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  1. "AFF Industries" present to you his awesomest spaceplane - AFF_W50. AFF_W50 - Style.Smart. Innovative. DOWNLOAD and FLY rigt now! (download link is in album description) Keys 1 - engine mode switch 2 - engine ON/OFF 3 - intake OPEN/CLOSE 5 - airbrake ON/OFF Download here
  2. I know that it is a gas planet, but maybe there is a island of thr frozen pressured gas, or anything else with solid surface? There is possible in real..
  3. Hi 2 all. I've got a contract to plant flag om Jool surface. Doeas any-body know how to land on it? All of my ships was destroyed at zero altitude..
  4. Any news? How about 1.0.2 compability?
  5. Great job man! Thank you! This mod is awesome and must be in a stock KSP.
  6. I know it, but im too lazy to convert all of screens) And jpg quality is not so bad, if you can, tru tu rename png to jpg at your dll pls) And post result here. There are many people here, who want chaange screenshot format without converting.
  7. Hi man! How about to make other saving format? I see this strings in your .cs Is it real to change .png format of screenshot to .jpg? The .png files is too large for hosting, sending amd etc. and it would be better for me that game screens was in .jpg format. Sorry for bad english)
  8. I know about it, but i dont want use other utilities. I'm interesting for ingame conversion to jpg, and, if possible, with adjustable parameters (Size, compression, etc.)
  9. Hi 2all) Im searching for mod or manual, which can change ingame procedure of screenshot saving. Im to lazy to convert standart screenshots, and i need .jpeg output format of image instead .png . Is it real?
  10. The Cube-01. This is not rover, but this is moveable) Ground station with internal sealed compartment
  11. All links is dead(( Does any-body have this mod? Or any other mod with the same functionality?