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  1. I really like this mod. I had to lower the income by a half to make it not feel like cheating and said goodbye to contracts, yay. You should probably implement getting funds from ScienceLab science transmission, at like 25% rate.
  2. Well, that is the thing. It does not work like the stock lab. You put science experiments in it, it turns them into data, then it slowly turns that data, with scientist crew inside, into science which you can transmit back to Kerbin. Your KerbalLab even has a button to "transmit science", but if it can't actually do the process of converting data into science, then it does not work. It's basically just a huge, inefficient reaction wheel. Edit: I am going to take it up on myself to fix it. Edit2: I believe I fixed it, for now. http://www.filedropper.com/ssmodlabkso_1 -I modified t
  3. Well, first of all it does not show how much data or science it has stored. It does not let me start experimenting [there is no button]. When I turn science experiments into data inside of the lab, [that is the only thing that works] it shows that the data has been stored but the save file .sfs tells me that it's still at 0. Edit: It's entirely possible that I deleted some crucial part cfg by mistake when I removed all the car/truck parts. I just don't know what it's called.
  4. Just launched an interplanetary mission and a few months later I found out that the KerbalLab does not work... Is there some easy patch to fix it?
  5. Just came here to say that I absolutely love this mod. I have been using it for only about a day or so, but it is absolutely fantastic and works flawlessly. Thanks!
  6. I spotted the newest release about half an hour ago, but it still cannot be downloaded [except for the source code].
  7. Ready for the weekend? As in before the weekend? Or did you mean sometime during the weekend. Just askin'
  8. I really liked this tech tree in 0.90! Just saying.
  9. I believe it is possible, but the cargo bays probably won't work
  10. I like the blue one, but blue stars are way hotter than any other colour, so it should probably burn everything to crisp in that solar system.
  11. It's gonna take another week, at least. Nertea is a great man, but still only one man. [unless he is a woman of course]
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