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  1. Happened to me today! I made a post about it too.
  2. I'm always afraid of stuff like that happening. Also, my rocket was found by someone on facebook about half a mile away from where I launched! My brothers was not found.
  3. Banned because I'm not angry.
  4. Although it's a really new show, I still like it ALOT.
  5. Ok, so I didn't know if this was the most fitting prefix for this post but I'm sure it's fine. So I just got back home from the park! I left the house with two model rockets(one was my younger brothers) and came back with none. I had an Estes Alpha III rocket that I had already launched a few times, so i decided it was time for something bigger than an A8-3 engine. Well I go down to the hobby store and pick up a pack of C6-5 engines and go on my merry way. Now we get to the park and I let my brother launch first, he does.. Right when it came off the launch pad it left a trail of smoke and disappeared(It took no more than 1 second for us to completely lose track of it), awesome right. So we search for I'd say about 40 minutes with no luck, now i decide to launch my rocket because I am determined to show my brother who's the better rocket builder. I launch my rocket and SWOOSH, it climbs to the sky at a slight angle right above my head and then cuts to the left until it's almost out of sight. AT LEAST I CAN STILL SEE IT:sticktongue: Wait for it... Wait for it.. aaanndd POP! The parachute deploys(I'm always afraid it won't). So I'm watching it go down and it literally disappeared RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY EYES, Just staring right at it and then all of a sudden, GONE! The rocket must have been alot farther away than it looked. I know it had to have landed in someones yard because it was in the direction of most of the houses in my neighborhood. Now I have a "Lost Rocket" post on facebook and still not a single regret. Worth it.
  6. Thanks! I'm a long time redditor so it's basically my goto for everything, I will still be very active on both forums.
  7. Mayday


    Welcome to the forum
  8. Hey guys, I've played KSP for about 6 months now and have spent most of my time on the forum over at reddit. I'm pretty into model rocketry and love building rockets as much as I do launching them. Not much else to say other than I'm happy to be here:D