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  1. Which older version? I’ve been having similar problems and I’d like to try fixing them.
  2. Which Scatterer version should I be using? I’m pretty sure I have the one linked from the first post in this thread, but Kohm is a pale red/pink color. I’m having this problem as well. I can see (and use) the secondary space center on Lua and some ruined buildings nearby, and I found but I can’t find anything else but rocks and trees. I tried installing ScanSat and scanning Lua, but even at 85% scanned, no “anomalies” show up on the map at all.
  3. Anyone know if there’s a way to fix the big pink pixellated rings that emanate from the antigravity engine? I tried installing the latest version of Textures Unlimited, but still get the big pink rings. (I also have Waterfall installed but I don’t know if that would make a difference or not.)
  4. I'm not sure if this is a Beyond Home issue or a Kerbal Konstructs issue or what, but I can't see any way to activate the extra launchpads (I recall from a few years ago that there should be one on a mountaintop near the Space Center and one somewhere on Lua); in fact I can't find them when flying around either. There's also no Kerbal Konstructs button appearing in the interface anywhere. I just (re-)installed the latest version of Kerbal Konstructs, still nothing. Should I be using an older version of Kerbal Konstructs with Beyond Home? Is some other mod needed to make them work together? Or do I just need to change some settings somewhere? UPDATE: It's working now! Turns out I had not realized I needed "Custom Prelaunch Checks," a dependency listed on the Kerbal Konstructs main thread.
  5. I also am unable to complete Chapter 2. I've finished all of the mission goals, landed my jet splendidly on the west end of the runway, taxied around to get my latitude and longitude EXACTLY the same as the requirements listed in the final mission goal, parked it... and still nothing. The mission has been going for 40 minutes, if that's relevant. Any idea how I can trigger endgame here? Update: I've also now finished Chapter 3, and am running into the same problem: after landing (and going on EVA as instructed), the script isn't recognizing that I have done so. Other than that it seems to work fine.
  6. I've been playing with the missions built in to Making History, and while some of them are fun challenges, the whole mess is filled with problems. The big one is that on two occasions I've encountered sudden out-of-nowhere "FAILURE" messages just before succeeding in the final mission objective. • Munar 1: I designed an excellent replica of the Saturn V, flew it all the way to Mun, landed my LEM, re-orbited the top half, docked with the Command Module, transferred crew, flew the Command Module back to Kerbin, started re-entry, disconnected from the Service Module, and everything seemed to be going fine, when suddenly FAILURE pops up out of nowhere. I closed the message, continued airbraking, deployed parachutes, and landed safely. Why the sudden FAILURE? My only guess is that the no-longer-needed Service Module (not even part of my vessel anymore) had just blown up from re-entry heat, and the program thought "oh wait, a required part has just blown up! FAILURE!" • Acapello 13: orbited Kerbin, went to the Mun in spite of the setbacks, landed Jeb in the lander, got Jeb back into the Command Module, returned to Kerbin atmosphere, got the "oh noes your parachutes have failed and you'll have to bail out and use personal parachutes" message, had all three of the crew bail out and deploy personal parachutes... and then suddenly got an "I told you you should've bailed out!" message from Gene Kerman and the FAILURE message out of nowhere. Again, I closed the FAILURE message and continued playing... Valentina (the one I was controlling at the moment) landed safely; the other two kerbals seem to have vanished into thin air (in spite of their parachutes having already been deployed); the crew capsule, ironically, made it to the ground completely undamaged! And yet FAILURE anyway. No clue why. I've also been having problems with the Service Module part that is required to be used in the Munar 1 mission. I loaded it up with fuel tanks (of the 1.25m variety), and discovered when I reached the appropriate stage that they weren't feeding fuel to the engine (connected directly to said Service Module) at all. I started over, discovered that the tanks were attached to the ceiling of the SM, and tried attaching them to the floor of the SM instead--the "fuel overlay" view confirmed that they should both be feeding fuel to the engine. When I actually flew it, though, only half of the tanks (either just left side or just right side; I forget) fed fuel to the engine; the other half remained full and untouched throughout the entire mission--and untouchable, too, since apparently the "transfer fuel from one tank to another" ability has been disabled?? By some miracle of engineering and the Tsiolkovsky equation I made it back to Kerbin anyway, but, well, FAILURE; see above. I hate to complain here, because KSP is such an amazing product and as a physics teacher I get so much use out of it both personally and professionally... but I'm getting really tired of these bugs. I'd expect to see this sort of problem in a hastily assembled mod, not purchased DLC that was in development for so long.
  7. Yeah, it's definitely the Mac version--if it were the Windows version it wouldn't even be recognized as an executable program. I'll try downloading the .pkg file and see if that makes any difference.
  8. I have tried deleting the entire directory, re-downloading the zip file, and re-installing. Tried restarting the computer; tried running KSP while no other programs were open. Still gets the same result every time: it goes to a black screen, turns the mouse pointer into the KSP-specific mouse pointer graphic... and then doesn't proceed to the usual progress bar and loading screen images. It respond to command-tab and command-Q, but doesn't produce a log file. I am using the non-Steam version downloaded directly from the KSP store.
