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  1. Can you please give the police car mod please? (P.S Police cars in the images)

  2. Can anyone tell me whats the current version of KSP? has there been an update? Corporal Vasquez USCSM / KSCSM 8th BMTS Sulaco
  3. And?, well I got bored again, and was reading stuff. I find these sort of questions highly amusing. So out of boredom, I replied as did you. But I wonder, the original poster, is he the sort that asks NASA when are ya gonna be done? Does he understand that Actual space exploration is an on-going event with no end in sight? Considering that, how can one ask a developer about a game that is based on space exploration, will it ever be done? Squad should have posted in here with a simple, NEVER, NEXT.
  4. And remember this: If it's documented, then it's not a bug, It's a FEATURE! -B gates, On windows 98 DEV.
  5. Gentlemen, the trick to flying is to be able to throw oneself at Kerbin, and miss..
  6. Whats a KSAT? a Killer Sat. By now your getting tired of these screenshots, but hey, i get bored easily. 4 Six barreled 30 MM Sea Whiz guns with 40k rounds Each! (SHOWN FIRING) ((DUH)) After ammo is depleted, simply detonate the reactor and BOOOM! No Tech left for an enemy to salvage! Corporal Vasquez USCSM KSCSM 8th BMTS Sulaco.
  7. One more possible silly question; as the shuttle leaves Kerbin orbit, it is almost as if it is flying out of the camera center point, loike the center of mass changes, is this a normal thing? Or could I have some module conflicting with it?
  8. a Classified image of a Orbital Defense Platform in orbit around Laythe... KSCSM insists it isnt real.....' alt='screenshot123_zpsd85dc949.png'> just needs a Sentry mode......
  9. Hello! Well i was tinkering about with Kragratheas planet factory, and I must say I love that mod. (Things are running better now that I am using KSP x64) that particular mod is actually pretty cool, but i have a problem with adding extra Stars. Where the issue is for me IMO, these extra heavy objects are in near perfect orbits around the parent star, the laws of celestial mechanics dictate that these companion stars should be in orbit around a barycenter somewhere between SUN and the companions, now i have worked the math out, and based on assumed density and mass, that barycenter should lie between Kerbin and Eve. well now, here is the problem. (I set this up in Celestia) Tying all the extra stars together and sharing a barycenter poses a problem for Kerbin, Duna, and Eve. the gravitational forces would have eliminated the Sweetspot for life, in other words no Kerbals. So here is my request; Is there anyway to eliminate the Extra stars, but keep their planets in orbit around the Sun? Sorry if this question has been asked, and for rambling. I know its a game.. LOL Corporal Vasquez USCSM KSCSM 8th BMTS Sulaco.
  10. Oh my god, ok, take a close look at the flag in the hanger, The GAME IS ON, just because my Kerbals are green and idiots, don't mean they don't enjoy FOOTBALL. Here in the heartland, when the Game is on, everything stops dead.
  11. 2 hours before scheduled launch, and this happens......' alt='screenshot115_zps48d521c9.png'> All Launches and mission parameters are on hold, THE GAME IS ON, and no one can find any Crew members, mission controllers, fire technitians........
  12. Thank you for the reply, don't get me wrong, your shuttle is awesome, I finally can complete my "historical" missions. Unfortunatley I'm no good at the launch math, so I rely on the computer to get it there, thank you again. Corporal Vasquez USCSM KSCSM 8th BMTS Sulaco.
  13. Heelo there, well i love the CSS, but i have a quick question. While using mechjeb, it seems to nose over slowly, there seems to be no way around this, is it me? or is it out of balance? how can i stop this effect? i checked and are the engines supposed to be gimballed? any advice will help, and hopefully i can get it to orbit WITHOUT ORDO teleport, LOL