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  1. [1.2.2 & 1.3] Kerbin-Side continued 1.4 [05.06.2017]

    Quick question, are the new ground stations affected by the stock DSN range multiplier?
  2. [1.2.2 & 1.3] Kerbin-Side continued 1.4 [05.06.2017]

    Worked like a charm.
  3. [1.2.2 & 1.3] Kerbin-Side continued 1.4 [05.06.2017]

    Are you playing career mode?
  4. [1.2.2 & 1.3] Kerbin-Side continued 1.4 [05.06.2017]

    I've encountered an issue. I unlocked a few sites in career mode, when I loaded up the game again, the sites were locked again. I then turned off that particular function to unlock all my sites, and although I saved the setting, when I again reloaded the game, the sites were locked away again. Basically it seems the career mode thing is resetting every time I load up the game.
  5. It is the Mk1 Cockpit, I've noticed the screen thing as well, but I have yet to find the cause for that. For a moment I thought it was Ven's Stock Revamp, but turns out that's not really it. For now I'm focusing on the door thing, because with RPM installed the monitor isn't a huge issue.
  6. Have you considered adding the sounds and dust effects to the stock wheels?
  7. I'm afraid the flipped door thing is still an issue even in the new beta. Just FYI. I've tried deleting my settings.cfg and starting a new save, just to be sure, but it's definitely still there.
  8. [1.3] USI Life Support [0.5.0]

    Guys, guys. I see what's happening here. There's been a misunderstanding, I'm not using the patch. I didn't even see it was there xD I was asking for clarification on a function of this mod, and after @KerbMav posted the patch this conversation switched in direction I didn't see. That's all. We can leave it now
  9. [1.3] USI Life Support [0.5.0]

    What is this warning of which you speak? I see a few explanations, that make perfect sense BTW, but talk of warnings make me nervous
  10. [1.3] DeepFreeze (v0.23.6) 18th June 2017

    I'm loving the mod, but I'm noticing two things I think it needs. First some larger glykerol containers, and a way to produce more glykerol, I would imagine adding a new function to the standard factory modules should do the trick.
  11. [1.3] USI Life Support [0.5.0]

    Quick Question, I don't see any way to turn mulch into fertilizer? It seems the only way to produce fertilizer is by converting ore and water, is that right?
  12. Hey there, loving the mod so far, particularly the integration with Kerbal Planetary Base Systems, that having been said I'm really pining for a greenhouse module for my space stations. Just a suggestion for future installments. Thank you for your time.
  13. What's your thoughts on the new module squad just showed off? Do you think it might make one of your pods redundant? Edit: upon closer inspection it only looks to be 3 person pod. So nevermind.
  14. Ah well, thank you anyway. I will take any solution you my have!
  15. Alright. *Testing* It didn't work. Is it possible to do this with an MM.cfg file? Because if not, we should probably move this discussion to PM.