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  1. Did someone make a North Korean launchsite for RSS already? €dit: Nevermind. I saw it is included in RSS Airports
  2. So just making one end procedurally offset will not do the trick? It would be nice for planes and sidemounted things to have an asymmetrical cone. And the underlying principle can stay a cylinder / cone. I am not a programmer. It's just an idea.
  3. Oh, so many painful moments... 1) Loosing RP-0 missions due to lack of connection on reentry back home 2) Killing a multimission interplanetry trip by accidently pressing the space bar 3) Building a huge overengineered ship, just to realize that I can do no mission with it due to 1FPS 4) Killing a interplanetary mothership by flying low over Ike (it has some very irregular mountains - a orbit might go well once, but not twice) 5) Docking with only the main engine - Spoiler: I failed... The most painful moment, however, was probably building a interplanetary ship with KAS/KIS in orbit, having critical parts zooming away into space and trying to catch them with Kerbals and underpowered space tugs for hours. To bring them back and have the same thing happen again, and again... Until I understood how to work with KAS - This was the ship I later crashed into Ike without saving btw.
  4. I followed this Tutorial: I have not fixed the altitude of the clouds yet, but it gives my clouds. Nice space program. I had a similar idea this spring
  5. Introduction: Hello fellow kerbonauts! Wellcome to my mission log of about 80 missions flown from 1936 to 1941 by the early german space agancy. While the real spaceprogram is well known for the infamous V2 (Aggregat 4) and people like Werner von Braun, my story is fictional. Nevertheless, I tried to involve historic events like the start of the 2nd world war. However, this does not propagate ideology of that time but rather focuses on the engineering aspect of early spaceflight, that happend to start under evil leadership. My progress is much faster because I overfunded my spaceprogram from the start to loosen constraints since this was my first RP-0 career. I created a launchsite at Peenemünde to start from as historically correct as I could make it. We will fly planes and rockets and shoot for the moon. Did you know, that the first human in space was a woman, put up by germans? Well, let's see how that happened... Flightlogs - 1936: What a exciting year that was. We had a great start by reaching space early and our aircraft designs started out nicely as well. We were able to accomplish incredible things like going Mach 1 with a human, but also faced some huge challenges that have to be overcome in the next years. We are still very sad about the tragic loss of Jebediah Kerman, the first human to go faster than the speed of sound and a brave hero. For next year we expect a new engine technology that might enable more controled flights. We really need that. Flightlogs 1937: (Picture will follow) This was a weak year in terms of flight success. The mission design of a carrier aircraft bringing a smaller aircraft up for high altitude andsupersonic flight testing is giving us alot of troubles. But we have no other way of achieving those flights so far. The new engines were also much more unreliable than we thought. But we caught up on most of the failures and we are sure to achieve orbit with small refinements next year. Flightlogs 1938: This was a remarkable year! Germany is the first nation to put an object into space. The signs are on war unfortunately and it is hard to imagine yet, what an advantage and potential gamechanger this capabilty might be. This year was also the year of very risky flight experiments. Valentina Kerman, the sister of the famous Jebediah Kerman, is a national hero. Her flight capabilities are legendary and the designs, she flies are the most difficult in the history of engineering. We are all very proud of her. (further update when I can get to it)
  6. I made a list of the tracking stations that are/were operated by the US or in collaboration with the US. So one can play as NASA without using foreign ground bases automatically. My research is not very detailed, so pls correct me if you see any mistake. I did this to delete the other stations in my recent playthrough. If you want to do the same, mind to backup the file before! List: This is not a smoth solution, but I cannot code. If anyone wants to implement a tool that enables historical accurate constallations of groundbases for specific nations, I'd be happy
  7. RP-0 install on 1.1.3 has a persistent file of 26MB. It is not running overly well
  8. I just installed manually for 1.2 and it seems to work fine. !I am not recommending anyone doing so and do not update-request! However, does anyone know if I might run into some (known) problemes later one?
  9. I am running out of today! Only a few minutes left here in Germany...
  10. Tomorrow KSP 1.2 will launch! Does anyone know the exact launchtime or launchwindow?
  11. @MaxRebo Well with all the mods, my loading time is about 1 minute to launch something and quickloading is disabled by default (I allow it in case of bugs, only). Building with scraped parts reduces the building time by alot already. Thank you for the advice. I noticed as well that the "success rate" of recovering is at about one third, but it seems to decrease rapidly if you have deployed parachutes on the vessel. But that is just my impression.
  12. Thank you for the reply. I did not know anout the benefit of scrapping - sorry museum, I need the time and money...
  13. Hi guys, First of all, thanks for this mod! It enables me to run a real aeronautical program with planes. But I am having an issue with this mod: When I recover something and I visit the SPH to edit it, it sometimes is just not there and the camera is at the upper limit of the hangar. I seems like the vessels get placed outside of the hangar. One information: I am having a low tier hangar (probably T1). Is there a workaround for this? Because I got soooo many "museum vehicles" now... Greetings, Salad
  14. I built a cargolane in RP-0: Than I put a Rocketplane on it: On release the Rocketplane fliped, due to aerodynamic instability and the rocketmotor stoped working, due to vapor in the feedlines. But I landed both vehicles savely I'll have to repeat the mission with a better dessign tomorrow...
  15. We have Peenemünde now. Following has to be integrated in LaunchSites.cfg : And the following has to be integrated in RemoteTechSettings.cfg :