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  1. Beep-beep!) Space cowboy Jeb on VTOL Horse (require flammable straw)
  2. My terrible Space Shuttle launch) Shuttle carrier have 350 m/c dV after decoupling in 80x80 orbit. Other screens here)
  3. 5.5k dV, closed space for the crew, 6 heavy drill and ore converter in basic configuration) Preorder with 20% discount
  4. Sorry, its text error) Im using #853, lastest revision, corrected the mistake in previous message. Not working on last version
  5. I have problem with #853 on 1.6.1, MechJebNoCommandPod is not working, still require external pod to activate MJ on command pod. How to fix it?
  6. Hi 2 all) It is possible to make it work in 1.6?
  7. Evolution of previous craft)
  8. Very good! How about the rotary engines or rotary engine nacelles, like Ospray? It will be pretty, use this without IR..
  9. Brick from Orbit? Okay... (dont look for any logic in this craft) THE BRICKMAN!!! Terrible screens here Full album here
  10. Don't leave us, bro! We need Osprey rototors, rotatable engine naccels, double heavy rotors, new electric engine, ore powered turbojets (to fly on Eve, Duna and Jool) and much more! We need you, Keptin. Turn back and we will open new horizons of KSP!
  11. Here is mine) If somebody wana try, here is the craft Here is thread Hotkeys: 1 - Rapier mode switch 2 - Turbojets ON/OFF 3- Intake
  12. THE AFFMAN. Exosuit for everybody. Can be use for enslaving planets with oxygen atmosphere) If somebody wana try, here is it (uncheck "Download with Secured Download manager" mark)