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  1. I have currently less time to work on this mod, nonetheless I still work on it when I can ! I've some problems with the jumo, they're not working as intended ! And afaik the mod is compatible with latest ksp version ! If any bug, please let me know
  2. Sorry guys for the long silence. It was not intended. My babyboy was born a bit earlier, letting me no time to continue the mod until now. I'll do my best ! To give you some more information, the Jumo is on its way, just some problem to tweak (not the trust I want nor the top speed... Maybe because of a faulty hitbox messing with aerodynamics). I also want to produce a better texture for it. It's too blank for my own taste ! => I'll do that, I just need to rework some of those, since Adjustable Landing Gear doesn't appear to work properly since 1.1 Yeah, I didn't have problem with them either. Yup for the As-014. Didn't remember if it's also the case for the 044. Need to check this !
  3. I didn't think of that. I'll release at first a static version (easier to do, and everybody can have fun with it ^^), then I'll try to make that (new to me, so probably longer to do).
  4. Here's a small update based on what we were discussing about flam out at 2.5 mach for lorin ramjets. Just to show you the new atmosphere curve (if it needs more tweaks, it will be easier with this) : And here is a WIP of the next part, I'm currently making the texture !
  5. So, I've increased the thermalMassModifier to = 128.0, and the "craft" lasted a few seconds before, this time, "colliding in the surface", as stated on the F3 log. Basically, it is better now , but not solved. Thank you for your help ! I've copy pasted the config file from one of Squads' probe, so I didn't expect problem with it... Edit -- I've added Launch Stability Enhancer to avoid this collision with the ground. Now, it jumps into space, straight forward through the solar system at crazy speeds...
  6. I'll try to increase this (of course this wasn't meant to stay that light...). Edit -- I changed the mass to 8t, but no luck so far
  7. Right away ! I didn't have any problem like this with my engine mod
  8. Hi guys ! I've made the Star Forge with Blender in order to 3Dprint it, and then I was wondering "why wouldn't I use it in KSP ?". When it will work, I do want to keep it in solar orbit. I also didn't mind to texture it for now. My problem is that my part is destroyed on the launchpad apparently "due to overheating", before I can do anything. If I alt+f12 and ignore max temperature, the part will be there, but it will be pushed into space at crazy speed (it almost instantly escapes solar system). Is there anybody that knows what might cause that ? I can provide anything useful (cfg based on an unmanned probe from squad...). I was thinking that was my collision mesh that was wrong (too complex) but I've tested with a simple cylinder, and it's the same. Here is a picture of it : PART { name = starforge module = Part author = Pagan_Scorpion mesh = //rescaleFactor = 2043 CrewCapacity = 0 TechRequired = unmannedTech entryCost = 7500 cost = 1480 category = Pods subcategory = 0 title = Star Forge manufacturer = Rakata description = The Star Forge was a giant automated shipyard, designed to create the most powerful army of all time, constructed by the Rakatan Infinite Empire in 30,000 BBY, five thousand years before the rise of the Galactic Republic. attachRules = 0,0,1,1,1 mass = 0.04 dragModelType = default maximum_drag = 0.2 minimum_drag = 0.15 angularDrag = 1.5 crashTolerance = 12 maxTemp = 3300 explosionPotential = 0 vesselType = Probe bulkheadProfiles = size0 MODULE { name = ModuleCommand minimumCrew = 0 RESOURCE { name = ElectricCharge rate = 0.03 } } RESOURCE { name = ElectricCharge amount = 50000.0 maxAmount = 50000.0 } MODULE { name = ModuleSAS SASServiceLevel = 2 } MODULE { name = ModuleGenerator isAlwaysActive = true OUTPUT_RESOURCE { name = ElectricCharge rate = 500 } } }
  9. Okay, that's what I've done for mach 1.2, best efficiency there ! I'll add a decreasing curve after.
  10. Understood, this is easy to change. Does it need to slowly decrease in efficacity, or just stop working at 2.7/2.9 ?
  11. I'm gonna upload the update right away. Tweaking "correctly" this engine was kinda hard, as I do not have a proper plane to test it (the former Lorin-Sänger was tested on a Me 262, for which it was built) So, anything that can make it better will be appreciated --Edit Next engine will be the jumo 004.
  12. I've tried it the wrong way so, I thought it was broken since it was like that on the former forum and didn't work after the transfer to the new one. I'll try that, if it do not work, I'll try @sal_vager's way. Thanks to you both --Edit-- It works, the albums are back ! Thanks again !
  13. I've tried many ways to submit good album preview on the forum, but do not succed for now, I've put the links pointing them on the first post of my post, maybe that is better ?
  14. Not at all, just being busy with life... I'm just letting this here, in case it interests you Imgur album (hope the imgur link works... if not : here's a steam community link ) Yes, that's a (kinda) Ju-52 with a 8m long Lorin ramjet ! Need more tweaks, but it's coming !
  15. I don't remember the mod's name, try ZZZ flag as the mod's folder's named that way.