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  1. Thanks for doing this, @Galileo Does this work with the current version of Kopernicus (Kopernicus 1.3.0-8)?
  2. Did SEP ever get science definitions for GPP? I'm prepping my mod list for GPP and I'd love to include SEF. Its one of my favorite mods. What happens if you deploy the SEP parts in a biome that has no definitions?
  3. Is there a way to increase the interaction range when a Kerbal is on EVA? I would like to repaint the 15M Kontainers after launch. I sent an LH2 powered ship to collect solar K2. I was hoping to repaint the empty LH2 tanks, but I can't get the Kerbal close enough to the center of the tank for the repaint option to be available in the pop up window. I believe the default range is 3m and with a 15m sphere there is no way to get within 3m of the center.
  4. I'm prepping a mod list for my GPP playthrough. Will the GPP planets/stars have the Karbourundum and Karbonite resources if I install @RoverDude's Karbonite mod?
  5. I'd love to see a space dock, with EPL compatibility. A docking port that would accept multiple sizes would be great.
  6. Does anyone have a MM patch to add the NFT fuels to MFT tanks?
  7. So far this seems to be working for me in KSP 1.3. YMMV of course. This mod is a must have for most of my games.
  8. @doctruscott I'm using New Horizons on my current career. I'm using Mechjeb (and lots of other mods) with no issue. I've plotted transfers ascents and landings so far. I have yet to try the landing guidance on anything but Kerbin and the Mun but so far I've had no Mechjeb issues. @sarbian for President!
  9. Hey Snjo My absurdly large creations are eagerly waiting for you to get this mod an update. Happy New Year!
  10. Felbourn the new stock part list is an absolute disaster if you are using lots of part mods. With out your mod and without PartCatalog its awful! Honestly the entire thing needs a rewrite.
  11. I, too, loved the mouse scrolling, but to me the big issue is the sorting. OMG the new stock sorting is unusable. With a half dozen mods and no way to sort by mod folder I can't find anything. Sort by mfg is useless. I cannot find anything in the new stock part list. Its a total disaster. I need my PartCatalog back. I'm nearly to the point of shelving KSP until something happens with part sorting that I can make sense of.
  12. This little mod is one that doesn't get tons of attention but is one of my "must haves". Any chance of a .90 update?
  13. Is a .90 version in the works. This mod is one of my favorites and many of my designs depend on it!
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