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  1. Thanks for the RO cfg man, outstanding. Just got some little troubles with it, maybe you could help For the craft file it says that its missing STS Bay ?? Also noticed that IR parts it can't find due to the tweakscale mod, i'll try to solve this... Also wings have their textures inverted (if one has tiles up, the other will have tiles down) Many thanks!!
  2. For some reason all extra solar planets are white, i have it all installed via ckan, so may not be the case that i've screwed up the installation, any help?
  3. I'm having trouble with getting the Titan II Gemini to orbit, the craft file as it comes only gives me 8km Delta V, I have RO RSS and every other mod... Also just noticed that all craft files that come with FASA are gone in today's update. Any help? Thanks
  4. Thanks for the answer. Yeah i tought so, it would be hard work, i imagine a mod doing that as a third part program, so you create the wing and import it to the game, not sure if that would ease things... i'd really like to help in anyway i can, when you get a free time for it.
  5. I'd really like to see one feature, not sure if you know the airfoil maker for X-plane 10, but not only you can shape the wing like your awesome mod does, it can edit the airfoil's profile, so it doesn't look like a plank and looks more like a actual wing, that would be awesome. BTW thanks for the awesome work.
  6. It doesn't generate a log, just get stuck there but you can still see the earth rotating and the kerbnaut moving. @Nerezza, I haven't had this problem before and I use 4000something textures, will try to close more processes running in the background before firing up the game, thanks.
  7. Guys I have a odd problem, I've been playing RO for a while but today for no apparent reason my game won't load, didn't updated anything,modified or installed. The problem is after the game it self loads and RSS status starts to load it gets stuck. The first three times I tried starting the game it got stuck loading pol, now it gets stuck in duna PQSMod_vertexcolormapblend. Any ideas? EDIT--- Now it gets stuck in gilly vertexheightmap. apparently it changes the celestial body every 3 times.
  8. I'm having a trouble with the procedural SRB. It comes as standard in the VAB 1m diameter if I try to increase or decrease it it sets a maximum of 0.200m. Career mode ksp 32bit
  9. Guys i keep trying to download RP-0 CTT and RVE via CKAN no matter in GUI or CMD, doesn't work. GUI: doesn't show up CMD: not listed in Index Can anyone help?
  10. Hello again! i've tested with RO and the clouds seem to work fine, in the China's launch site, wich is at 7500m the clouds were covering the mountains flowing to the ground, very beautyful, but i couldn't find the GUI to change the wind config tho. i use the toolbar mod. What is API btw? hehehe - - - Updated - - -
  11. Great then, i'll test, brb! *EDIT* Kerbal stuff is off-line, i'll for it to get back on, im using CKAN
  12. @silverfox8124 really nice mod! Sorry if someone already asked this but does the mod supports RSS? I play with RO. If not do you intend to? Thanks for such a nice mod!
  13. Guys i have latest version of CKAN and KSP .9 w/ RO and everything but i dont find the RP-0 in CKAN, i use the GUI mode.
  14. Hello guys! Kujuman, is this mod compatible with 0.90? I saw it in videos and man this is glorious, especially IVA, so i wandered as irl pilot, could you, in a near future, maybe add VOR or NDB that we could deploy in kerbin or maybe im not sure if its simpler, to add GNSS waypoints so we can go RNAV in KSP hahaha Would be usefull specially to bring back the flying brick shuttle to KSC or other runway... Great work on the mod!
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