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  1. I believe it works still with both with some minor issues with some parts, see recent posts. I think I may need to remake Surveyor completely to fix those attachement and animation issues . You need to download the Github repository zip file for the latest version (Click on the green "code" button, then "Get code"). Then you'll need the appropriate versions of the dependencies for 1.8 and 1.10
  2. Yes, that is correct. Only the GitHub master is updated with patches. I was going to wait until Viking was done to push an update up to Spacedock but I may push an update now.
  3. Well, yes. That is the node for the mast mount. Removing it fixes it but you won't have a way to attach the mast at the correct location. You'll have to attach it to the "Top" node and offset it manually. It also won't trigger the mast support struts to be visible. No, but I have to familiarize myself with the new SCANsat changes. I don't play KSP regularly anymore so it will take me a little bit. I'm trying to get all the mod files updated now, starting with the 1.10 patch yesterday
  4. Github Repository Patch Update Integrated BDB and DM science patches (By Bellabong) Corrected Load error for IUE Solar Panel on KSP v1.10.1.2939 Download Here. Click on the green "Code" Button and download the Zip Test Install: Remember to download the repository Zip and not the Beta 0.16.1 release
  5. Not 100%, there are a couple of quirks due to the new ScanSat stuff.
  6. Yes, it works but there are some issues. Looks like the biggest one if the IUE Telescope not loading due to some drag cube shenanigans. There's also some hinkyness with DMOS scienceDef. I am hoping to fix these this weekend. If you do get drag cube errors, delete the Telescope part cfg for now until I can smack the bugs back into submission.
  7. What was the part? People were having issues with the Telescope Would be good to get some more info
  8. From that example, I can tell that the node has rotated 90 degrees (towards X+ I think) but I cannot figure out the cause. It's gotta be something about the way the game saves that node's info but it's just a standard node declaration so I don't know why the other top node is fine.
  9. I will try to re-export that part. Not sure what the deal is with drag cubes. Yup, go ahead and use the Github repository from now until further notice
  10. I would absolutely love it if you took a crack at setting up localization files. Be my guest, and thank you! Where are you downloading the mod from? The latest version is the one on the Github Repo (Not the Github DL page)
  11. Hey all, I am still trying to make time to do more throughout testing of the Mod in KSP 1.10, but please continue to report any issues. UPDATE Began UV and texture work on the Spartan lander (Viking). Before getting so far as to do AO bakes, I started laying out the wiring for it. It's been challenging but fun. I decided to do two versions of the bus. First will be the default Viking skin with all the appropriate bits and wiring. This will be less flexible but there is just no way to do justice to this unique spacecraft without using less generic parts, similar to how I had to do with Cassini. I will also make a stripped-down version of the bus in stock grey that you guys can build more custom landers with. I still need to do more work on the propellant lines and all the engine wiring harness. I probably will not do the detailed propellant lines and valve wiring because it's just too damn complex. The current harness is abstracted enough as it is. ~cheers
  12. What other mods do you have? It could very well be an issue with a script mod since KSP v1.10 just released a couple of days ago. I've done zero testing using the new patch
  13. Not sure, I don't use explicit Trajectories config and the texture switch errors I think can be ignored. They should not trigger the configs anyway because those are using a ModuleManager patch.
  14. Do you have Firespitter installed? I don't see it on the modlist. Also, do you have the LASTEST github repo release? Go here and click on "Clone"
  15. I am really not sure just from looking what could be the issue. Can you share logs?
  16. Correct, this was setup in case I wanted to future-proof texture-switched foil options. Note that standard TU settings create some weird shader artifacts on non glossy surfaces. I suggest avoiding changes to the thermal blanket layer on Barça. Especially since there's no alternative foil texture at this time.
  17. I can probably make an unofficial patch for it, yeah. I no longer officially maintain the SSTL Mod
  18. Yes, stay tuned. I finished moving and are settling in at the new place so more work on parts will ramp up again
  19. Some of those or similar are on my wishlist. Mostly antennas, solar panels and other things like that. I don't want to take on new buses that aren't already in the works.
  20. Most of the issues like this are related to your install. Either an incorrect or outdated version of ProbesPlus! or its dependencies, maybe even a mod conflict. Double-check that you have the appropriate version of all mods. Alternatively, or additionally, upload your KSP log files so I can help you further.
  21. Thank you! Viking has had some UV work and mesh tweaks, but I have not begun texturing it fully just yet. I would like to jump on it but I also feel some older parts need some critical improvements as they are not up to par with newer quality of mods
  22. Thanks for the kind words, guys. Do be mindful when quoting not to leave the pictures in the quoted text if you don't have to. Makes it easier for everyone to view the thread especially on mobile.
  23. UPDATE Second art pass on the revamped Barquetta. It's now got an initial AO and Normal map along with an updated 3D little IO panel which I'll have to retrofit back into Barça at some point. It's getting some personality now! Also did a little homage to the old cooling thing it had. I thought about making it a 3D detail but decided to try it out with just a normal map for now. Also trying a new way of doing those little mesh details. I'm going to try out loading those little RCS and 3D detail using another texture/mesh that I will be sharing across all the probes. It's not the best way to do it (Nertea's I think works best) but this will allow me to drop them in starting now and without going back to do too much work on recent parts. Anyway more to come. Thanks for the support! ~cheers
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