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  1. Of course, because it's meant to apply to others mods so they use the revamp models instead of stock ones.
  2. @evileye.x, TL;DR : NEEDS is to control for a dependency, FOR, BEFORE and AFTER to enforce an order of execution. No, FOR is not an alias for NEEDS, it's only there (in this case) to ensure it executes after most other patches, because when there is a FOR clause, they are executed in alphabetical order (FOR also serves to control the order, with BEFORE being executed first, then FOR, then AFTER). For instance, if you have a BEFORE[zzzVSRPathPatch] patch, it will execute before the FOR[zzzVSRPathPatch]. Likewise an AFTER[zzzVSRPathPatch] will execute after FOR[zzzVSRPathPatch]. Finally, if there was a patch name declared as yyyVSRPathPatch for example, the BEFORE[yyyVSRPathPatch], FOR[yyyVSRPathPatch] and AFTER[yyyVSRPathPatch] patches would execute before any of the zzzVSRPathPatch ones, because they are before it in alphabetical order.
  3. @evileye.x, it's meant to replace any duplicate (either standalone or as part of a composite part) of the stock part by its VSR variant.
  4. Here, FTFY @PART[b2_4m_adaptor_variant] { MODULE { name = FStextureSwitch2 textureNames = OPT_Legacy/Parts/Stail/texture_ij_4m_adaptor;OPT_Legacy/Textures_Legacy/texture_ij_4m_adaptor_alt_n objectNames = ij_4m_adaptor textureDisplayNames = Original;Night statusText = Current Texture showPreviousButton = false } } @PART[b2_adaptor] { MODULE { name = FStextureSwitch2 textureNames = OPT_Legacy/Parts/Stail/texture_ij_4m_adaptor_alt;OPT_Legacy/Textures_Legacy/texture_ij_4m_adaptor_n objectNames = IJ4mTRI.001;IJ4mTRI textureDisplayNames = Original;Night statusText = Current Texture showPreviousButton = false } } @PART[b_2m_bicoupler] { MODULE { name = FStextureSwitch2 textureNames = OPT_Legacy/Parts/Stail/texture_j_2m_bicoupler;OPT_Legacy/Textures_Legacy/texture_j_2m_bicoupler objectNames = j_bicoupler textureDisplayNames = Original;Night statusText = Current Texture showPreviousButton = false } } The bicoupler was referencing the wrong texture, one of the adaptors was referencing the wrong object and texture, and the other was missing its entry entirely.
  5. Actually I meant 1.2.1, I just forgot which was the latest and looked at OP rather than the mod, hence the mistake. So yeah 1.2.1 doesn't work. The really good thing about this mod is that adding new patches was drag and drop, you just put your flags in the right folder and you could use them rather than having to add them to the CFG.
  6. Keep in mind that Scatterer is somewhat buggy with 1.3 as of now (you have to deactivate the ocean shaders to avoid an annoying glitch that makes terrain tile float around or disappear). There are currently 3 major visual overhauls : - Stock Visual Enhancements + Stock Visual Terrain, which is the most basic and the most RAM friendly (with all options, a stock x64 install consumes about 2GB idle). - Astronomer's Visual Pack, which is the oldest of the bunch, it has some effects that are not as good or subtle as the other two, but it's still quite nice, however it isn't RAM friendly (with all options, a stock x64 install consumes about 4.8GB idle). - Andromeda Visuals Daydream, which is the newest, has some of the nicest and most subtle effects and it comes at a similar RAM cost as Astronomer's Visual Pack (5.0GB idle, which is within the margin of error). My take on things is that if you run a lot of mods (I run about 350 lately, consuming about 15GB idle, 24GB peak so far) and/or are limited in CPU/RAM, SVE+SVT is a good way to have nicer visuals without overtaxing your system and losing too many FPS. If you can afford to go toward something nicer, I'd take Andromeda instead of Astronomer's, it's about as taxing for your system and it has the benefits of being, as of now, the better looking one.
  7. For those wondering, v1.2.0 crashes on load with KSP 1.3.0
  8. You can still put them on, they just won't make sound or rotate until the plugin is updated.
  9. For those waiting for 1.3 compatibility, just remove the plugin (it just adds code for the Jericho Trumpets) from Aviator Arsenal v1.3 for KSP 1.2.x and it will load without crashing, everything will work as intended except the Jericho Trumpet but it's not game or save breaking.
  10. I expect this to go as well as a KSP newbie launching his first rocket. I guess some people are happy with a check and empty reassurances that KSP will remain mod-friendly and that Squad will retain control over an IP they no longer own... Just a week ago Squad were telling us that they were still proudly independent and hard at work, with a hint of disgust at the notion that they might have sold out to Valve, but they were in the process of finalizing the deal with... Take Two ? Well, it's the same people who thought that a game console port would be a good idea after all... I really hope the check had a lot of numbers on it, it's deserved and it will make the inevitable backstab more bearable... Oh well, at least it's not EA...
  11. Wallygator, have you ever heard of sarcasm ?
  12. Come on, it's not as if any mod has ever been able to implement fairings right... Squad has no previous experience to build upon and we as players have no reference point against which to compare their implementation...
  13. Nice, but here is the question... Does it come with : - Most of the memory leaks that have plagued the game for years fixed ? - Actual memory management ? - Actual asset management ? If not I'm afraid we can't really say KSP is out of Beta yet (unless you want to take a lot of flak)... in fact even as a beta I think Squad seemingly have, at least until now, had their priorities backward, building their house (KSP) on swamp land (Unity and a code base with memory leaks and no asset or memory management worth the name on a system limited to 32bit save for Linux) and rushing to build it, adding a veranda and agonizing over the curtains colour without ever taking the time to consolidate - or even have - proper foundations (of course it might be too late now and the cost of cleaning it up might be prohibitive)... This can end up as a train-wreck and it would be a damn shame.
  14. I found an interesting "feature"... Volume calculation doesn't seem to take rescaleFactor = x into account, parts with any value other than 1 are counted as if it were 1 leading to many parts having an incorrect volume and many rescaled parts having the same volume as the original. I have yet to test extensively with other scaling methods.
  15. I know this will sound weird but is there any chance of seeing stock-alike textures instead of/in addition to B9 textures ? The B9 style is great but now that many new mods are out and stock improved, I find myself mix-and-matching B9 and stock-alike parts far more often and let's say the result is not always that aesthetically pleasing. From that perspective I think the B9 style no longer makes sense except for the HX, S2 and S2 Wide parts as they have the least probability of being mixed with stock-alike parts. Of course you could view that from the reverse position and think that all things should be B9-ified and it would suit me fine too, however I think the easiest path would be transitionning B9 to a stock-alike aesthetic. Am I the only one out there thinking so ?