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  1. That is normal, all meshes not listed under "objects" are visible. There is a fix for this. I usually combine it with the FuelSwitch but a quick test revealed that it also works without it . MODULE { name = InterstellarMeshSwitch moduleID = 0 objectDisplayNames = setup1;setup2;setup3 objects = mesh1;mesh2;mesh3;mesh4hidden;mesh5hidden;mesh6hidden useFuelSwitchModule = false fuelTankSetups = 0;1;2 affectColliders = false } The node "fuelTankSetups = 0;1;2" sets it to 3 setups. The amount of setups in the "objects" node can exceed the amount of actual setups rendering the exceeding meshes invisible.
  2. A little status update on the Free Electron Laser Turret: Model is done but I want to put some more effort into the texture
  3. I've recycled most of the undulator and particle source into the new FEL turret model Model is a 2.5 m part that is 8.8 m high, has a 360° rotateable turret and the FEL itself can rotate from 130 to -130° along the pivot point.
  4. You are right. I read about the wakefield accelerators and I'm still baffled. Haven't found a single benefit for the Linac over WFA. WFA is cheaper in production, cheaper while running, offers more efficient energie conversion (in the undulator), higher puls-frequency and of course smaller by 3 orders of magnitude. Also the energydeviation of the electrons in the electron-beam is much lower, resulting in shorter undulators. All in all the WFA renders the linac useless for powertransmission in space IMO. Only thing I haven't found a paper/source on was the total "wall to beam" energy conversion rate. However I'll start a new model for a pivotable, WFA powered FEL.
  5. If we talk about realism, an important point is the dimension of a X-ray FEL. The XFEL ( http://www.xfel.eu/overview/how_does_it_work ) is over 3 km long and a comparison with FLASH ( http://www.xfel.eu/overview/in_comparison ) shows that the ~0.4 km long FEL can only reach 4.1 nm. So even for 0.1 nm beam, a very very large construction is required. My point is that a realistic X-ray FEL will not fit into a single part with a pivot. I'd rather suggest to have a seperate part for the pivoting (if possible; like Infernal Robotics) or assume the transmitter can redirect the beam. This also brings me to another point about the FEL. The current model of the FEL is "long" compared to other parts but for a real FEL it is tiny. The current plan is to split the FEL into multiple pieces and make it modular. 1. Particle Source and pre-accelerator (at first only for electrons but later on it can be any inonized atom) produces a particle(electron)-beam with low speed. 2. Linear Particle Accelerator speeds up the particles(electrons). 3. Undulator produces light-beam from particle beam depending on particle(electron)-speed. This will allow customized FEL to suit individual settings. If the player needs/wants an IR FEL, he can just put the 3 parts together. If he rather wants a UV / Xray FEL he will need to build one Particle Source and multiple Linacs and Undulators. The more Linacs, the smaller the wavelength can be and the more Undulators, the better the energy-conversion-rate will become. I hope we can use docking-port mechanics on the parts to allow restructuring on the fly.
  6. Hi everyone! Sorry for the very long silence once again, but now I'm getting back! I'm currently switching my modding-setup from windows to linux, so don't expect an immediate update The mass of each part is set in their .cfg file. I'm not quite sure what you mean by "mass of these spacecraft". The crewable variants must be installed manually. Inside the .zip file is a folder called "customization" that contains the crew-passable tanks. The difference to the storage tank is less capacity, different external and internal model, slightly different dimensions and if Connected Living Spaces mod is installed they are passable for crew (you can't put crew in them but there is also a MM patch included to make that possible). Yes, but I hope to finally reach a releasable state this year. Thank you @theJesuit, that covers it prettty well! My philosopy is to make KD as modular as possible. The only mod that must be installed is Module Manager because I use it to check what mods are installed and adjust the config accordingly. So with just KD and MM you can do what the integrated modules in KSP allow, mostly resource mining and conversion. With every additional mod installed, the functionality is expanded. If for example you install KIS & OSE workshop, the 3D-Printer will be able to produce MaterialKits and the Mobile VAB can produce KIS-items/parts. Still, without EL the launchpads have no special function and can be considered dead weight. One downsides is that this is not the easiest way possible but I think it's the best trade-off. Another point is that I can't test every single combination of mods before an update but so far I was lucky For 1.3 compatibility, I haven't checke anything yet (just downloaded KSP 1.3 today) but from what I've read, there seem to be no problems.
  7. Hey, it's me, someone you don't know.

