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  1. Thank you so very much for the kind words! I mostly keep the mod labeled as BETA because development is so random, sporadic, and what I work on frequently changes. It mostly gives me flexibility to keep working and let you guys know not to expect anything "finished" but I still test everything as vest as I can, so I am glad the work has paid off. I thought I added plenty of orbital science! What more do think is missing? I don't mind looking at it if you got some good ideas. In number of parts, maybe but DMOS has custom modules which I have no intention of doing. I greatly admire DMOS' quality and functionality over my variety.
  2. I am completely open to it, I just don't know all the ins ans outs of B9. I like the potential it has for mesh switching and may want to take advantage of it. All parts being overhauled are done so with more Restock compatibility in mind, including the ability to use those foil textures. I'm trying to drop unique or fancy designs for a more conservative and flexible part style. However, I am probably not going to make the alternate textures quite yet. I work far too slowly to spend so much time on it. Perhaps I can enlist the help of someone to do those for me but I want to concentrate on finishing the parts with the main texture first. But yes, as I remake parts, I have been considering future texture switching and leaving them ready for it.
  3. Please, please, please read the first post. Go here: https://github.com/raveloda/Coatl-Aerospace/ instructions are at the bottom of the page under Latest Developer Release
  4. Some thoughts on this. You are not obligated to update your version of the mod after every little update I make. Keep in mind that this is mod in development, so little updates are likely. I am also not super available to work on the mod due to real life commitments, so whenever I can push to get stuff done I do so and try to get it out to you guys ASAP. I see no reason to hold back parts arbitrarily to collect them for a "big" patch anymore as it generates unnecessary stress. Again, chances are I will never again be able to do a large update as before, so please appreciate small collection of parts as they get done. Finally, Barquetta is not actually done or released yet, I just posted a picture so y'all can see what I am going with so far and can give me your thoughts and feedback before I get it done. Oh jeez, why? The last stable "release" of ProbesPlus! was for KSP 1.4.3 and should also work fine in 1.4.4, get it from Spacedock: https://spacedock.info/mod/768/ProbesPlus! Do understand that using that release means none of the new or updated parts will be available. Unfortunately, I believe 1.4.4 was before the new RCS module changes so I don't think that you can make the latest Github backwards compatible with 1.4.4 without making some custom MM patches. I am not available to do that, but if you manage to, feel free to share them here to benefit others. Thanks! Barquetta is NOT a replica of Mars Odyssey
  5. Good to hear! Thanks I appreciate you checking and reporting back UPDATE First pass on the new Barquetta bus. You're losing the 6-axis RCS control in favor of new MR-103D styled clusters and as you can see, it is slightly larger and heavier. About 25% or so for balancing reasons. I'll also look into a "light" version of it that isn't so tall.
  6. Welcome to the Forum and thank you for downloading ProbesPlus! It looks like you are running an outdated version of the mod and its dependencies. I can't guarantee that's the cause, but I would start there. Download the latest repository of the mod here: https://github.com/raveloda/Coatl-Aerospace. Instructions are at the bottom of that page. Also, double-check that you have the latest versions of Firespitter and DMagic. Links to those are on the FAQ page on my signature below. I am running the following versions in KSP 1.9 but I think they also work for 1.8.1: DMModuleScienceAnimateGeneric v0.22.0.0 Firespitter v7.3.7287.12431 Just in case, double check you have appropriate latest versions of all your mods as well. ProbesPlus! has no code, so it should not be crashing your game like that.
  7. *cries in Mariner and Cassini* JK, glad you like it. It's the new hotness after all, with way higher detail than anything before it.
  8. I'd like to but bigger probe cores also means parts to go along with them and I am just not fast enough to get parts finished. Between the revamp of parts to bring them up to new (re)stock standard and finishing Viking I have plenty to do. Barça was a special project for me to try out new texture and modeling techniques. I guess you guys like it? and it fits well with new parts? If so I have to slowly move all parts to look like it. The Barca/Barquetta line is what I currently want to finish along with Viking.
