from their previous setting to "???". I see every converter type, the Active Seperator is "???", and an unrelated drill is clickable (Start Hydrates Drill, this was originally a Gypsum drill) Swapping converters in-flight with an Engineer seems to have the same effect as above. Drills can be activated before they are deployed, and seem to work okay. If you deploy them, they'll continue to work, but the converter buttons disappear when you retract the drill. MPUs (all sizes) are causing NRE spam from USITools.ModuleSwappableConverter.FixedUpdate. This happens in the VAB in my new install as soon as I grab one onto my mouse pointer and ends when the part is deleted. Their bays show as "None". Here's some supporting docs: KSP.log showing the full tests of drills KSP.log (another one) showing the MPU NRE spam imgur album of screenshots. I thought my issue might have something to do with migrating an old save, but I'm experiencing the issue with a fresh 1.3.1 install with only the latest Constellation and ExceptionDetector installed. KSP v1.3.1 MKS v0.53.1 USITools v0.10.2
  3. I spend a few hours getting the base set up with the new crew that has landed. Now it's time to remember how the heck this base works!
  4. Another step closer to finishing the mission! In this episode, the Frontier Cruiser arrives at Duna, and I have trouble not meddling with Throttle-Controlled Avionics.
  5. We've come a long way, haven't we? 100 episodes! I can't really wrap my head around that! But it's been a ton of fun. I kind of wanted to finish the series on a nice round number, but it's just not going to work out that way - lucky for you, there's a bit more to take care of! First, we need to fly our second crew to Duna, debut our new reusable crew lander, and test out the life support systems on the Duna base.
  6. It's been a month, so it's time to maybe start making up for how long it's been with a double-length episode! Also, I really wanted to just get FINISHED with the darn construction. It's been so long! But here it is, the finished base cluster on Duna! Next... Staffing it, and managing the flights to and from Duna!
  7. Life's crazy! But videos are still coming! (deja vu, though? I feel like I've said that before...) In this episode, I get the refinery up and running, but encounter a possibly fatal flaw with the power transmission system.
  8. Thanks so much, that's awesome!
  9. Wait, when did I update the USI Constellation? Read your patch notes, people! In this episode, the construction continues, and we supply the base-city with power!
  10. Ha! Sorry. Couldn't help myself with the pun. Anyways, in this episode, the description starts to sound familiar - we're building our Duna base! It's exactly as complicated as it sounds!
  11. In this episode, I remember how to play after being away for upwards of a month! Also, we discover some crew-related issues on the ground...
  12. What better way to start a new colonization effort than with a little crisis? After the landing issues in the previous episode, we get underway with the actual building efforts!
  13. In this episode, our intrepid kerbals descend into the atmosphere of Duna, but not quite as planned!
  14. We're back, woo! Been a nice long vacation, but I'm psyched to get back to it. This time, we launch our crew vehicle with the final task group assigned to building the base on Duna! And then...