    I am here because I wanted to ask you, if it's not too much to ask, if you could please update your cloud config mod for OPM?

    I'm using KSPRC's textures in 1.2.2 with the outer planets mod, and the OPM clouds are a bit boring to watch.

    Back in the day your mod worked, I've always liked the clouds, they were pretty neat and mixed with KSPRC's textures really well

  8. I used storage tanks with Interstellar Fuel Switch to show the resource mass in the right-click menu and also checked the total mass with KER. The ExConverter doesn't work the same way the stock ModuleResourceConverter works. I haven't fully understood how it actually works but it seems to me like the INPUT rate is density-independant. Multiply or divide (can't remember right now) the INPUT rate by the density and the result is actual ingame-units per second. Most important is the OUTPUT rate. It should have a value between 0 and 1 because it gives the percentage of INPUT mass that is converted to OUTPUT mass. If set to 1, 100 kg of INPUT resource is converted to 100 kg of OUTPUT. If set to 0.5, 100 kg of INPUT resource is converted to 50 kg OUTPUT resource. So far I've used stock converters because I didn't understand the ExConverter but the density-independance is a really nice thing. Hope this helps. If there's something wrong with my observations please let me know.
  9. I have no experience with ckan myself, so I can only assume about it. If you want to build new vessels off kerbin you need to install EL or SC (latter includes the EL plugin). I've done some testing with ground attached runways (similar to the fundaments) but atm I don't plan on adding foldable/deploayable runways to put on a rocket. @DStaal is right about OSE. Just to be 100% clear: If you want to produce KIS/KAS parts you require OSE workshop. In particular the plugin from OSE is required. There is no support for Ground Construction yet. I have to take a closer look at the mod and see what can be done.
  10. No OSE workshop is not obsolete. The 3D-Printer and the FabricationContainer can do what OSE workshop does but OSE is required as dependency. I've started a manual some time ago but t is pretty outdated by now. Once a release of the mod is reached I'll write a proper manual
  11. @youtubepersona Do you have Community Tech Tree installed? If so, the recycler is moved to "resourceExploitation"-node. Otherwise, is the recycler available in sandbox mode?
  12. Gratz on the update Nils277! The launchpad is just awesome I plan on balancing my own stuff, now that KPBS offeres support EL and I've got couple of questions: As I was working my way through the configs, I've noticed that your workshop converts only 33.3 mass-% of Metal into RocketParts and ScrapMetal (1.638 t Metal are converted to 0.382 t RocketParts & 0.164 t ScrapMetal). Is that intentional? Usually the Metal/RocketParts converter runs at >99 mass-%. Since there is no ScrapMetal storage (yet), the Ratio for ScrapMetal could be increased to 0.766666666. That way conversion runs at 99.9 mass-% without changeing the RocketParts output. So far I've not found any resouce definitions or recepies. Do you plan on adding those in the future? The reason I'm asking this is because the recycle recipie works global and I want to prevent any compatibility issues. Currently I use 10% Metal & 80% ScrapMetal with 10% loss and EL uses 80% Metal with 20% loss. Also I have a small suggestion that is not really related to this mod but it fits the topic: A recycler part that fits the form of the Feline rover would be amazing. So you could just drive around and collect garbage.
  13. Do you have engineers inside the MbileVAB? I think you need at least one engineer, maybe more.
  14. @SmashingKirby148 Have you tried to move the thrustTransform in your model?
  15. You're welcome! The MobileVAB just happened to be open when I was looking for an example. It's a part that can act as a SurveyStation and provides a very good productvity factor for Extraplanetary Launchpads.