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  1. @jimmymcgoochieThanks for the advice -- you were absolutely right! My version of Kopernicus was out of date. I'd downloaded it bundled with OPM, I think, but apparently the bundled version was an old one. I updated, and now I see the outer planets. Rocking on! So much creative stuff in this thread. My favorite thread on the forums!
  2. Returning player, continuing my un-Kerballed start with tiny probes and the Career Evolution contract pack, which focuses on un-Kerballed flight at the start. I just finished my first flyby of the Mun with another mini probe -- just an Octo, an Oscar tank, a cute little Ant engine, an antenna, a battery, solar panels, and a thermometer, lol. Total cost with SRB and a second stage of tiny Spider engines: around 6-7000 funds. I haven't unlocked more science gizmos yet. The next contract will call for "impact" with the Mun, apparently. Then more flybys -- Minmus, Duna, Eve, maybe other plan
  3. Thanks. I've now marked your answer as well -- I found the engine advice helpful too.
  4. OK, success! I did a contract to get this little rocket into a polar orbit and nailed it on the first try. Really it was a combination of things, and a combination of answers from this thread. First it was aerodynamics, lol. And fuel management. And yes, I had my hotkeys mixed up, so I was hitting "trim" instead of "precision" controls. Plus I was inadvertently toggling SAS on and off frantically because I was confused about that hotkey, too! Plus the new gravity turn is a bit different from back in the day. So I've marked a half-dozen posts as the "answer," as you were all right,
  5. OMG, this may explain my woes. I've been stabbing at alt-WASD thinking I was making small movements, when in fact I was setting trim, lol! That means I may have told my craft to "pitch up" constantly, heh. What's more, I accidentally hit Caps Lock all the time, when I'm trying to hit Shift to increase throttle, or Tab to do something else. I will try rebinding the Precision Control toggle to something I'm less likely to hit by accident. I had no idea precision control was now a toggle. Which is a welcome thing, I might add. I hate using the alt key for anything. For hotkeys,
  6. Wow, I hadn't though of that at all! That would be really fun to try. I have unlocked a mini heat shield, I think. I suppose I'd need one of those too, even if rocket braking. I don't know how heavy they are. Anyway, great idea! I will play around with it in KSP later today.
  7. Thanks for your replies. I'll check whether I have SAS on. Yes, @king of nowhere, it's possible the craft is in hibernation mode in that last screenshot. I was toggling hibernation on and off to see how it works. I've never used it before. By "drifting," I mean the navball wanders around even with the engines off, in space. It doesn't want to stay still. Again, I may have inadvertently disabled SAS. I wonder if my "slight adjustment" keys are working. On Windows, by default that's alt plus the direction key (WASD), I think. My alt key can be a little unreliable, so maybe I
  8. Returning player here. I got this tiny unmanned probe into orbit, using a two-stage rocket with four radially-mounted Spiders, an Ant, and Oscar fuel tanks. I'd never used these tiny parts before -- very fun! The total cost was about 3500 Funds. (Alas, I have all sorts of trouble with SAS control; I've posted details in the Gameplay Questions thread.) Normally I start manned, but it's been fun to play a career mod that requires an unmanned start.
  9. Thanks for your replies. That RLA mod does have a lot of cool-looking probe cores and engines. I'll probably give it a try. Just to be clear, I do have some control over the probe throughout the flight and right now, as it orbits with the engines off. (I have toggled on hibernation mode for now.) It responds to commands to tilt this way or that. In fact, I can spin it quite fast if I want. But I just can't get the thing to hold a particular attitude, which is the most important thing -- if you can't hold a steady attitude, you can't burn in a particular direction. Maybe I have enoug
  10. Update: I got that little two-stage rocket into orbit -- with lots of fuel to spare! Kind of a thrill! I've achieved orbit countless times before, but never with a tiny unmanned rocket like this. And I don't think I've ever used the Spider or Ant before. In the VAB, total dV was 3,450 m/s. That said, I'm still having big problems with control. For this flight, I just removed the reaction wheel altogether. I guess the Octo has its own SAS system, because I can still cycle among SAS, Pilot, and some other setting. Everything was fine until I got to space; then the navball drif
  11. Thanks for your further replies. I'm thinking my issue isn't aerodynamics so much as reaction wheel. I followed your suggestions and changed engine drain flow, used Ants inline, etc. This time I got into space easily, but once there, the slightest touch on the keyboard sends the navball spinning. I tried decreasing the reaction wheel's control authority to 1%, and that made things less bad, but still not controllable. I tried disabling torque and that didn't help. Using the alt key to make movements less drastic seemed to make no difference at all. I was flying a simple two-stage rocket
  12. @jimmymcgoochieThanks for your reply. I have indeed unlocked the Ant, though I don't think I have the Spark; I'll play around with the Ant. I did indeed have a successful suborbital flight with a 1.25m lower stage, so maybe I should go back to that. But I love the idea of getting to orbit with the smallest parts possible, just because. How do I drain fuel tanks from bottom to top? When I click on them in the VAB, I don't see an option for that. Maybe I need fuel lines? @The AzizYou're right, I'm flipping, not spinning. And yeah, I haven't played KSP for 5 years, so I have been us
  13. I'm trying the Unkerballed Start tech tree along with the Career Evolution contract pack, all of which emphasizes flying unmanned probes for a long time. My mod list is pretty short otherwise: OPM, EVE, KAC, Final Frontier. It's been a while since I played KSP, but I can't believe the trouble I'm having getting an unmanned satellite into orbit. I've managed suborbital flight and recovery fine. I've upgraded the launch pad once, so I can use up to 18t. I'm in Career mode on normal default settings. I've got Thumpers unlocked and the Reliant and Swivel, but those rockets tend to end up too
  14. @Dientus Thanks for those explanations! I think you've persuaded me to try SCANSat. I also think you're quite good at describing things. I really appreciate the help!
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