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  1. The development version (build 644) works on KSP 1.2 right now. Interplanetary transfer planner doesn't seem to be working perfectly, but that is the only issue I've noticed so far. You can get it here.
  2. In the early stages of my 1.2 career save. Performing rescue missions to get free astronauts, while I contemplate a science-gathering mission to Duna, Dres, or Eve. Thinking about which "other star system far away" pack to install. "Rigid attachment: on" is my new best friend. I used to build long, skinny rockets with a reinforced "exoskeleton" of struts and girders, just so they wouldn't flop around like dead fish during atmospheric flight. Now I just launch long, skinny rockets that fly straight and true like arrows.
  3. Every new career save game, I fly a ceremonial mission to the Mun without the use of any autopilot, to prove that I still can. Then I use MechJeb for every subsequent flight. NASA doesn't fly rockets by hand, why am I supposed to?
  4. If you make a working(*) Bussard Ramjet mod, I can die a happy man(**). * Of course, recent scientific analysis suggests that it doesn't work: even if you somehow solve the problem of inducing proton-proton fusion with less than a star's mass worth of hydrogen, Bremsstrahlung and other radiative energy losses limit your speed to a pathetically small fraction of c. Maybe a RAIR (ramscooped hydrogen for reaction mass, onboard deuterium for fusion fuel) or something? ** I will go interstellar some day, in a career game.
  5. Awesome, it's great to see all these mods updated so quickly for the new version. One question, how does SCANsat interact with the new KerbNet system?
  6. I'm so glad you're developing this. When you get around to charged-particle radiation, will electromagnetic shielding be a possibility? (Will we be able to use the electromagnetic shield as a magnetic sail to generate microthrust?)
  7. So, I've added the test release to my career save but am too frightened to actually launch any of the parts yet. (I did make a seven-NSWR beast of a cargo tug that could, in theory, take off from the pad with two hundred tons of cargo and then haul it to Plock, but chickened out on launching it. Have you modeled any interesting ramifications of setting off a "continuous nuclear detonation" in the atmosphere?) You have made... an antimatter pion torch. I'm wondering how realistic you've made it in terms of the waste heat that such an engine would produce. Real-world proposals for this include 500 square kilometers of heat radiators and/or fancy theoretical droplet radiators to get rid of the energy from absorbed gamma rays -- should I assume that your model has comparable heat dissipation requirements? I also notice that you're working on a ray-traced radiation mod. (Yay!) An antimatter pion drive would produce rather a lot of radiation, and by "rather a lot", I mean enough to kill you stone dead from 100 km away. Does or will your radiation mod model this lethal gamma-ray shine? (If so, how many thicknesses worth of 2x2 structural plates does it take to attenuate the gamma rays to survivable levels?) Love, love, love your work.
  8. This is the only life support mod I ever use. Glad to see that it's still getting updates and love. ObligatoryFeatureRequest: Make the Water Splitters generate LH2 instead of "Waste", so we can mine ice for fuel like real science fiction heros.
  9. As a Misson Controller with a job, a wife, and a family, this is the deciding factor for me. I only have a certain amount of real-world time to get that damn payload up there or it's going to have to wait until next weekend. The traditional semidisposable rocket is quick to get to orbit, almost always on the first try; the SSTO requires a lengthy flight through the atmosphere, not to mention the endless tuning and repeat attempts required to actually get it into space. And then there's re-entry. I put SSTOs in the "neat, but impractical" category.
  10. KSP doesn't do a lot of disk reads or writes at runtime, so making your disk faster isn't really going to help all that much. Like most games and simulations KSP is cpu-bound rather than I/O-bound (i.e. the limiting factor is the speed of your processor and graphics card, not the speed of your disk). As others have pointed out, modern operating systems provide a memory-based disk cache that effectively gives you all the benefits a ramdisk would give you anyway. The easiest way to improve your KSP performance is to run 64-bit if you aren't already. The next-easiest is to add more RAM unless you're already up to 16GB. Beyond that you are looking at upgrading your CPU, mainboard, and/or graphics subsystem.