  9. It's not currently planned. That's just how the SSL-1300 bus looks http://sslmda.com/html/1300_series_platform.php There's other probe buses that will have a clean look, without panels.
  10. It does not. But it was created with the possibility of relatively easily adding them in the future, even though there is no current plan to do so. I believe I create it with 2x Mirror symmetry and then add the 3rd panel (With the Magnetometer) by hand. He could have something else weirdly going on. I do not recall having that issue, but I'll need to test it. Can anyone else can test it and report back?
  11. There's some more in Restock and I think NFT, if you need more. No it will not mess it up. You can safely delete Firespitter parts. Keep the Firespitter database, and the plugin, of course.
  12. I am actually considering removing so much texture switching and reliance on TU configs. This is why Barça does not have alternate textures (Though I set it up for them just in case. Look at me, thinking forward) and not special TU config
  13. Update First pass of the Odyssey solar panel A remake has been pushed to Github. This new panel has a new design for the offset pivot point which will make any active crafts with that panel installed immediately look janky. Retrieve flights before updating! Just in case I put the old cfg file in the "Optional" folder on Github so you can overwrite it and revert to the old one. Oh, and enjoy that OP Barquetta bus while you can. *cue evil laugh* ~cheers
  14. Hola! Necesitas instalar dos Mods adicionales: Firespitter, y DMagic Science Animate. Esos dos vínculos te deberían llevar a una pagina con la versión mas actual de cada uno. También asegúrate que tienes la versión mas actual de ProbesPlus, que es el archivo de Github. Si instalando esos no resuelve tu problema, voy a necesitar tu archivo de registro. Hay un vinculo para las instrucciones en mi firma (En ingles). Suerte, y gracias por descargar mi Mod.
  15. @DeadJohn I use it for Mars Odyssey, but Barquetta is really a very generic and rather overpowered -though not for long- probe bus. Indeed. It may be worth removing the jettison module and just create decouplers whenever I get around re-doing those engines.
  16. Thank you. Yes, it was! Make sure you install the repository, and not the Download. The release download is very very old
  17. Would you look at that! Happy Birthday, ProbesPlus! Hard to believe FOUR YEARS have passed since the initial release of this mod. I greatly appreciate all who have contributed and supported the mod throughout this time, specially lately that I have not cranked out any real progress. I have pushed everything I have to Github, which should now have updated dependencies, PlumeParty particle FX for all RCS, as well as the latest Barça probe bus. Initial testing in KSP 1.9.1 is good, so long as you have the latest version of all mods.
  18. Update Dmagic Science Animate to the latest version for your KSP install. If that doesn't work, we're going to need your KSP version and logs. Click the faq on my signature for more info
  19. Thank you! Good suggestion. Now is it more useful to have such option on the bus? Or on a science container part
  20. It's called a rocker-bogie mechanism and unless there's some API update I missed it's damn near impossible with the stock wheel code Thank you! On the bright-side my oldest is kinda starting to like KSP so I am going to try and feed that interest as much as I can. He is already fairly curious about astronomy and space travel, so maybe we can work on the mod together ???
  21. I would absolutely love to, just understand that I am a single dad now and my mod time has reduced drastically, so the chances of a lot of new parts to get done is very slim. I am now just trying to get Viking and the part remakes done.
  22. Hello all. I am not the owner of the mod or the licensed IP, but as the original developer I thought I'd chime in with the disclaimer that I do not speak on behalf of Surrey Satellite Technology Limited. At the moment, the mod is not under any official development, at least by me. This is not to say that it won't ever be perhaps even by another artist. You are welcome to continue to post any issues that you have and I will try to help resolve. If needed, I can release an "official" unofficial MM patch fix. I agree that SSTL has been making some fantastic spacecraft recently and there's good things to come from them in the future. If there is a lot of interest in those, remember that unofficial versions of those can be made as part of other mods, such as my own ProbesPlus! mod. If you guys have any other questions, feel free to PM me. Cheers!
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