  9. The 1.4.2 version does not seem to have created a ksp.log file at all.
  10. I tried downloading version 1.4.2 on my MacBook laptop (a couple of days ago) and my Mac Pro desktop (just now), under OSX 10.12 (Sierra). However, when I try running the program on either one, I get the same result: the usual black screen (and switch to the in-game mouse cursor image), and then nothing. The screen just stays black. No progress bar, no Squad logo, no funny pictures of kerbals, no witty descriptions of what's loading. I can still switch back to Finder with command-tab, and I can still quit with command-Q, but the game never moves on beyond the black screen. I've tried leaving it running in this state for over an hour, and nothing changes. This surprised me a great deal, because 1.4.1 worked just fine (if a little slow). Any idea what's going on?
  11. You mean like the Mercury-Redstone 1 launch test? (If you can find a copy of We Seven, essays by the original Mercury program astronauts, be sure to read John Glenn's explanation of exactly what went wrong during this test. It's hilarious and oh so very Kerbal.)
  12. More recently I've been using the USI Life Support mod and having a lot of fun setting up infrastructure to feed everybody. Here's my Orbital Greenhouse, with eight hydroponics domes for processing "mulch" into delicious N.O.M.S. Uncrewed food freighters pick up mulch from various other space stations and bring it here, then deliver the food produced in the hydroponics domes back to those space stations. The biggest of those stations is Minmus Orbital Command, which serves as a habitat for explorers, a storage depot for fuel and food, a long-distance communications relay, and a clearing-house for experiments brought back from the surface until a science shuttle delivers them to Kerbin. Shown here also is a tanker in the process of delivering fuel to the station from a mining/refining base on the surface.
  13. One of my favorite space stations that I've built is Starbase Alpha (from 0.90, I think). It's modular! The central "hub" module holds plenty of monopropellant, eight docking spokes for small ships, and two large docking ports at the top and bottom. Docked above is a mobile habitat section with a lab and crew quarters; docked below is an uncrewed "space tug" for moving other things around. A pair of Bananana-class replaceable fuel pods are attached to two of the docking spokes. In the foreground is an orbital skiff that can ferry up to six kerbalnauts and their equipment between Starbase Alpha and larger ships in nearby orbits. Another picture, closer up but not everything visible:
  14. So I finally got around to updating to 1.2.2 (on a Mac Pro running OS 10.7.5), loaded it up, and immediately saw this... In-game, many animated objects (EVA kerbalnauts, the klaw, mining drills, some jet engines) display the exact same problem. As far as I can tell it doesn't affect gameplay directly; it just looks utterly awful. I haven't changed the graphics settings from default (other than making it fullscreen, and it was already having this problem before I made it fullscreen). I have already tried quitting and restarting--no change. Any idea what's going on? Has anyone else seen this problem? Are there some settings I should change to stop it?
  15. Augh, really? I had been hoping that 1.2 would fix those issue specifically so I could use large vessels without problems. I guess I'll just have to continue using 1.0.5 for a while longer.
  16. There is no such thing as "not a good conjunction"; there is only "ship was not designed with sufficient delta v."
  17. I'm thinking about starting a completely new career save... but copying my one favorite interplanetary flagship (empty, of course) from the old persistent file and pasting into the brand-new one, in orbit around (for instance) Minmus or Gilly or something. That way my new space program can have the thrill of discovering a high-tech ancient alien derelict, attempting to get to it with just the low technology they have so far, refuelling it, and taking it out for a test drive...
  18. I haven't even gotten a chance to play 1.2 yet, but just from looking over the options menu, I know I'm going to love it. I can set navball in map mode to be visible by default? I can choose to see predicted trajectory over more SoI changes? I can decide for myself what my launchpad throttle level should be? Magnificent!
  19. I'm still playing 1.0.5 because of certain problems in the 1.1 line. Looks like I should be able to play 1.2 just fine though... just as soon as I'm done with a few more missions using my awesome xenon-drive flagship.
  20. By the time a new version comes out, I usually have a big interplanetary flagship going on a mission of exploration that I don't want to abandon... so I keep playing the old version until one of two things happens: 1) I do all the exploring I wanted to do, bring the flagship back to Kerbin orbit, return the heroic crew triumphantly home, declare the ship to be an orbital museum, download the new version, and start a new career from scratch 2) flagship undergoes some sort of catastrophic failure, I stare at the screen in horror for a bit, then quit, pretend the whole thing never happened, download the new version, and start a new career from scratch
  21. Did somebody say... SPACE DISCO?
  22. During the descent of one of my first Duna landings, I decided to have the pilot hop out of the cockpit for a quick EVA report. At the time I had no idea that air resistance could knock the poor guy right off the ladder. He tried to slow down with his jetpack but at the speed he was going there was no chance. *paff* The mothership had a spare lander (I was overbuilding everything back then) so the mission was able to continue, but it was a sad day for kerbalkind.
  23. I like that ring of Mk2 cockpits about halfway up; the pointyness and the symmetry make it look like an art deco skyscraper.
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