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  1. Viking is coming along little by little. Do remember to check in to the BDB forum. Any major updates on Viking will be posted there when ready
  2. I see you got some help on that question thread! Thank you for checking out the mod!
  3. Kepler and Mariner parts are in progress. Thank you! I'll have some new stuff for this Mod as well soon enough Avengers Assemble! I'd be Captain America for sure because I tell people to drive home safe and to watch their language.
  4. Thanks! Given that MRO is a NASA mission, that would also be a better fit for BDB. I would like to give some love the the forgotten or infamous MCO. But what I *could* do is ExoMars' TGO/Schiaparelli -> Kazachok/Rosalind Franklin though it is my understanding that KSP wheels are hell. I don't want it to turn into an ESA Probes pack but there are a lot of good missions to draw from. Maybe Ulysses since I did do its HGA antenna already and it does need updating.
  5. As teased/hinted over the past couple of weeks and most recently announced over on my ProbesPlus Mod thread, I will be collaborating with the rest of the BDB team to add some more probe parts to the collection, as well as update/remake some that I made for my mod and are showing a little age now. So, in short, happy to be here and looking forward to getting some new probe parts for you guys alongside Invaderchaos. First and main order of business: Viking I have resumed Viking mission development and will be merging and bringing it to BDB. For those who haven't seen it or at least not recently or forgot it existed because I started 27 years ago, here is the latest progress: <These are untextured 3D renders> Please bear in mind that this is a very complex spacecraft and I'm a little rusty. I appreciate your patience but we'll get it out to you as soon as we can. Since I had to transfer to a new computer, I had to fix a few glitches and redo some lost work. Currently, the bus is getting a decent overhaul to more closely match the flight model. Some of the electronics and wiring was redone. Up next are landing gear improvements and heatshield/aeroshell guides and fixing/completing the propellant system. At some point I'll take a pass to see if it's too detailed for reasonable KSP use, but I hope to keep it fairly "dope". Again, I am thankful and looking forward to the opportunity to bring you this and hopefully other cool parts soon. ~cheers
  6. Upcoming Mod Dev changes Hello all. Thank you all for your continued feedback and support. I need to announce a development change for the Mod. As you may know, I have been rather brutally slowly updating older parts to a higher def standard. The BDB team has also been in the process of adding higher res versions of keystone US/NASA Probe mission parts, just check out @Invaderchaos's phenomenal Pioneer 10, Kepler, and Mariner line of parts, plus other upcoming projects. So after discussion, we agreed that it made sense to work cooperatively to bring my planned mission parts and remakes over to BDB, where they can coexist with the set of Launch Vehicles, Upper Stages, SRBs, etc. that launched these historic spacecraft. I will thus be joining their Dev team and continue to work on Probe parts alongside their other projects. The most immediate effect is that the Viking mission will now be released under BDB once completed. I am back in active development of the Viking parts, please keep an eye out on the BDB Thread for an update soon. Other part remakes, such as Voyager, Cassini, STEREO, etc. may also eventually transition over to BDB. What does this mean for the ProbesPlus Mod? I am currently not sure. I will continue to attempt to fix any bugs and issues, so support will continue. I am also thinking about working on generic or loosely inspired parts that do not fit within BDB's US-based theme. This could mean other countries probe missions could get some attention, such as additional Russian, ESA, JAXA, or ISRO missions, as well as private sector satellites similar to my most recent SSL-1300 inspired "Barça" bus. I am open to suggestions and ideas but right now I am fully invested on finishing Viking for BDB and will have plenty of time to find some direction for the Mod. ~cheers
  7. Wow, that is a very nice take on it. I love it. But who said there were no plans to do Viking?
  8. I will look at the configs for Surveyor parts again, but given that @Invaderchaos is working on an updated version for BDB, I don't think it makes sense to try and redo the Surveyor parts to fix it. You may soon have a nicer quality version of the lander anyway.
  9. Please double double check that you are using the Github Repo. Here's a temporary link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ngdnw7a3p1xty39/Coatl-Aerospace-master.zip?dl=0 EDIT: A brief scan of your log shows that you do not have the latest version. See above
  10. @OrbitalManeuvers @CAPFlyer Hey. I also have not updated the craft files or checked them, so yes, this could be weird behavior were you just need to build your own version. The symmetry issue I thought was resolved, if it was not even when building it yourself in the VAB, let me know and I can look at it again. Do make sure you're using the latest version of the files. I don't think there was a fix for the antenna struts though. SRB was not set up to have SolidSafeTM Technology on it, if memory serves. If this is something you think it needs, I can add it. To be honest, Surveyor in general required some weird compromises to get it to work in KSP and also be easy to assemble. As always, in my pursuit to make parts more generic rather just replicas, some things just ended up working a bit strangely. Let me know your thoughts on it.
  11. Welcome to the Forums You are using an outdated release of ProbesPlus. The mod switched to incremental updates released via the Github repo, meaning that you have to manually install the repository in order to get compatibility with the newer version of KSP. Instructions are on the front page. I supposed I can re-release the repo as an "update" to help alleviate the confusion.
  12. Lol. I use Blender for my light Farm Sim modding. It's not the keybinds, it's the whole dev workflow that I just can't adjust to quickly. I may try 3DMax
  13. The sample crafts could probably use an update but is the best I have other than the build guide that @OrbitalManeuvers linked. The new computer is working great, but unfortunately I have not been able to transfer or renew the software license. I may have to switch over to a new 3D software, but in some ways that just means starting over on some models. Some Pros/Cons to be weighted
  14. Yes. Thank you both. Errors are probably from the Barquetta remake. It's probably fine to remove the old version and the FS folder like StoneBlue suggested
  15. This look like a great and more concise mod for part failures! Any thoughts about adding it to an existing save mid-way through the tech tree with on-going flights?
  16. One is a remake. I preserved the orig for old craft compatibility while I transition to the new one. If I understand the question correctly
  17. No problem, because it has been a while since an update. I actually are having a computer failure with my modding PC. Now I'm blessed to have a new computer to move to. Unfortunately, my license for Maya is on the old, failing rig. I'm working on either a new license or trying to salvage the old PC. I can respond in english and let Google translate help you out. Yes, I would love to do Rovers, but I have a feeling there's another mod that will probably get to them first. If so, I will try to partner up so our mods work well together
  18. Update More pushes to Github. New foil shaders added to several parts. STEREO, Mariner, and a couple of science parts. Again, no new model or textures. B9Part Switch only. I only updated those configs, not Firespitter's and I may deprecate FS altogether
  19. Pushed a very WIP hacky fix for the Cassini magnetometer to address its mesh toggle. Foil textures for it *only* are now using the new KSP semi-PBR shaders. Looks good, IMHO. Cassini foil re-work is next. These are not new models or textures, just literally re-working how they are set up. Now on Github Repo
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