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  1. Did you put the spacecraft in a parking orbit first?
  2. Hey Chaka, where can I find how to adjust the acent path for the rockets>

  3. Got a mission on the way to Dres! This update is awesome!
  4. Thanks to you, the AJL Space Program is now back to full operational capabilities!
  5. Couldn't have said it better myself! Right now my space program has established a low orbit space station to train the next generation of Kerbalnauts who will explore the heavens aboard these marvels of space travel!
  6. Got my first Mun base started! Thanks for helping me make this possible! Up next: Duna!
  7. I am having an issue to where the cargo bay doors won't open in the VAB for me to load modules. Any help?
  8. Just redownloaded the mod. I moved both GameData folders to my GameData folder in KSP... got nothing. I then went into each GameData and pulled the "Realchutes" and "ModuleManager" Folders and put them in GameData. I get the chutes once again like before, but still no staging icons or anything. I am really sorry to be bothering you folks with this and I don't want to look like a moron for something simple, but this is still new to me...
  9. I completely understand that, just trying to figure out where I went wrong :/
  10. When I select them in the VAB, I don't get the staging icon :/
  11. Ok I have a question, I am new to adding mods (Mac). I added Real Chutes and the dependencies, but when I load a chute I don't know how to deploy it. Am I missing something?
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