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  1. I can't find anything marked "Target" in my "properties"
  2. OK I'm a bit new to this, so how do you chance the texture? There's nothing to click on the screen during flight play so I don't really know how to change it up.
  3. That would make sense but I did an experiment using an un-moded KSP as a "control". Only mod was Mechjeb and it still wouldn't work. I do understand that I can just pilot the craft, and I actually avoided using Mechjeb for a long time because I was worried about the complexity of it all. I guess I've become quite dependent on it now.
  4. All my other mods work fine. I have Tweakscale, planet shine (hasn't been updated) other parts and ships, surface lights, infernal robotics, eva transfer, corvus capsule, battery indicator, hull camera, texture replacer, and other mods. The only mod other then Mechjeb I need to update is planet shine.
  5. So I'm having a real issue with Mechjeb working on 1.0.5, and I mean every version of Mechjeb that I am able to load onto 1.0.5 is worthless on just about every level. Not working on launching and assent, Smart A.S.S. is not working. I tried everything and its completely useless. Anyone else experiencing this?
  6. I have all I need to build my robotic arm, but I don't know how to. Is there a comprehensive tutorial on building and operating the canadarm?
  7. I love this arm but I really don't know how to work it. Can someone please post an easy instructional guide for this?
  8. Ok I get two different set ups on this spaceplane guidance. One says "Autoland" and the other says "Initiate Hold". How do both of these work? Am I assuming that I have to manually reenter before using any of these two systems?
  9. It all happens in 0.25.0 They all have the following mods, tweak scale, surface mounted omni lights, eva handrails. That's what the "ordan industrial KOMMAND-R Pictozoom 2000 space telescope, but I also had a lunar lander on its way to the mun and was working just fine until it too, stopped working but had the same mods that the telescope had on it. They all had reaction wheels.
  10. Not sure what's going on here. I have several satellites or probes which, although have full power and reaction controls, seem to just stop working on any yaw and pitch. Now all these have the MechJeb device connected to them. I have an orbiting telescope which was working then, out of the blue, just stopped doing anything in ways of control. Same thing happened to mun landers which were working then stopped working. All with full battery power, fuel, and reaction control. Has anyone else experienced this before, and how if possible were you able to fix the issue?
  11. When he made MechJeb for 0.25 it worked just as it should. Don't know why for some reason he changed it up for 1.0 and 1.0.2. Now nothing on assent or landing is as good as it was for 0.25. More work to be done I guess. Should stick to what already works like it does in 0.25.