  11. I use MechJeb constantly. But I only use Smart A.S.S. and Maneuver Planner, though -- no autopilots. That isn't because I'm virtuous, I just think I can fly ascents and landings more efficiently than the autopilot. (Sometimes this belief is more firmly grounded in reality than others.) I've never had a Kerbal set foot on Eve. I've never had a Kerbal set foot on Dres. I've never had a Kerbal set foot on Laythe or Tylo. I use OPM religiously, but of the planets it adds, I've only been to Sarnus, and that only once. I've never even sent a probe to Eeloo. I don't use probes nearly as much as I should because I'm too lazy to set up a real communications network (and too proud to uninstall RemoteTech and use "easy probes".) I quicksave and revert all the time. I make space stations and bases with way too many parts, then never visit them because they kill my framerate. I am. The. Worst. Spaceplane designer in all of Kerbaldom. My spaceplanes don't take off. If they take off, they stall out at subsonic speeds. If they make it to the hypersonic regime, they either blow up or can't circularize. If, by some miracle, I make a plane that actually takes off and flies into orbit, it blows up during re-entry.
  12. I did the thing where you are so happy that your spaceplane made it into orbit, and then your happiness turns into horror when you realize that the craft is incapable of surviving re-entry. I landed it with Hyperedit. I feel terrible.
  13. Hmmm, I think I qualify for number of hours. I live in Grass Valley (NE of Sacramento). Also I am old. Do you need young photogenic people specifically?
  14. [quote name='herbal space program'][FONT=Arial][COLOR=#000000]You know how they say getting there is half the fun? Well for Moho, it’s all the fun![/COLOR][/FONT] [/QUOTE]In my case, it was getting [I]back[/I] that was most of the fun (almost in the Dwarf Fortress sense of Fun). Like everyone who goes to Moho, I initially thought my mission was ridiculously overbudgeted for delta-V. But I ended up having to get home via a bi-elliptic transfer, as I couldn't afford a direct return shot. Fortunately I brought lots of life support.
  15. I have been to Moho. I did take a lot of radiators, but this was to dissipate the heat from my nuclear thermal rocket rather than because of conditions at Moho. (I don't recall having to deploy the radiators at Moho, except during a burn.) My biggest problem with Moho is that a) as you point out, it takes a ridiculous amount of d-V to get there, and b) when you get there, it's freaking boring. Airless, monochromatic, and a landscape like Dres, only not as feature-rich or interesting. Once things get more stable again (right now I'm having bad, bad problems with crash-to-desktop on scene change) I might load some mod like Interstellar and build a solar-powered microwave transmitter station/antimatter bottling plant in Moho orbit. Other than the intense plentiful solar energy, or to cross it off The List, I can't think of too many other reasons to go there.
  16. This, to me, is the KSP song. I find myself humming it whenever I do a launch. "Doot-doot-doot-doot-doot-doot-doot-doot-doot-DEE-doot-DEE-doot-DEE-doot-DEE..."
  17. The mod KSP Interstellar Extended gives you a few more propulsion options that you might find attractive. It has a few drawbacks -- it introduces a resource-based "Waste Heat" system that is separate from the native thermal model, it has a huge number of parts, which might be a problem if you are low on RAM, and how to make things work isn't always immediately apparent. However, it still has a reasonable implementation of nuclear fusion-based reactors and spaceship drives which can go the (interstellar) distance. Best choices are either the VISTA inertial confinement fusion drive or a fusion reactor with magnetic nozzle; either way can yield megameters of delta-V on a properly designed craft. Recent versions of the mod let you continue to thrust while the ship is unfocused, which is pretty convenient -- getting up near lightspeed requires that you burn for weeks and months rather than minutes and hours. I would also suggest looking at the Deep Freeze Continued mod. Frozen kerbals don't eat, drink, or breathe, which can cut down your payload mass a LOT on a fifty-year mission. Part count doesn't necessarily need to be an issue if you design your craft well. Whether it's crew cabins, structural members, or fuel tanks, use a few REALLY BIG parts rather than many little ones. Avoid long, spindly designs that require a multitude of struts to hold together. A design which puts the engines first and tows the payload/crew section along behind can be less susceptible to wobble and flex than a more traditional rocket design. Looking forward to seeing your screenshots/results.
