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  1. What if the bodies are not equal mass? That could put the barycenter inside the larger body SOI.
  2. Did my first Tylo landing yesterday. Went smooothly. First I messed my transfer from Kerbin, but got enough fuel to get my mothership in high-elliptic Tylo orbit. I sent initially some tankers so no worries. Got my Tylo lander with a tug in a 30km circular orbit bit after. Crew transferred in smaller lander as the mother ship is a bit low on fuel and the small lander is able to refill at Tylo-tug. Then to the business... First attempt from 30km orbit went kaboom. One continuous burn aiming retrograde beginning from 30x30km didn't do. The lander had plenty of fuel and speed left on ground imp
  3. I got the smallest stackable battery exploding before circulation burn. Batteries are inside stock fairing, and remain ok while in there. Temp about 280C. When fairing jettisoned, all is ok for about 15 seconds. Then the temperature just runs aways. My computer doesn't have big enough numbers for the heat. There is some DMagic science stuff attached, also with MechJeb AR202 case. Sometimes the mechjeb case just flickers between 0C and infinity. I found this link: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/126455-Warning-Modders-Parts-Really-Low-Mass-Plus-Large-Surface-Area-1-0-3-1-0-4 Mech
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    First post here. I have been lurking around since 0.22 so maybe it's time to say hello.
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