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  1. Is there still no way to stop the game from automatically sticking Jeb in the pilot seat of every ship I launch? (other than manually editing the crew in VAB)
  2. I'm starting to think that the surface scanner and narrow band scanner are pretty useless for ore mining. Here's what I tested: Put an M700 scanner in orbit over several planetary bodies. Scanned for ore, and adjusted the cutoff to the highest I could and still be able to see at least one spot of ore. Landed my mining ship in one of the bright pink spots and started mining. A bit later, I had enough science to get all the necessary parts to build a rover and mount a surface scanner on it. I landed the rover close to my mining ships and did a surface scan, then drove around all over the ore deposit area(s) to check for better concentrations. What I found on both planets is that there was no appreciable difference in ore concentration after narrowing it down with the M700's "cutoff". For example, at my mining ship, ore concentration was something like 4.78%. Driving the rover with the surface scanner all over that area revealed that the highest concentration was 4.79%. The same thing for the other planet. It only varied by .01%. Which leads me to believe that the narrow band scanner would be just as useless. Simply scan with the M700, adjust the cutoff as high as possible, and land in a bright pink spot. So my question is, am I somehow missing something, or misinterpreting something? Or is it possible because of my high difficulty settings that there's very little variation in ore deposits?
  3. As I said, they can't be adjusted. Setting "spacecraft" volume to zero does nothing for either flaming reentry or "wind" sound on launchpad and before splashdown. The flame sound is obviously not associated properly with the spacecraft, otherwise it would get quieter when you zoom the camera out from the ship. As for the rocket engine sound in map view... my main complaint is that if I zoom the camera away from the ship to make the engine sound quieter, then open the map, the volume goes back to the default volume of having your camera right at the ship.
  4. 1. "Wind" sound when a craft is about to splash down on Kerbin. The volume of this sound cannot be controlled by current in-game settings. This wind sound is also prominent on the KSC Launch Pad, and cannot be adjusted. 2. "Flame" sound when a craft is burning during reentry. This sound does not get any quieter if you zoom out away from the craft, like rocket engines do. 3. Rocket engine sound when in map view. Really loud, and usually only comes out of one speaker (left speaker, most of the time). Should be subdued.
  5. I'm wondering if there's a list somewhere of which moons rotate fast enough to have night/day cycles, and which ones always have the same bright side and dark side. Thanks!
  6. Just a quick note to all the mentions of not being able to download and getting an error. If you have cookies disabled, you can't download the file.
  7. Hi all. I recall a mod that allowed you to switch between buildings in KSC without having to go back to the "outside". Like if you were in the Tracking Station, you could go directly to the VAB. Anyone know which mod this is/was? Thanks!
  8. Distant (and not so distant) vessels are not rendering at all for me. I've tried turning on "Distant vessel rendering" on numerous occasions when attempting to rendezvous with other ships, and I still can only see ships that I have targeted, and only by the colored box that brackets my target. Doesn't work when I'm controlling a ship, nor when I'm EVA and looking for a nearby ship. And I'm talking real close, like 400-1,000 meters away they're still impossible to see on the dark side of a planetary body.
  9. Haven't played KSP since before the integrated satcom thing. I've read just about everything I can find on the subject, but can't figure out what I'm doing wrong in my current game. I have 2 comsats orbiting Minmus with HG-5 relay dishes on them. I have a probe orbiting Minmus and using a communotron 16. My tracking station is upgraded to level 3. The comsat is 1,872,000m away from the probe, which should be in easy distance for the communotron 16 (max 353Mm). The probe has "not connected". http://imgur.com/gNub9bX Any help or advice is appreciated! Edit: No problems directly communicating with Kerbin when the probe is on the near side of Minmus, so it's just not relaying to the comsat with the HG-5 for some reason.
  10. parts

    Yeah, the half of a hex. I *love* those for refining/refueling operations. Makes it so, so easy to build a refueling ship, like this: Photo Album
  11. parts

    @RoverDude, can you please add Kontainer MK2 to this download? I love that kontainer for a side-by-side LF/OX refinery. I thought it was originally part of FTT, but I downloaded that also and can't find it...
  12. Thanks Sebi, that was the answer. Apparently Landing Guidance is hardcoded to not be available until you've upgraded the Tracking Station to level 2.
  13. Hi all. Back after an extended hiatus. I did a fresh install of KSP v1.1.3 and installed the latest MechJeb v2.5.8. Seems to have installed OK, and the MJ menu is there and a bunch of modules, but "Landing Guidance" is missing. Tried everything I could think of to get it to work with no joy, including modifying the AR_202 part.cfg file so all the tech requirements are "start". Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!
  14. I can do better than a screenshot. Here's a short video of the issue. Watch the Contracts window, especially right at the start, and again at the very end. You'll see at least 4 green check marks flashing on and off. Another thing to look at in this video is the MET clock. You'll see it's constantly flickering from green to yellow, which it normaly only does when the game is having trouble keeping up with physics calculations. Unfortunately I don't think there's going to be anything helpful in the log files. I looked thrugh the KSP.log as well as the output_log.txt, and don't see anything that strikes me as out of the ordinary. The output log simply started to get lots of "out of memory" errors right before the game crashed. If you see errors related to Contract Configurator and RT_PlanetMoonRelay, that's because (as the error states) I uninstalled it, as I mentioned in a previous post. At any rate, here's the KSP.log: http://wikisend.com/download/456080/KSP.log
  15. Got the "InnerSystemSat" contract. I have a satellite orbiting Duna at about 6,250,000 meters. I have a dish pointed back at Kerbin (with contact), I also have a dish pointed at Duna. The contract requirements keep flashing rapidly between not being fulfilled, and green check marks. All except "In range of Duna", which I don't know why isn't also going green, since my dish has more than enough range. So I don't know what's up with this contract... Also, it's a very simple satellite consisting of 2 dishes and an omni antenna, a stock squad fuel tank and the terrier engine, with a battery and a couple of solar panels. Yet if I "fly" this satellite for more than about 2 minutes, the game crashes to the desktop. If I don't fly this satellite, I can play for hours. I actually have 3 of these around Duna, and flying any of them crashes the game. After looking at the crash log, I found that it's an "out of memory" error that is causing the game to crash. So I started Windows Task Manager and looked at memory usage. I then ran the game and went to this satellite. As I sat there doing nothing, I watched as memory usage kept going up and up until the game crashed. I then removed this contract pack from my game install and did the exact same thing. This time memory usage did not change. I therefore conclude that this contract, "InnerSystemSat" is causing some kind of memory loop that eats up all the available memory until the game crashes. As a final test, I re-installed this contract pack and just deleted InnerSystemSat.cfg from the install folder. I then loaded up the same quicksave I'd been using to test with (as you know, persistent saves will change every time you do something), I then went back to the same satellite and had no memory issues at all. SO it's definitely this particular contract that is causing the issue.