  18. So, uh. I think someone needs to explain to Gene Kerman at Mission Control exactly how far away Cercani is from Kerbin(*). I keep getting offered missions to explore various bodies in the Cercani system when, in this career save, I've only just returned from my first chemically-fueled Duna mission. I don't have enough tech to get to Jool, Gene; interstellar travel is not going to happen yet! (*) I changed the Kopernicus config to put Cercani at 0.15 light years from Kerbol, so in my case it's extra far away. Not happening until I research fusion or warp technology.
  19. Yeah, but what about weather on other planets? Dust storms on Duna? The Great Green Spot on Jool? I think one of the major weaknesses of the game as it stands is that while getting to the other planets is a lot of fun, once you get there they seem kinda static and dead. Weather systems would make planets more dynamic, as well as introducing a new factor to base design -- your base must be capable of withstanding conditions on the planet where you intend to put it.
  20. Question -- are there any plans in KSPI's future development that involve retiring the WasteHeat mechanic in favor of stock thermals? It seems like this is a legacy mechanic that is no longer necessary in the modern game. I am so averse to the WasteHeat mechanism that I typically power KSPI parts with NFE reactors, hand-modified to generate Megajoules; not to mention the fact that my parts list has "real radiators" from stock, Atomic Age, and Heat Control, and "KSPI radiators" that in many cases use the same models.
  21. This is my favorite "other star and planets" pack that I have discovered to date. I like that it is mostly compatible with other planet packs, and I especially like that you left Kerbol at the "center", since it avoids a whole slew of annoying bugs associated with reparenting Kerbol (and there is actually no science-based reason not to consider Kerbol the center of our reference frame if we want to). Given the speed at which I progress in this game, I expect to actually visit the Cercani system sometime shortly before I die of advanced old age, but I like looking at it in the tracking station and knowing that it's out there.
  22. Hey man. I love this mod and have been using it for months, but haven't actually visited any of your planets until now! Space travel is hard... My question is, is the surface of Tekto supposed to be this slippery? My rover weighs 18t and crawls on four Kerbal Foundries caterpillar treads. On Kerbin it is sure-footed. On Tekto, it cannot go up a slope of more than five degrees incline without losing all forward momentum and starting to slide backwards. I have to sideswitch like mad just to get over the littlest hill. I know, Tekto is the ideal planet for a glider/flyer and I brought a rover instead, silly me, but this seems a little extreme -- like the whole planet was liberally sprayed with WD-40. Intended?
  23. Just last week I landed a rover on Tekto (Titan-like moon of Sarnus from the Outer Planets Mod), and I consider this to be my crowning KSP achievement thus far. Moho: Successful manned return mission Eve: Manned orbital observation, probe landing Gilly: Successful manned return mission Mun/Minimus: Many successful manned return missions, Great Big Spaceport constructed in Munar orbit Duna: Several successful return missions Ike: Same, Ike is easy Dres: Stranded Kerbals there in unsuccessful mission attempt, haven't been back. D'oh! Jool: Manned return mission to Bop and Pol, but not Tylo, Vail, or Laythe (Here begin the Outer Planets) Sarnus: 65-kilometers-of-delta-V Big Grandiose Expedition currently underway, rover deployed to Tekto, second rover destined for Slate Neidon: Never been Urium: Never been Plock: Never been Cercani system (Other Worlds star pack): Never been All of the above were performed with TAC-LS and RemoteTech installed. When you start considering 20-year missions, keeping your Kerbals fed and breathing becomes a BIG challenge.
  24. I have always found it absurd to suppose that Kerbals can build rockets powerful enough to travel to other planets, but not any sort of computer to help navigate and fly those rockets. IMO, you should do exactly one Munshot and one trip to Duna with pencil and paper and holding a protractor up to the screen. Then your Fo'Realz pass is considered stamped and you can use KER/VOID/MJ for the rest of your life.
  25. You can also install a planet pack. I recommend Outer Planets Mod, which gives you Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune-like Kerbal planets far past the orbit of Jool. I'm not sure that it's strictly impossible to visit these planets without either refuelling or using non-stock Future Engines, but I wouldn't like to try. Of course, for purposes of visiting the outer planets you would want your gas station in Duna's SOI -- Kerbin is just too close to home to matter much.