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  1. is there any eta on the shared career mode? I have a new stream series planned to play multiplayer with my patrons on live stream pending the release of the full co-op multiplayer career mode of DMP
  2. does the DMP server work on linux? I will be getting a physical server soon the will be linux with no GUI so how would one go about getting DMP setup and working on that?
  3. this still doesnt work for me at all, i get the toolbar button and i can open the menus for it but i dont get any predictions at all my mods list: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ICZ_efDyScvfVDYtyRmTwQnzwULeUKlCJw4idZqDf1o/edit?usp=sharing
  4. I dont know what happened, it was during a live stream so i couldn't exactly sit and try to investigate. there is a video of the bug and the video shows the debug menu which is all the information that I had while streaming. this is the ksp.log : https://www.dropbox.com/s/rmcj8hek16h8uzq/KSP.log?dl=0 no crash log was created is what I should have said as the game did not crash.
  5. I experienced a weird bug, I wonder if anyone can point out what it is and how to fix it: http://www.twitch.tv/malus_draco/c/5523139 debug window is shown closer to the end of the video. Mods list and a download of my current gamedata folder on my channel description. There was no log file created.
  6. are there plans to make the B9 Mk 2 parts fit the stock Mk 2 parts shape?
  7. @Fractal_UK just a small request the definition of "lqdwater" could you possibly change this to just "water" in order for it to be more compatible with other mods like TAC LS and universal storage for example, I have done the change myself on my own version with no problems and now can use the refineries to gather "water" which i can use in TAC LS and universal storage to make hydrogen and oxygen for fuel cells and such but i can also use the universal storage to make LFO with this as well so if you could possibly change the next version to have the definition "water" to keep this compatibili
  8. ok what the plugin seems to be doing is when it rebuilds the catalog when it welds X parts it unloads some other parts from mods, i.e. extra-planetary launchpads (e.g. survey station) and remote tech (e.g. Reflectron DP-10) and also after welding it shows all parts in the VAB need to be purchased (even though im on a science career) but this purchase bug is fixed by leaving the VAB and re-entering it however in the act of doing this due to the other parts mentioned before being unloaded, whatever ships or bases i have that contain said parts gets unloaded by the game, the only way i have found
  9. the only problems I have found is: Using this when you have tweakscale installed, the welding plugin seems to disable tweakscale when it rebuilds the catalog so if you go from one save to another or try to load up a ship with tweakscaled parts it will either make existing ships unload (in event of changing game saves) or tell you that the ship contains invalid parts (in event of trying to load crafts with tweakscaled parts in the VAB/SPH). I don't dare weld parts that have been tweakscalled but i gather it would be bad. Welding Universal Storage parts results in problems:- loss of fuctiona
  10. im having issue with the astronaut complex, when im going in to choose kerbals that parts works fine and the files seem to be working ok but when i try leaving the astronaut complex my game refuses to respond and still acts like its in the complex playing the music from there, leaving me with the only option of closing the game by killing the process and it does not generate an error log
  11. I tried the Kethane Plus - Europa Edition 0.2 and that worked perfectly so i suspect it should be ok to use
  12. has anyone tested in 0.25 with kethane 0.9.2?
  13. anyone else tried getting this to work with kethane? for me both mods work but im not getting the kethane map overlay from scansat, only getting the kethane grid overlay. I also have karbonite installed which is being displayed by scansat as expected, I havent tried the KSPI or EL resources yet...
  14. I have to say bravo *claps* that has given me a few ideas that I hadn't considered before, so thanks for the inventive muse.
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