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  1. No, I swear I remember being able to do it from the tracking screen? Maybe I'm dreaming...
  2. I had a few issues with rovers being buried, tweaking world stabiliser to 20.0 maximum height adjust (from 2.0) seems to have fixed it Really is working well in the short time I've been playing. One thing I think I remember doing from an older version was re-programing without reloading the vessel, this helped a little when spawning on cliffs or undergrond and It might be useful to re-implement for situations like Zosma Procyon experienced. I'd be happy to test fly any updates for you.
  3. I'd like to know to, I miss this mod. Didn't work for me on 1.5.0
  4. I've posted it here https://ufile.io/5aanu Never used that site before, let me know if it doesn't work. Thanks for the quick response! Rover 1 and Rover 2 are experiencing the problem on kerbin. Mun around is on the mun and appears ok at last load. Mod list: No part mods just 1.4.1 and the DLC Automated Science sampler Better burn time Bon Voyage Contract configurator Docking port alignment indicator Kerbal alarm clock Kerbal engineer Mandatory RCS Precise node RCS build aid Scansat Science revisited revis
  5. Anyone else having an issue where rovers respawn underground when switched to? First time it happened upping the terrain detail to maximum stopped it (once). Currently two test rovers on kerbin are inaccessible. One on the mun seems to be working better but has clipped into the ground catastrophically before. Seems to be more of an issue on angled surfaces. I'm not sure if this is a game issue or your mod? I can shift the rover around in the save file manually but this is hit and miss and a bit of a pain. Would it be possible to access the BV controller without loading the vehi
  6. Involved? Not without China's OK and that's not going to happen in the foreseeable future. Plus nuke miniaturization is not easy, nor is targeting.
  7. Without Ion engines I wouldn't have been able to pull of a manned return mission to Moho with BTSM. Chemical there and Ion back - hour long burns at max time warp but doable without multiple missions for refueling. If you have the time the insane deltaV is worth exploiting.
  8. Alt + your usual time warp key and you have physics time warp in any situation. Very handy for those low TWR burns.
  9. Medical knowledge that enables extremely long life, or the technology that would allow virtual living, will probably have more of an impact on society than the ability to send of a colony ship of any of the discussed designs. Colonizing the stars? Awesome. But the the technology to do so is going to change the way we live on a fundamental level. Population control, wealth, risk assessment, individual drive and knowledge will be different from any society before, the stable outcome is interesting to predict. Using a generation ship or two is a fine platform for exploring those changes, and I t
  10. 277. I still think it should be Kearth, Kol etc...
  11. Nevermind. Think its from not enough rcs thrusters and the way mechjeb gets weird controlling the satellite with rcs.
  12. I'm having difficulty using this with mechjeb. My sat is 1m mechjeb, rcs tank and rcs thrusters, remotepod, fuel tank and LF engine plus two large satellite dishes and an antenna. I can't control attitude with mechjeb or satellite relay. Makes it difficult to boost from LKO to operational altitude! Am I doing something stupid?
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