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  1. ATM is unpredictable. I gave up on it. Best to run separate slimmed-down instances of KSP each with just one major mod and a few smaller essentilal utilities, I've found.
  2. YAY! Thanks for the much-anticipated update, YANFRET. I can report that all seems fine with your CMES 0.25.2 release so far. I'm running KSP 0.25 x64 under Linux Mint 17 LTS with 8GB RAM with KJR, MJ, DRE and SPO only. Will report back if I find any major issues. Thanks again... your work is very much appreciated.
  3. I love this useful mod so I'm hoping it gets updated for 0.25 to lose the message on startup.
  4. Can't wait for the 0.25 release of this brilliant mod. A fresh KSP installation is waiting. Thanks for your hard work.
  5. I'd like to see other stock-a-like options for the FTX-2 Fuel Duct, especially a Cryogenic Orange one and a Plain White one for starters. Possibly Gold Foil and Copernicus style too. And STRUTS! MOAR STRUTS!
  6. A truly amazing mod that's easily up there with all the other truly amazing mods. Possibly the most amazing-ist to date. Thanks Stevie_D.
  7. Thanks for what looks like another excellent mod, RD.
  8. We're all eager, Neutrinovore.... I DEMAND THIS MOD NOW!!!!
  9. Great mod. Fits well inside doubled cargo bays in USI's FTT with up to six KAS containers attachable per pallet without resorting to Tweakscale. Thanks.
  10. Wicked mod(s). Astounding work. And a massive THANKS!!! SuperWeegee4000: The d/l link was working about an hour ago when I tried it.
  11. I think you should issue a warning and disclaimer about trying to make snacks out of Karbonite, RoverDude. Could lead to a nasty accident and an extended courtroom battle. Thanks for all your brilliant mods. Off to give ART a try tonight after watching your tut/vid.
  12. You are correct... thanks for the quick response. Made the edits myself and now have the MechJeb, Engineer, kOS and Remote Tech boards available to the Chroma CPU. Will check the others later. Thanks again... this mod has loads of potential. Now all we need is a Kerbal AI chip...
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