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  1. Thanks, that's what I planned for the moment. It's just a little hard with about 60 employees, but hey, I'm a Linux user, I'm familiar with fiddling around in config files Edit: What I don't get is why the mod uses two ENTRY statements just to count a mission, instead of just reading out the flight log number of the Kerbal. It's 14 additional lines of code per mission spamming the save file unnecessarily. One might want to reconsider that.
  2. Well, I hoped some stuff could be parsed, like the career log: And there still is the progress tracking section: Thought it'd be able to read that stuff at least. I mean, would've been nice and might be an idea for the future - that is, if @Nereid has too much time on his hands Nevermind, thanks a lot. I might just start anew - or not. Let's see...
  3. Hi, I'm new to FF, and added it to a quite advanced safegame. Problem is: All my Kerbals have (at least in the eyes of FF) no merits whatsoever, despite planting flags on different bodies and so forth. Is there a way to force a scan over the safe file (permission is granted in the config menu), so all recorded merits are awarded properly?
  4. ´Hi, about the new Colony Inventory window, I think I'm reading it right, but some things just don't add up: Substrate, MetallicOre and Minerals are all on 0%, but in reality are at least at 11000 units. Other resources (like Gypsum, ExoticMinerals, RareMetals) are correctly displayed. The whole base is one part, so there's no resource containers in local range. BUT: There's 2 containers for MTO, MNR, SIL and SUB, one is empty (thanks to GPOFuelPump) and handles logistics, the other is the real storage. Take a look at Silicates, they're almost at 100% in the whole vessel, but the inv
  5. Quick suggestion (hope that's quick to implement too): The Planetary Resources tab of the Kolonization Menu is displaying every resource ever pushed to planetary storage, even if it's long gone. Is it possible to remove certain elements of the list 'by force', like with a button if there's no more in the storage (and the player knows it won't likely be pushed to PS in the future)? Say I landed with a new base on the planet, and had to push Metals, Polymers and Chemicals briefly to PS to just reassemble my base. Future operations will just pull MetallicOre, Minerals and Substrate from
  6. Heyho, I might have found a bug within rescue contracts (or two). 1. If I have to rescue a Kerbal from orbit (without his vessel, but he has one) and dock the vessel with a claw on my ship, I sometimes am no longer the owner of my ship, although the save file has "ctrl = True" set for the vessel. It seems this happens if the docked (stranded) vessel is chosen the root part of the resulting vessel, since it has a launch ID of 0, but that might as well just be a coincidence of two vessels I rescued. 2. Say this Kerbal has already a certain level, like Lvl 4, it says "Recru
  7. Quick suggestion, after having had to hire a lot of new staff: The way you can now chose what intelligence and bravery level your Kerbals are, as well as the profession, it struck me quite odd that all my hired Kerbals (I needed a lot!) have now exactly the same stats. Of course profession is something that shouldn't be random - which sensible company just hires random people off the street? But wouldn't it be more feasible for an advanced space agency to set max stupidity and min bravery levels, and take every applying Kerbal who's braver and less stupid than the levels you decided on, w
  8. Maybe it's a stupid way of thinking, but what if the FC would reroot the craft the moment you tell it to use *this* part for control? Just root the craft to this part - I could imagine this would catch a lot of flies in one go (especially with KIS/KAS modified crafts). It wouldn't even be necessary to rewrite the FC code... Sometimes it's easier to move the work piece instead of the tool at hand
  9. @[email protected] Is there the possibility that this screwup is being solved in some future version of the mod or do I have to rework my shuttles to prevent it? Just nicely asking, no pressure nor demand.
  10. Exactly that. Kinda annoying having to look it up in the game save file every time
  11. Hey guys, I got a problem, and I kinda guess it's similar to that of @strudo76: As long as the craft root is the same (or similar oriented) to the currently controlled part, no problem occurs. BUT when having a docking port stuck on a side and the game decides after the docking maneuver that this docking port is now the root part, all flight computer orientation will screw up, failing to be able to orient towards any node, custom pointer or else. Interestingly stock controls (pilots) are able to cope with that, for what I've seen. This is especially annoying with KAS and KIS usage for tem
  12. First of all: Thank you for making my life so much easier by letting me group contracts. Stock window is a pain in the ass in the later game... Since I'm using Sentinel contracts for quite a bit now, is it possible to add some progress information that the stock GUI itself does not provide? As far as I see you only need to read the save file:
  13. Did you see the wiki page of CKAN? https://github.com/KSP-CKAN/CKAN/wiki/Adding-a-mod-to-the-CKAN As for TAC LS: I did play a lot with it for some years, but I always had problems integrating it to MKS/OKS and Karbonite. When it wasn't clear if it was continued a while ago, I finally made a switch to USI LS, for integration into MKS, stability and continuity. I (as a biology student) sort of regret not having O2, H2O, CO2, Waste, Waste Water and Food around, but I love the mental health issues presented with USI LS. Plus you can configure what effects starvation has over time,
  14. Many thanks from my part too! I've also installed the unofficial hack, that works like a charm. Maybe you can peek in there to ease problem finding.
  15. Thanks for picking it up - it's one of the mods I wait for until updating. And it works like a charm for 1.3 - take your time in implementing growth and stuff, it's way less important than a continuation of the mod Do you plan to put it on CKAN? I've seen it's one of very few mods not referenced there... BTW: Maybe you'll save yourself some time if you try to stick to USI LifeSupport for the whole monstrosity of supplies. @RoverDude does a great job with his mods and they fit perfectly in the scenario.
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