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  1. It would be nice to have a special filter category for this drain of 6 for all probes and capsules. Because as is the estimate for electric usage for a small satellite is completely useless.
  2. ok, what kin of data are we talking about? Because it says in description, that you can't transmit science.
  3. I have this problem too. In VAB there is always a drain of 6 for antenna. this is for all probes or capsules. on the launch pad it is OK what is this drain of 6?
  4. I have a problem. I never get a contract to scan Kerbin or Mun condition "must have scanned less than 70% of target body" never met. I only did a flyby of Mun (no scanning equipment). I have not been to Minmus, so I do get a contract for Minmus. img: How to fix this? EDIT: I see this is a known bug... No fix yet?
  5. In step 4 you should go to: Laguage -> Define your language -> pres the button "Import..." then select file "notepadKSP.udl.xml". then restart Notepad++
  6. I was thinking the same thing. Engines should be upgradable. Available in lower tear science but upgradeable after hundreds of hours running and unlocked in higher tear science node. It could be connected to Test flight mod. I hope you release something soon.
  7. Had the same problem. Using latest ScienceAlert and ScanSat contracts. After game restart it worked.
  8. So this science container is a stock thing, or you decided not to give it to probe cores? how about storing numerical science (temperature, gravity...), but not Goo canisters and Sciene Jr.
  9. Thanks for that. What about the second problem:
  10. So, in SCANsat mode: M700 scanner scans from orbit narrow-band scanner gives optional zoom map What does Surface scaning module do? nothing?
  11. My solution for this is: Plug in the joystick before starting KSP. If I start the game with joystick unplugged, the settings gets craizyyyy.
  12. Glad to see you return to moding. Does it work with probe cores? Is probe core a science container?
  13. This is soooooooo GREAT! Finally, a proper camera for flying. Thanks BahamutoD but autoSnap not working for me (at least not in chase cammera). Edited settings.cfg, but not working. Not a big deal.
  14. Yes, I used CKAN. It downloaded 0.27 version, witch was the latest at that time. now it is 0.27.1. will test this one too. edit: ooooow! I completely forgot that CKAN don't know about Kerbokaz Utilitys dependency. Sooryyyy maybe it this should be corrected for CKAN. other people will have the same problem. Everyone is using CKAN.
  15. In 1.0.1 I can't see anything. no button, no white, nothing. How can I tell if the mod is loaded?