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  1. I'm having a problem with v.0.3.3 (running KSP 1.3.1. for RP-1). I disabled some mod icons in Space Center but now I'm not getting the context menu for Janitor's Closet anymore (to unhide the buttons) - as a sidenote: some of the last hidden buttons would only hide after switching to another screen (VAB f.e.). If I disable mod icons in VAB I can't get to the context menu to unhide them - I just get the context menu for parts. The context menu is briefly visible in the upper left corner but won't stay up long enough for me to get the cursor there. The "JanitorsCloset.dat" file
  2. If "J" works again for those edits, I'm fine Just super rusty after not playing for...dunno...2 years now? [edit] Thx again, with PW working again I managed to pass the KL with my basic sounding rocket [/edit]
  3. Thx, but I forgot to mention that I'm running 1.3.1 (RP-1). Seems to me that branch is compatible with 1.4.3 at best (without compiling the stuff myself - which I'd rather not have to). [edit] Nvm, found the backport branch for 1.3.1. Will give it a try. B9 PW Backport Fork 1.3.1 [/edit]
  4. I hope this is the right thread... Using B9 PW Modified (v0.3.2H - GitHub link from CKAN), but it seems that the key to edit wings isn't "J" anymore. Can someone pls tell me how I can edit the wings? Thx
  5. Ahm, shouldn't it be...fixed then? I mean, it's not really making a problem for me, just wondering.
  6. Don't know if this is the right place, but it seems there is something wrong with scatterer version for RSSVE (probably just the wrong version in "Relationship" tab): https://imgur.com/70LSAhS
  7. I can confirm that (at least) version 1.9.2 of VSR doesn't cause the voxelization/CoL issues with FAR "Knudsen".
  8. I didn't want to file a bug report, just noticed an issue through FAR and because I didn't know what could cause it I came here to see if maybe others have this issue too No need to when it's probably just an issue on my side. Even if FAR can be a real pain in the ass sometimes it's - IMO - one of the most bug free mods for KSP. Thx for all the hard work and bug tracking though Thx, I'll try 1.9.2. [Edit] Version 1.9.2 fixes it. [/Edit]
  9. Does anyone know why this happens with the RD-253/RD-275 and how to fix it (if it is caused by the revamp)? Also, once I detach the launch stages and reattach them, the CoL is somewhere below the capsule's parachute.
  10. So I tried that but to no avail, still happening. But only with the RD-253/RD-275 (on all nodes, with or without shrouds enabled)... Other engines and all is fine. As, in theory, it shouldn't deadlock itself, hu?
  11. Will try that. Thx. Just one quick question: isn't CKAN supposed to take exactly the same zip file as a manual download form GitHub would give?
  12. I'm having similar issues like @Buisson - as you can see on the images provided here: I'm running the (CKAN) latest versions of RSS/RO/RP0 and besides the voxels the CoL will go crazy as soon as I detach and reattach the launch stages (as can be seen on image 1 vs. 2). When I load a working rocket and reload the crazy one, CoL is fixed and the rocket is usable (just some phantom roll forces applied to it) again. I'm using the RD-108(?) as first stage engine and I'm pretty sure that one's the culprit - just don't know which one that would be for vanilla. Nothing's tweakscaled, just y
  13. The mod that's - IMO - as close to this as it gets is "[x] Science!", just lacking an audio notification and a fancy "shortcut popup" to do your experiments (you can do that with action groups though). But other than that if you're just interested in "what's available right now?" then [x] Science! can deliver that.
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