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  1. I thought someone had already modded in VR support? Edit: Oh and here's the GitHub I think.
  2. I have been playing since sometime in 2013 and I still haven't landed on another planet. I've sent probes to Eve, Duna and Jool but I've only ever landed on Kerbin, Mun and Minmus. I think a big part of this is I love starting my career save over from the beginning with every update.
  3. Well I forgot to mention that I'm running a GSync Benq monitor at 144 Hz, that could very well have something to do with it. And the stock ocean looks fine with or without Scatterer installed. Only the shader ocean is acting up. But like I said, I've turned it off in the mean time, so I'm quite happy with atmospheric scattering and maybe it'll get fixed up later by an optimization you or NVidia put out at a later date.
  4. EDIT: Got your update. Still borked in this regard. Oh the borking for anyone else is the shoreline raises and lowers flickeringly as I pan the camera up and down. It seems to change the shorelines in complicated ways (inland seas form if I'm high up) so I'm not sure how the camera's clipping planes would be the issue. I admit, I don't write shaders, so they're a mystery for me. My knowledge is limited to asset creation. Ran a couple tests as you requested. With only Scatterer installed, and no other mods, on a stock Kerbal it happens out of the box. If I turn off the ocean shader in the config, so the stock ocean shows, it stops happening. (I'll do that as the work around in the mean time.) Here's my system information if it helps. Intel Core i7-6700K (no overclocking) EVGA NVidia Geforce GTX 980 Ti (Driver 359.06) (also no OC) 16 GB RAM Windows 10 (64 bit) Kerbal 1.0.5 (32 bit) Original Mod List (Just to be complete.) AntennaRange Asteroid Day Collision FX Distant Object Enhancement Engine Lighting EVAManager ModuleManager Planet Shine Real Plume Rover Wheel Sounds Scatterer SmokeScreen TextureReplacer ToadicusTools Water Sounds I spun this off pretty quick so I unclear at any point just ask.
  5. Sorry if this has already been posted, but I looked through the known issues and the first and last couple of pages. I'm getting flickering shore lines if I pan the camera up or down. The water can either be drawn inland or out to sea by a noticeable amount. Just got my new computer and this mod is amazing. Thanks so much blackrack! I'll see if I can catch it in a sceenshot and add that in a bit.
  6. Yup, but I've been running full stock for the last year or so. My MacBook in BootCamp is too slow for all those fancy mods.
  7. Well, there's a new update coming out soon, it might help stabilizing the game for you. I haven't had any problems with crashing since 1.0 but I generally don't push my part count beyond the 50-100 range even in the late game. edit: spelling
  8. Yeah let us know if you can get it to work, I'm very interested in picking up one of these!
  9. I think there are a few of us that would love to help update the wiki but fear stepping on others toes. I've noticed a few sections that could use updating but it's hard to get a sense on where to start. If you could include a few links to couple pages that are lacking it may give a starting point.
  10. My current solution is to make sure the flipping stage has a gimballed engine and tail fins at its base. Might not be the best approach but it's worked so far.
  11. This is probably nit picky of me but the iPhone version of the forum doesn't have the kerbal logo at the top. It just says Bulletin. Not sure where to bring this up. So feel free to move it around. Edit: I guess mobile version is more accurate. Wouldn't want to appear not inclusive.
  12. I noticed that they're giving you funds now for any old recovered debris and not just the bits with command modules attached.
  13. So I'm still scared poopless but I used my one probe body and was able to put a rescue SSTO together. Everything went great... and then we tried to land.
  14. In this version I started a fresh career mode and decided I wanted to go Iron Man with all the flags unchecked. I was getting pretty good at building space planes in 0.24 but I didn't realize how often I reverted. My first design twisted on take off and blew up killing the test pilot before it even got off the ground. My next one didn't have enough lift and I had to bail into the ocean. I'm now terrified of trying a new design until I have a few extra safety features or more powerful engines available. The difficulty panel really added a sense of danger to career mode. Has anyone else been playing on the edge of their seat since 0.25 went live?
  15. I started an ironman too. On my Third launch to get to 22km I decided Jeb should take an EVA report in atmosphere so I bring myself to a halt and push him out the door... He went flying away from the capsule instead of hanging onto the ladder and I broke out into a cold sweat. I dont know how but he bounced. I'm sorry for your loss but as soon as I got Jeb home I vowed this would be an unmanned space program until I could build safeties.