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  1. This is my first mod release and it is nothing special. Simply a decoupler with monopropellant tanks stored inside. Mod is available from Kerbal Stuff Released under CC-BY-SA
  2. I simply say "drink". If I need to be specific I'll call it by name.
  3. I use MechJeb, not because I can't fly manually, but because I don't want to. I'd rather focus on planning missions and designing crafts to undertake them. When I begin a new career game, I have to fly manually until I can unlock the appropriate MechJeb modules, then MJ does most of my flying (unless it decides to be ......, which it does sometimes).
  4. It just seems as though companies these days are only interested in your money. I get it, they're businesses and they exist to make money. What's not cool is the way they go about it. I remember when I was kid. If I had a game for my VIC-20 or Amiga 500, that was it. The game is mine, I can play it however I want and with everything available in the game. Now everything is all about DLC. They design the game, rip out half of it, then sell you the rest later. It's pathetic. Sometimes the DLC is only an aesthetic change. Other times it gives you more powerful weapons or faster cars leading to the Pay2Win crap. I'll happily pay for a game. I'm in China and I have to go to greater extents than most to (legitimately) purchase a game, but I do it. If your game is good and entertains me for a decent amount of time, I am happy with the purchase. If not good, or holds certain features for ransom until I cough up the dough, then I am going to be annoyed. There are certain publishers whose games I will never buy. I don't care who developed it or how dedicated they are to making a great game. If the game is published by one of those publishers I don't want it. I know the developers didn't get the freedom they need to create the best game possible, and that somewhere, someone was figuring out how to make even more money from said game.
  5. I can't even go to a site behind a link.
  6. Bookmarked. Coming back to read more of this later.
  7. Thank you nil2work, this is most helpful and greatly appreciated. I'll have a go at animating some parts.
  8. Hi everyone, I've been playing around modelling stuff and putting it into the game, now I want to try animated parts. I'd like someone in the know to explain the steps needed to go from my 3D modelling package to the game with an animated part. For example, I have two box primitives, one of which I would like to rotate 90 degrees. How would I achieve this? Could I animate there and export to Unity? Must I create each moving part as a separate mesh and somehow put them together in Unity?
  9. Even if we don't deserve it, who cares? We don't explore space because we deserve it. We do it because we can.
  10. 8/10 I've seen you around quite a bit.
  11. My plane is the ultimate plane. Nobody can deny it. Conveniently, I have no screenshots to prove it. I suck at making planes. I only made my first SSTO after SP+ came out. Even then, it only just had enough fuel to circularize and de-orbit. Couldn't carry anything at all so it was entirely pointless.
  12. I was also thinking about this. I hope it doesn't disappear.
  13. It's the official wiki. It's on the same domain as the other official stuff. The wiki format is designed to allow anyone to edit it. This way people can work together to get a lot of writing done. The most famous wiki of all, Wikipedia, is friggin' huge because of it.
  14. Riding one of my motorcycles when it began to rain heavily. I had no helmet on and the rain hitting my face meant that I couldn't see. I had to stop. I rode the bike onto the sidewalk where I wanted to stop underneath a building to stay out of the rain. Little did I know that the sidewalk is extremely slippery when wet, and as I applied the front brake the front wheel instantly let go and I fell. There were many other people there also trying to stay dry and every single one of them saw me. That was pretty embarrassing.
  15. Granted, you now see the world in command line only. And your Enter key is broken. I wish for less traffic on the road.