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  1. I'm pretty sure an atmosphere is going to make fireball effects, which are going to be bad for your NSWR spacecraft. Does Zubrin's paper mention an atmosphere? I only skimmed it because I'm NOT a fluid dynamicist....
  2. Hmm, you said you're getting rid of the antimatter, which is probably the most lethal of the "kills you dead immediately" methods of theoretical space travel. Is it D+D fusion, then? Or something similarly neutronic?
  3. NSW and MH provide that unicorn of rocketry: high ISP AND high thrust. If you want to go jetting around the solar system in days at a comfortable constant 1G acceleration, Expanse-style, you need both.
  4. Atomic Rockets doesn't forbid much. Reactionless drives and FTL (especially insufficently-well-thought-out FTL drives that would break the universes they appear in) are the only hard no's.
  5. OMG. My Kerbals yearn for the stars (and don't believe in cheesy warp drives). Nice plasma-beam effect too. I can't wait to haul out my Kansas-sized radiator panels!
  6. Gonna launch a rocket to orbit from Gosa sea level. Just as soon as I figure out how to land without exploding. 10/10 these are my new favorite exoplanet packs.
  7. Saved game under previous version. Bob was standing on a terraformer on Lua. CKAN updated Beyond Home to 1.4 before I next loaded. Enclosed please find an invoice for Bob's funeral expenses. Great mod, brings new life to career mode!!
  8. The development version (build 644) works on KSP 1.2 right now. Interplanetary transfer planner doesn't seem to be working perfectly, but that is the only issue I've noticed so far. You can get it here.
  9. In the early stages of my 1.2 career save. Performing rescue missions to get free astronauts, while I contemplate a science-gathering mission to Duna, Dres, or Eve. Thinking about which "other star system far away" pack to install. "Rigid attachment: on" is my new best friend. I used to build long, skinny rockets with a reinforced "exoskeleton" of struts and girders, just so they wouldn't flop around like dead fish during atmospheric flight. Now I just launch long, skinny rockets that fly straight and true like arrows.
  10. Every new career save game, I fly a ceremonial mission to the Mun without the use of any autopilot, to prove that I still can. Then I use MechJeb for every subsequent flight. NASA doesn't fly rockets by hand, why am I supposed to?
  11. If you make a working(*) Bussard Ramjet mod, I can die a happy man(**). * Of course, recent scientific analysis suggests that it doesn't work: even if you somehow solve the problem of inducing proton-proton fusion with less than a star's mass worth of hydrogen, Bremsstrahlung and other radiative energy losses limit your speed to a pathetically small fraction of c. Maybe a RAIR (ramscooped hydrogen for reaction mass, onboard deuterium for fusion fuel) or something? ** I will go interstellar some day, in a career game.
  12. Awesome, it's great to see all these mods updated so quickly for the new version. One question, how does SCANsat interact with the new KerbNet system?
  13. I'm so glad you're developing this. When you get around to charged-particle radiation, will electromagnetic shielding be a possibility? (Will we be able to use the electromagnetic shield as a magnetic sail to generate microthrust?)
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