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  1. Animated Containers/Tanks?

    Interstellar Fuel Switch has what you are looking for: With examples in the OP & download
  2. It seems like the ModuleAnimationGroup breaks landing gear when both are on the same part. I wanted to make a Landing Leg with integrated Resource Harvester but as soon as I add the ModuleAnimationGroup, the lang gear stops working. In the VAB it stays retracted no matter how often I hit "deploy" and when I launch the Vessel, the Landing Legs stay deployed and can't be retracted. It doesn't matter if the part has multiple animations or not, a simple unconfigured Module is enough to break things. This example-patch breaks the stock medium landing leg: @PART[landingLeg1]{ MODULE { name = ModuleAnimationGroup } } I've tried fully configured ModuleAnimationGroups with all animations on the same object (in unity) and also with animations on different objects, but nothing works. ModuleAnimateGeneric doesn't break landing legs as far as I can tell. So is this a bug or by design or am I missing something? Couldn't find any information on the topic.
  3. [1.3.1] GTIndustries (Updated 04-02-2018)

    I'm glad you wanna give it a try! The recompiled version works with KSP 1.3.1 but requires CRP or a definition for Resource IntakAtm, othwerwise KSP won't start: [LOG 11:30:48.557] PartLoader: Compiling Part 'Squad/Parts/Aero/airIntakeRadialXM-G50/airIntakeRadialXM-G50/airScoop' [ERR 11:30:48.558] [ShipTemplate]: No Resource definition found for RESOURCE [WRN 11:30:48.564] Could not create PartResource of type 'IntakeAtm There seems to be a minor bug with the GTI MultiModeHarvester. The radial drill can extract ore without beeing deployed first.
  4. [1.3.1] GTIndustries (Updated 04-02-2018)

    Think I have to elaborate my situation a bit more: The mod will focus around hybrid rockets that use Aluminium and Silicon in combination with Oxygen as propellant. Resources can be extracted from Regolith (Al+Si+O2), Spodumene (Al+Si+O2), Alumina (Al+O2) and Silicates (Si+O2). One rocketmotor uses a slurry (Monopropellant) of Al/Si in LqdOxygen with different mixtures. For example Al/Oxygen slurry, Si/Oxygen slurry, Al/Si/Oxygen (50:50 Al:Si), and so on. It requires a lot of converters to cover all possible solutions and that's only for one motor. This is why I split the converters into resource extraction and propellant production. Atm I use the converting part only for resource extraction. The propellant production converters are put in the storage tanks. It works but is a bit hacky and not intuitive. The search for a better solution lead me to the converter-groups idea (I'm also open for other/better ideas, was just the first that came to mind). So to sum it, converter-groups would definitly be an improvement but only if it's not too much work
  5. Unity for Linux

    I'm currently setting up a new computer and want to get back to KSP modding. I'd like to use Unity on Debian 9 and I've got some experience with Unity 5.4.1f1 on Debian 8 but it did not end very well last time. Before I install anything I'd like to know if other modders are running Unity on Linux (successfully)? If so, what version of Unity? Does anyone know where to get Unity 5.4.0p4 for Linux? Couldn't find it here.
  6. [1.3.1] GTIndustries (Updated 04-02-2018)

    Excellent! Thank you very much! I'm gonna give it a go right away. Also I've got an idea/suggestion for the Resource Converters. Would it be possible to have "converter-groups"? Use case example: A single part with multiple Ore refinement converters and multiple propellant production converters. One Ore refinement converter could run at the same time as one propellant production converter but not two of the same group (at the same time).
  7. [1.3.1] GTIndustries (Updated 04-02-2018)

    @Warezcrawler Been playing around with your plugin for some weeks now and I have to say: Nice work! Sadly it doesn't work on KSP 1.3.1 (game crashes after loading screen, fresh install, no other mods). Do you have plans for a recompile / update in the future? I'm asking because I want to make use of it with an upcoming (part)mod I'm working on.
  8. Yes, my suspicion seems correct. Removing the rotation of the model in the config file fixed the problem. Forgot to mention that, sry. MODEL { // rotation = 0,90,0 model = WarpPlugin/Parts/Command/iHall/modelCDTcore }
  9. I can reproduce the problem. Root part or not doesn't matter, all iHal parts have the navball rotated by 90° upon revert to launch. I'll re-export the part and remove the rotation node in the config for the next release.
  10. @Maelstrom Vortex I have the suspicion that this is caused by the 90° rotation of the model in the config file MODEL { rotation = 0,90,0 model = WarpPlugin/Parts/Command/iHall/modelCDTcore } It is exactly the rotation you experienced and I've seen similar problems with the rescaleFactor node on root-parts Is iHal the root part? I'll run some test to see if I can reproduce it.
  11. Interstellar liquids and how to get them to be gases.

    Most storage tanks have an integrated resource converter for liquid <-> gas that can be adjusted with a slider. Tritium must breed in (fission) reactors like the Molten Salt Reactor. Tritium also underlies radioactive decay. Deuterium is located in Jools atmosphere. Otherwise Heavy Water can be electrolyzed to Deuterium and Oxygen.
  12. LiterVolume is a temporary resource that should not be visible. LiterVolume on each tank gives its storage volume in Liter. A MM-patch converts it to the IFS fuel switches. Think I found the problem, will be fixed
  13. Alternate Parts Creation

    Sure you can use it! It's just an example, feel free to do whatever you like with it
  14. Alternate Parts Creation

    Yes, that should be possible with MM. Here's a patch that should create a duplicate of the stock Mk1 Pod before patched by VensStockRevamp (untested) +PART[mk1pod]:BEFORE[VensStockRevamp]:FOR[000start]{ @name = mk1podStock @title = Stock Mk1 Pod // or whatever you want } +PART[mk1pod] makes a copy of the part named mk1pod. :BEFORE[VensStockRevamp] tells MM to apply this patch before VensStockRevamp. :FOR[000start] is just for safety (if loaded in alphabetical order this patch will be loaded first); propably not required. Important is that the name for the duplicated part is changed with @name = <something>. Title, Manufacturer, etc can also be changed that way. Since the duplicate has a different name, other mods may not recognize this part.
  15. I'm currently running Unity 5.4.1f1 with TextMeshPro and the latest PartTools on Debian 8 (yes it's a bit old I know). For a couple of month everything was working fine, just as I was used to from Windows. A few days ago Unity seems to have broken down for no apparent reason. From one day to the other the Inspector looks like this (debug right; normal left): The Materials settings have entrys I've never seen before. Any attempts to fix this have been in vain. I've found a similar problem on the unity forums and reported my problem over there too. I was told that it seems like a bug, unless I have some strange editor plugin that is taking over somehow. So, before writing a bug-report I want to make sure PartTools is not the problem. Has anyone here encountered a problem like this or may even have a solution? The strange thing is, beside everything looking messed up, it actually still works. I went through all the Element X entrys and the fifth revealed the name "_MainTex". So I've set the texture here, exported the model and KSP loads and shows it in the VAB. Most likely I have to reinstall Unity, but I couldn't find Unity 5.4.0p4 in the linux releases. So I'd like to ask other Linux users: What unity version are you running?