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  1. I have a related question. Can modders use the mission builder to make a campaign of linked missions?
  2. There's a mod called Kerbal Research & Development that gives a purpose to science past the end of the tech tree. Science lets you research upgrades to equipment: better batteries, solar panels, RTGs, etc. Linkage:
  3. Hmm, I'm not sure I'd disable the highest timewarp altogether. Perhaps give the user a warning before he/she starts the highest timewarp? Or give the user an option to disable it altogether? Personally, I don't use the highest timewarp very often, so it wouldn't bother me if you disabled it. But I'm guessing other players will want the option to use it.
  4. I also am happy with stock aero and re-entry. I used to use FAR and DRE, but no longer.
  5. Good bye, OP. Sorry it doesn't work for you. (Did he post a mod list? Maybe that's why?)
  6. Would it be worth it to do Raidernick's US Probes or Soviet Probes packs? As far as I can tell, very few of us are using those packs.
  7. Thanks, @TING. I'll try the splash-down thing, lol. Or a new save. It is certainly weird.
  8. Another innovative pack from @severedsolo Look forward to trying it.
  9. Thanks for the help on downloading. Installed it no problem this time. Looking forward to playing with it.
  10. Personally, I like playing with gradually-relaxing restrictions; for me, it adds to the feeling of accomplishment. But I admit that grinding the same old nodes can be a drag. A couple suggestions: 1. The Engineering Tech Tree. It's really a fresh take on the tech tree. I like it. 2. A good contracts pack that focuses on what you like. In my case, that's severedsolo's Bases & Stations, maybe Strategia, plus the Historic Missions pack. Trouble with Historic Missions is that it gives you 500-plus (!) historical missions, which may be a few more than you want. 3. The R&D mod, which gives you a reason to pursue science even after you've unlocked the tech tree: science discoveries can lead to part upgrades. I think it's a brilliant idea, as it addresses my main complaint about the career game -- that science becomes meaningless after that last unlock. Alas, I haven't tried it yet -- I just posted in the mod's thread that I had trouble finding the download itself. Link to the mod's thread: 4. There's a mod by Ippo that makes revenue an issue but not science. Forget its name. Might suit you, dunno. 5. Finally, as others have said, just configure your save game to skip the early science tree, but leave yourself some later nodes, perhaps.
  11. @-MM- Pardon me for a dumb question, but I don't seem to have downloaded the mod correctly. I see download links for source code on Github but nothing else. Is that what I want? I downloaded one, but when I tried to extract it, I was told there was no archive. I don't use CKAN; I prefer to install mods manually. Looks like a great mod -- it addresses one of my pet peeves, the lack of an endgame! Look forward to trying it.
  12. Thanks for the suggestions on getting to Mach 1. I don't have to do this contract now; I've got 65 days (and fortunately am not using KCT for this career). So I'll work toward some better engines and try later. This historical contract at issue is to fly the X-15 at Mach 1 over 10,000 meters. Historically, a B-52 released the jet at altitude, and the pilots just rode the mustang for a minute before plunging to earth to land. Still the fastest plane in history, yes? Anyway, if I were really clever, I'd build a B-52 to carry my little X-15. But then, I still need more tech to build the B-52, I imagine.
  13. @nightingale Just FYI, I still can't use your mod -- or, for that matter, the stock Admin Building. I've uninstalled your mod, EVE, Stock Visual Enhancements, and several other mods. When I enter the Admin Building, the screen flickers between Admin Building and KSC depending on where my mouse cursor is. Remaining mod list: Historic Missions Contract Pack, severedsolo's Bases & Stations, Achievements, Aviation Lights, BahaSP, CRP, EVE, Firespitter, Indicator Lights, KER, Planetary Base Systems, PreciseNode, RasterProp, Raidernick's two probe packs, SCANSat, scatterer, Smoke Screen, Station Science, TextureReplacer, and KAC. I guess I'll try removing Smoke Screen and scatterer next. Not asking for any support -- just thought I'd keep you informed, since you obviously have an interest in people being able to use the Admin Building. I seem to be the only user with this issue, and it's not specific to your mod, as I can't use the stock Admin Building either. I'll poke around to see if I can learn more. And I'll keep uninstalling stuff as much as my patience allows. I actually never use the stock Admin system, so it's not game-breaking for me, but I was looking forward to trying Strategia. We'll see.