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  1. 100% agree. The planning and design is always the hard part - executing the maneuvers and pointing the spacecraft are the least of my worries! The crew of Apollo 9 are headed down to the surface, in one of the final Apollo LEM missions! We run into a contractual snag, however, which will require some careful mission planning...
  2. As the title says, the veteran of the space program is back for another ride on the Apollo stack! But first, let's send out a resupply vehicle to Lunette station to deal with pressurization issues.
  3. After waiting for the latitude of the Moon base to line up with our orbit, we're finally ready to descend to the surface, and inhabit the first lunar outpost!
  4. The (yet unnamed) Moon base crew has arrived at Lunette station! But it looks like I failed to consider the latitude of the base and the way that the rotation of the Moon would move it relative to the orbit of the station... Let's hope we've got enough snacks to wait for the launch window!
  5. Aw boo, really? Is there not a break-even point where they get to be more efficient than hydrolox? I'll admit I tried to make my Mercury orbiter craft using an NTR, took one look at the numbers and swapped in the russian staged combustion hydrolox engine instead. I was really hoping that at some point in the tech tree they make sense at the very least for long-duration missions. I gotta imagine for something big and heavy like a crewed Mars mission it would be useful, yeah? Maybe? Also, love the proof of concept on that lander design! Given what I'm dealing with in the next episode re: landing at my Moon base, this whole Apollo LEM thing is just not sustainable. I'll have to build something similar! Anyways! Despite the short episode, we're getting a lot done! Crew returning from Orblab 3, a new (Russian!) engine unveiled and tested, and not one, but two spacecraft entering the Jovian system!
  6. I did, I deleted and replaced. I'll give it another shot with a fresh download. In the meantime, let's prepare the way for some real homesteading, by landing our very first lunar base module! Also, let me know what I should call it!
  7. We've put together a new Mars Exploration System, and hopefully it'll even work this time. Well, the old one accomplished amazing things! But we have more objectives yet to meet on the red planet...
  8. Another Apollo launch, another milestone. This time, four crew in space! Then, lots of orbital station shenanigans!
  9. Ooh, I love the idea of properly-colored DOE. That'll be helpful since we're sending Voyagers 1 and 2 on their way!
  10. First, the Mars Exploration System is headed back home! Hopefully it goes well when it finally arrives. Then, let's work on our communications network again... again. For the last time? Maybe? Look, x-band is challenging. Then, it's August 20, 1977 - time for the launch of Voyager 2!
  11. Thank you both for the excellent discussion! I think the KTDU+generics idea is doable right now, which is a plus for it. I was hoping for an easy one-size-fits-all engine config, but not adding any new parts is probably a good thing, especially in teaching folks how to use the systems provided. I'll see what I can come up based on that in a future episode! Meanwhile, let's see about dragging home the 9GB sitting in orbit of Mars!
  12. In this episode, I talk about reusable landers, and make a request to the community - if you've got a config for a realistic reusable lander, send it to me! Then, we wrap up the Moon landing mission, and check in on the Martian Moonhopper!
  13. X-band omnis, really? I know I've heard not to do that with the higher bands (S+), but I have no idea why - is there not a transmission rate penalty or something? Or is it just not as bad? My current plan is to send much burlier geosynchronous sats, leaning on my old RemoteTech experience. Each one more carefully placed above a ground station and pointing directly at it with a big dish, and each sat pointing at the two others in the constellation, then a final dish pointing directly at the Vis-Alt 3 (yet to be launched). Would it be easier/better to just toss them up with X-band omnis? Anyways, let's go land on the Moon, that's easier (somehow):
  14. Thanks! I thought that shot came out great. I think for the Venus rover I'm going to just try re-launching - with the solar panel broken because of a failure to separate cleanly, that feels like enough of a user-error to just take the loss. But I definitely have been thinking about Bon Voyage a lot - I really want it to work! If I can work around the issues using solar panels, that might be worth reinstalling to try. And now, watch me do math with the wrong numbers! Immediately after posting, someone on the RP-1 discord told me Kerbalism uses bytes when representing its data rates, while RealAntenna uses bits.
  15. Our Venus rover has arrived! Will we be the first to put a roving spacecraft on the surface of the hellish planet?! Well, yes. But the question is, even if we land off-course, should I hyperedit it into the right spot? Or call the mission a failure? Let me know!
  16. We've sent a lot of missions towards the outer solar system, and they're finally beginning to arrive. Some of the closer targets are even finishing their mission - like our exploration orbit of Vesta!
  17. Time to make that jump! This time, we wrap up our science on the surface of Deimos, so it's time to make the transfer down to Phobos.
  18. I super duper did not! Help is on the way, though, with shiny new X-Band equipment in the ground stations, a new satellite constellation, and also a second Vis-Alt satellite. Darn it. Anyways, here's the Martian Moonhopper, and a power truss for Lunette station!
  19. @Spaceman.Spiff Gotcha, that sounds super cool! I've always wanted to try Beyond Home or one of the other big total-conversion type planet packs, but, well, RP-1 caught me. Maybe another Multiplanetary Species type base-building series is in order? @jimmymcgoochie I was going to just get into orbit first, but I was spooked by the 50 m/s I was going to have remaining according to PVG, and also my 1.5 hour battery life! It... seemed necessary? Although even the RP-1 devs are telling me I overcomplicate my missions these days... Anyways, let's cool it down a little after that spicy mission with some nice calming mission plan talk!
  20. It was not configured at all, as it turns out. one of the Waterfall devs reached out to me about it and has since patched in a config, so it should be working now! I'm not familiar with Parallax - I thought it was just a shiny planet pack sort of thing. Does it actually create terrain variation and interactable scatter, or what?? Good to know about TUFX, I'll play with the settings and see if I can't improve stuff. Thanks! Meanwhile, the next episode is a bit of a nail-biter!
  21. I adore Waterfall! I didn't realize I wanted it 'til I had it, but now that I do, I don't want to go back. And now, part two of the Apollo Moon landing recreation!
  22. Oh shoot, thanks for the workaround jimmy! I'll definitely try that. I'd love to not have to edit my save files to fix busted wheels, especially since I'm trying to do more rovers and landers. Meanwhile, I did the thing again! We started this series on 1.7.1, upgraded to 1.8.1, and now we're on 1.10.1! With a fresh install, everything is working great except for my old craft files. (This is why you don't upgrade mid-career, people.) Also, we're going to the Moon, to do an Apollo-style crewed landing!
  23. It's a bit of a short episode, but we're launching a rover towards Venus, which is super neat!
  24. Let's do the science! We arrive at Vesta, and then spend a bunch of time discussing future technology plans.
  25. We had some power trouble with Lunette Station, having underestimated the draw of even an uninhabited Apollo capsule. Will our fuel reserves last the entire 42 days in space??
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