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  1. Awesome! I would de-saturate the blue edges on the panels by a lot, however. The blue looks really good on the display GUI, but feels very weird on the panels themselves, IMHO. Perhaps a blueish grey would be a better fit. A little weathering on the texture might be nice too. Although the outside of the craft does look like it just rolled into the showroom so maybe the "brand new" interior is fine. How about a carbon fiber panel instead?
  2. Ok, so I upgraded from v2 to this latest release and Alarm Clock now disappears in-game. According to the log, it loads successfully. However, I can no longer find its icon in the toolbar so I can't enable it. What can I try?
  3. KSPx64 is the only way I can play with my mods enabled, so thank you very much! I totally understand the reasoning behind your decision and I hope everyone will report bugs appropriately. Better yet, I hope there aren't any! Any chance you will have a look at NEAR in addition to FAR? I always stayed away from FAR due to the extra "stuff" I did not want to clutter the interface and cause even more confusion. I though learning a new aerodynamic model was enough. Thank you for the consideration.
  4. Looks awesome! I would encourage you to plan a "stock-like" texture even if it is an alternate. I know there are quite a few people, including myself, who would love for it to match a little closer to stock.
  5. Very nice! Thank you for doing this and keeping it up to date
  6. Could you post some screenshots/more info on the alternate part and textures? I've seen some of them, I'm sure, but they're scattered and I am not sure which is which.
  7. Looks awesome, although it is technically not a SSTO Spaceplane because you do jettison a stage.
  8. +1, to put it shortly. I cannot use B9 for a number of glitchy reasons so I would be totally thrilled if you graciously released one to match the 0.25 Mk2 parts. It looks absolutely brilliant!
  9. I wish I could be a better tester, but I am a little sick. I did do some spelunking last night as I tried to get KSP to run. I experienced that, like others have shared, I cannot run KSPx86 with as many mods as I could before. I was able to get it to run, but the crashes were incredibly-ridiculously frequent to the point of unplayability. I have been able to run KSPx64 with little issues before so I tried it as well and I got VERY poor performance at the main menu and in-game; about 4-6fps and it eventually crashed. After a while I tried again, this time without ATMx64 and it worked beautifully. So there are definitely still issues going on. In addition to the poor FPS I noticed the following issues/conflicts: -Some toolbar Icons were shrunk and blurry as others described -The career flags get duplicated -Most stock textures look blurrier -Texture Replacer does not work at all Anything else I can do to help test, let me know.
  10. Let me know if that KNASA flag I made works for ya.

  11. Can't wait to give this a try. Still working on my new .24 installation. Though I would really like to see some rover-size parts as well, so I support the idea. If I wasn't so busy in school, I'd offer a hand. I'm studying 3D game modeling, actually, and would love to do a KSP mod.
  12. Very good looking models. This mod is definitely going to be a part of my next KSP install once I get it setup
  13. This is pretty much the first mod I look for after a fresh install. Thank you
  14. You mean like this? This one should be transparent: White background:
  15. Decided to keep My flags updated on this post. This is my personal Banner. Modified from the LEGO logo, another huge hobby of mine: White background: . Requested by sharpspoonful Lazarus Flag graphic by sevgonlernassau @ deviantart After Installing KSOS, I compiled my fleet of Shuttles and decided to make a Mission Flag for each one. Here are the finished ones so far. The Super 25 Shuttles start numbered at 10 but there is just one right now. Requested by Odyssey:
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