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  1. Hello everyone! It has been a while since I worked on Keridian Dynamics - Vessel Assembly and @zer0Kerbal asked for permission to continue the mod. I'm actually very happy to see people still using my mod and even want to update it :3 I propably won't find time to work on the mod in the near future. Hereby I gladly grant permission to continue / adopt / update / release to @zer0Kerbal. Also thank you for taking care! A lot of the updates I posted here never saw the light of day and so I packed an experimental version of my current state and uploaded it to Github: link (version
  2. I'd say a lot of people (including myself) like stockalike models/textures but you can't please everyone. Do what you like. Think the SolarPanel look good but here are some suggestions: Circuits/cables on the PCB Holes for screws (Random) text SolarPanels are a bad example for this but one thing that helped me a lot when I got started with textureing is Ambient Occlusion bakeing (but I don't know if/how wings3d can do this). Here's a small example how a part looks with AO (right) and without AO (left). Top is pure white, bottom is white with some grey fillings. Since
  3. @FreeThinker is always looking for models to use in KSPIE and as I saw, he already reached out to you But why not practice with your cubesat mod? It seems pretty much ideal for practice. I'd recommend to start with something easy like a fuel-tank and do it from scratch to finish to find your work-flow. From what I can see you did no unwrapping or textureing or unity-stuff yet, right? I think it's vital to know the entire process from start to finish because somethings you can only learn by encountering them further down the road. Every step has its own pitfalls that make some parts harder
  4. I don't know a way to restrict the science collection but you can restrict who can run the experiment with usageReqMaskInternal and usageReqMaskExternal (more details). If you want to do that for ALL experiments, you can make the science lab unable to restore experiments and set the rerunnable key on the experiments to false: @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleScienceExperiment]] { @MODULE[ModuleScienceExperiment] { %rerunnable = false } } @PART[Large_Crewed_Lab] { @MODULE[ModuleScienceLab] { @canResetConnectedModules = False @canResetNearbyModules = False } } If you want to
  5. Well the difficulty is rather subjective, for me it's easier to write IFS configs but only because I've been using it longer than B9PS. I think they are both easy to write and understand. My point is that B9PS and IFS are both suitable for the task at hand (as is Firespitter), just wasn't sure how to interpret your 'IFS is bad news' statement. However I'm curious what you mean by ' tweaking the masses means redoing a lot of math '. In my experience IFS can do a lot of the math for you. It gives you multiple approaches to tweak the mass (add mass per setups, fixed fuel-to mass ratio for al
  6. Would you mind to elaborate? I don't see why IFS should not be suitable for the task at hand. I share your philosophy to have as few dependencies as possible but there is a difference between dependending on another mod and offering support for another mod. In the case of PatchManager it would be a small change in the file-hierarchy. Instead of putting patches in individual folders inside GameData/ISRU Extended/<Patchfolder> you would have to put them all in GameData/ISRU Extended/PatchManager/ActiveMMPatches. Beside that you only need a small config for each patch to tell PM how
  7. Sure, no problem. The converter expects a Ratio in Units per second (U/s) but to prevent violations of mass-conservation you need to convert Units to mass. This can be done with the density of the resource. KSP densitys are given in tons per Unit (t/U). For example your Sabatier has Ratio = .2, multiply that by 0.001 and you get a mass-conversion rate of 0.0002 t/s. Now you would need to do that for the output and make sure the sum over all output-Ratios does not exceed the input-ratios. The easier way is to define Ratio with a value in t/s and have MM divide that by the resources density late
  8. I ran a few tests and my example with 2 HAS passes does what I need it to do. I try to see if the part does not have any ModuleResourceHarvester that has ResourceName = <ResourceName>. So it's a HAS pass inside another HAS pass. The patch you suggested would look for ResourceName at PART-level but I need it to look inside the ModuleResourceHarvester. Originally I used this in my KeridianDynamics mod to make stock-drills able to harvest MetalOre: @PART[RadialDrill|MiniDrill]:HAS[!MODULE[ModuleResourceHarvester]:HAS[#ResourceName[MetalOre]]]:FOR[KD610] // @PART[RadialDrill|Mi
  9. You're welcome! If you invest some time into the finer parts of MM, it will pay off soon enough. Specially with all the converters you'll be doing The README states: ISRU Extended v0.1 To install, delete the modules you do not wish to add. Only keep one set of each module; do not use both the Simple and normal versions of each one, or issues will result. Licensed as Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International To my knowledge that is not sufficient and you need to include copy of the entire license, like this: https://github.com/BobPalmer/Commun
  10. Neat idea! Congrats on your first mod. I have a few suggestions/ideas: 1.) Maybe this is intended but the ISRU converters do not generate heat. (Curves are missing.) 2.) Water miner doesn't work. (Closing brackets ' } ' for @PART{} are missing.) 3.) The Sabatier process generates vast amounts of mass. Per 1 kg input, about 78 kg output are created. If you don't want to do all the volume/density/mass calculations yourself, MM can do this for you (requires some advanced MM configs). Enter the ratio as tons/sec and divide it by the resources density to get units/sec: Ratio = 0.
  11. That is a real bummer, thought I could finish that part today. At least I'm not alone with this problem. Hopefully it will be fixed. You're right, an all-in-one animation will not work for me Thanks for your quick reply! Gonna look around for another way.
  12. I'm working on a part that will have 3 different light-animations, red, green and blue. It has an actual light source and an emissive surface. After fiddleing a bit around I found an almost working solution. The only problem I have is that the green and blue lights/emissives don't work unless I turned the red light on and off before. Also the part will become a stand-alone EVA-item, so the color needs to be changeable from EVA. Attach the part, activate blue light -> nothing happens. Deactivate blue and activate green -> nothing happens. Deactivate green and activat
  13. Since the update takes more and more time I wrote a little bit about the current state. Configs are pretty much done by now, just the models and textures need more work. The Planetary Assembly Management (aka SurveyStation) has a new model with its own texture and this time with proper IVA(unfinished): Management demanded an increased clearance for their high heads and so the part became a bit taller than the old one. The smaller version of PAM is no longer available. To give PAM a real purpose, it will be the only part that can act as SurveyStation. I will add a config to re-ena
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