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  1. I'm having an issue with QuickHide having way too many entries in the menu, as in the mods I have appear on the list again and again. Another issue (which is possibly related) is that when I unset a mod to "Can be hidden", i.e. leaving it on the list when one clicks the "Hide" button, it doesn't seem to save the setting at all. Once I switch from the craft to the Space Center, or revert the flight, or even go from Space Center to VAB, every button go back to being hidden. When I then look in the menu (assuming I've unset every instance of the same mod on the list) and check, the instances of the mods lover down are still not set to "Can be hidden" but the ones at the top of the list have reset themselves. EDIT: I have discovered that after installing the mod it has only the mods for the space center on the list. As you go through the VAB, the SPH, the launch pad, and the tracking station it adds the buttons for those four to the list even if they're already there. Which does explain the multiple instances, but not the resetting settings. 2nd EDIT: I've discovered that every single time it loads up a scenario with the toolbar present, the mod re-adds the elements of the toolbar to the list. I can keep changing settings all I want, but because it keeps assigning new ID's to every toolbar button the settings will never be applied.
  2. I'm having an issue with severe bounciness on splashdown. I've tried removing this mod and it appeared to have solved it. I also found a few other posts with a similar problem, but I couldn't find a solution. So-uh, my turn to try I guess? Do anyone know what's going on?
  3. The release does not appear to include the actual mod? Just the source code?
  4. My issue is this. I don't know what's causing the prop to be out of place, but it's been happening for me for years. I even recently did a completely clean reinstall, with all redownloaded mods (some of which has been updated and adopted since I was here last). I remember fighting to solve this issue back in the day as well but gave up on the game because I couldn't. Does anyone know of a specific mod that causes this to happen? Or even just a 'kind' of mod, so I can narrow it down some (my mod list is kind of extensive)?
  5. So here's my problem. I finish the early contracts for exploring Kerbin. I escape the atmosphere, I get into orbit and all that, and then the next missions that appear are all about exploring Minmus. Why? Why can't I explore the Mun first? Usually I just fast forward a few days to get the next contract to appear, but I never get an "Explore the Mun" contract until I explore Minmus, and that just seems backwards to me.
  6. Seriously do anyone know how to replace the clouds on eve with the clouds from laythe?
  7. When I try to load up this mod with SSPXr and only those two mods I get this error: And the game won't start. I can load up the game with just SSPXr installed no problem. It's only once I install Kerbalism-continued, that the error occurs.
  8. Not yet. I assume I place them in Kerbal Space Program\GameData\Kerbalism\Support, what am I looking for when I fire up the game?
  9. Let's start with the code to get these containers working properly xD
  10. The more I try the less I understand. I really want this to work, but I'm afraid it's beyond me. I'll be happy to continue to test for you, if you wouldn't mind writing it up?
  11. Okay I think I understand. But since adding your .cfg file, when you go into the game and choose resources, the only one you get from kerbalism is one saying "life support". It looks like this: There are no individual taps for Food or Oxygen or Waste. That's what I meant when I asked for taps with all of these; one tap only with food, one tap only with water, and so on. Also if I'm to add these on my own, how do I find the unitsPerVolume number for nitrogen for example.
  12. So here's a twist. Those lines are already in the StationPartsExpansionRedux\Patches\SSPXR-B9TankTypes.cfg file. Sooo... What now?
  13. So if I add those lines to my .cfg file, that should do it? EDIT: Or do I have to add them to StationPartsExpansionRedux\Patches\SSPXR-B9TankTypes.cfg
  14. Is it possible to make the containers I mentioned before store nitrogen and oxygen and ammonia and all the other resources this mod adds?
  15. I'll test and see if it persists with all the centrifuges and then I'll open an issue.
  16. It kind of works. The gravity rings have an option to "inflate" and to "start rotation". But it's not until you hit the button marked "deploy" that the bonuses take effect. Even if the thing is spinning, it doesn't take up power or give the "firm ground" bonus. Like I said, it kind of works, but you might want to take another pass at it. PS: The Mercury Extensible Centrifuge, contains exercise equipment, but it doesn't count towards giving exercise to your kerbals. It also doesn't appear they add any "living space" to the craft. Now, the other parts, such as the Hostel Deep-Space Habitation Module, does add "Living Space" to the craft so I'd wager the numbers are in there somewhere, but that's just a guess.
  17. CTD-5 ' Doughnut' Compact Inflatable Centrifuge Module CTD-10 'Bagel' Inflatable Centrifuge Module PFD-C 'Coriolis' Inflatable Centrifuge Module PXL-F 'Pilgrim' Extensible Centrifuge PXL-E 'Mercury' Extensible Centrifuge
  18. Kerbalism has a part named Gravity Ring, which offers certain bonuses such as firm-ground, and it eats EC in return. SSPXr has five such rings but they don't have any of the bonuses of Kerbalism.
  19. It's cool bro, I'll wait. I'm pretty early in my new career mode save anyway. I don't actually have any inflatable modules right now. To me the gravity rings are the more important parts tbh.
  20. I have now. Without Kerbalism installed the parts can "inflate", but with kerbalism they have scrubbers and stuff. But not both.
  21. I can't check if the animation works. The "Deploy" option is gone from those parts.
  22. I've contacted Nertea, hopefully he'll be willing to tweak the values.
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