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  1. It has been a while since I've had to make new cfgs and MM patches, but I "think" this would work: @PART[ca_landv_srm]:FOR[CoatlAerospace] { RESOURCE { name = SolidFuel amount = 51 maxAmount = 51 } } 3x the Solid Fuel cap
  2. I think maybe with a MM patch to increase the total propellant capacity. @OrbitalManeuvers is correct in that the Mod is balanced-ish for stock KSP on a stock scale. I never play with scale mods and don't know how to configure parts for those. My apologies!
  3. The grey probe on the left in the replacement version. Yes, it should be live
  4. Depends... Surveyor has a glitch with its engines that I do not know how to fix so I may just have to wait until it's due for a remake. I believe there is a glitch with the Cassini magnetometer foil cover toggle. Other than these visual issues, it should be compatible with 1.12.x Please be sure to download the correct "latest" version from the Github repo:
  5. I forgot to post another part update. Remake of the early tech panels. Any thoughts on having the Cold gas thrusters and/or solar pressure vane on these panels? I may keep those unique to Mariner parts unless you guys would like to use them with these. The main reason for the touch up on these older parts is for art changes to be more compatible with other mods. I don't like that it removes a bit of the identity and uniqueness of them, but I think the trade off pays off. I will probably not be doing any more texture or foil toggles. One more reminder! I am looking for collaboration partners. If you are interested in working with me to either finish the old part refreshes, or complete some of the unfinished projects. Please let me know via PM. It is preferred that you have some experience as I have limited time to be able to show someone how to model/texture, but assistance is welcome even with cfg, balancing, and other mod compatibility. "Beta" testing is open to everyone through Github. ~cheers
  6. Fantastic! Thank you for patiently trying again. Surveyor still has engine part issues, but everything else should be working fine.
  7. So, this is incorrect. Most parts are still not replicated across other mods. Also, I've updated the mod for newer KSP versions. For all that are having issues, please make sure that you have the latest version, which is the latest Github repository, link in OP. If you get the mod anywhere else, it will be out of date. The latest version does not require Firespitter, you can use a B9.
  8. Surveyor? Yeah, this has been seen by a few people. I am going to try and look further using @OrbitalManeuvers findings about the mast node. I may have to use mesh switching for the mast supports instead and let it be a surface attach part. Thanks! This is the new art direction for part remakes
  9. Yes, that's what I mean. Lol. Ignore those errors for now. That's because I updated Barquetta but forgot to remove deprecated configs that target the "old" Barquetta bus. I will upload a fixed config tonight It's because the new Barquetta has no foil configs, so the texture switching settings are irrelevant now
  10. Callout to anyone who maybe tries this new Github branch on 1.12.x. I recommend you use B9 instead of Firespitter to test the new configs by StoneBlue which seem to work a little better with the newer version of KSP. If you do, let me know if you're having issues with textures loading incorrectly for the Argo Mk2 parts, I am experiencing a strange quirk and need to see if others are as well. ~cheers
  11. Redesigned Barquetta Bus pushed to Github repo. WARNING: Bus dimensions have changed (it is slightly larger) and the RCS module has been removed. ~cheers BTW: I started doing some basic testing in 1.12.x, please help me by reporting issues as always.
  12. Strange! What version of KSP and mods are you running? Maybe post your log. Remember, the latest version of the mod is the Github repository.
  13. I believe Tantares has a more complete assortment of Venera parts
  14. Hey, thank you for the compliment! I'd place my parts in whatever category stock parts are. If those have now moved to Landing, then I should probably follow suit. Thanks for the heads up
  15. Yes, if you see my post just above on this page, you'll see development is ongoing but slow. I am asking for assistance to hopefully help speed up the dev process. Always be sure to check out the last few posts for updates and info
  16. Greetings! I have been doing some back-end prep work on the mod (Yay!). So I wanted to post, as it has been a while, to assure that the mod is not dead (Yay!) I am actually looking to see if anyone will be willing to partner to work on modernizing a lot of the more dated components of the mod, in particular the use of older modules and configs. I basically need help tightening up the part cfgs and improving compatibility with newer mods, along with balancing and a just better overall integration and testing. Some parts may need updated models and/or textures, which I can still continue to do, but it would be very nice to get fresh eyes looking to improve other aspects. First couple of goals will be compatibility of science parts with the updated DMOS mod and SCANsat, along with other science mods and start to prepare to remove Firespitter as a part/texture switching dependency. I am unfortunately still incredibly busy, so I cannot really take on training anyone on how to work on part config. It would be nice to have some help working on configs and bug fixing so I can concentrate on just models and textures. I still intend on doing the 3D model work, but if you are interested in working on adding parts as well, all the better! There are a couple of part lines that I may just not get to without help. Interested Kerbonauts can send me a PM. More info to come soon. ~cheers
  17. Yes, I don't play RSS/RO and I haven't really gotten into understanding the stat changes for balance. I have to rely on RSS modders to write configs for my mod Cheers! I have plenty of work to do still, but the support is appreciated. I've got a bit of catching up to do with recent KSP updates
  18. Hello and welcome. Thank you for the compliment! As far as antennas go, you can most certainly remove parts from the mod that you simply do not use or use a separate mod that disable parts from the editors. If going the first route, do be careful about removing textures, some parts share space on the same texture sheet particularly antennas from Cassini, Surveyor, and the like.
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